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35% off all Samsung Wearables: Buds2 $142.35, Watch4 from $259.35, Watch4 Classic from $356.85 Delivered @ Samsung EDU Store


As part of Samsung Education Store Black Friday Offers:


Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

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10% off Samsung Galaxy S22 or Tab S8 for Referee, $50 Voucher for Referrer

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    • likewise i got access to hundreds of email addresses and have used half a dozen different ones at least and I never get them.

  • does anyone have difficulty logging into the Govt Portal? I can enter in my 2 factor verification but then the page comes up blank or as an error. This has been happening for the past few weeks, on different devices and browsers, and after clearing cache/cookies. TIA.

    • Yea I got that too. Either click back or the login button again and it eventually works.
      Try going to this after logging in. https://shop.samsung.com/au/multistore/auepp/government_au/

      • Thanks… I get an error page by using the suggested link after logging in… Chat have been unhelpful and I have to email another team. Will update with any resolutions…

      • tried again on one of my multiple browsers/devices, and got one working. Thanks for the suggestion!

        • No problem :)

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    Does Galaxy Watch LTE only work if using Telsta/Optus/Voda directly? no MVNO's support ESIM, so that means Apple Watch cant work, but Apple watch can be used standalone without any iphone and requires direct configuration with the carrier.

    Galaxy Watch requires pairing with a phone and it copies/clones the sim data from the phone. For all intents and purposes does the provider even know?

    I have asked my provider Boost and Samsung in live chat and both fluff around and dont answer the question, i am not even sure they understand the difference between Provider and Carrier.

    You would think something like this Samsung would make clear. Their fine print mentions carriers compatibilty but nothing about providers.

    • yeah, boost keeps saying they'll get esim soon. Just talk.

  • Galaxy watch 4 classic black bluetooth is available again at edu and epp both..ordered one now. Thanka op

  • +3

    May want to do research on buds 2 before purchasing. There are many customers reporting ear infections due to nickel on the charge components.

    • Really unfortunate. I've been wanting to upgrade my buds for a while :(

    • Isn't it the Buds Pro that are apparently causing this? I assumed part of the reason the buds 2 were released was to address this issue?

      • Apparently not: https://www.xda-developers.com/galaxy-buds-pro-buds-2-cause-...
        I returned my buds 2 as soon as I found out.. they actually didn't fit as well as the original buds I had either.

        • How did you go getting a refund? Were yours unopened?

          • +1

            @wombat81: Used for a couple of months, took it to retailer suggesting I had ear infections and had just come across several reports of others having similar problems

  • is any of them good for blood pressure monitoring?

  • How long does it take for them to "review" the order after placing it?

  • Anyone getting an error message like this "We are sorry but your transaction could not be completed at this time" when trying to complete payment?

    • I had that error when I autofilled my card, as it put my name incorrectly.

  • What's the battery life like on the 40mm Bluetooth? If used for sleep tracking do you have to charge it before bed after a day's use?

    • I have the 44mm and I charge it every night for an hour. I wear it in bed as well. Simple to charge and not an issue to do when not using it.

  • +1

    Ordered Buds 2. Fingers crossed I don't have a reaction to the nickel… Thanks OP.

  • Does the $50 signup code stack with this offer?

    • +1

      Yes but it's $350 minimum spend to use the $50 voucher.

  • Just got the code and NOW THE GOLD 40MMM is out of stock…..Aggghhh!!!!

    • Now back in stock. Boy this bounces around a LOT!

      • Yeah they tend to restock quickly.

  • Got the email from Samsung this morning announcing their Black Friday sale which starts on Monday. I'll be spewing if their prices are better than these…. Surely not.

    • Unlikely I think

    • +1

      They are a pain when you want to return something.

  • Grabbed a classic watch 4 Bluetooth 46mm with a $50 code. Thanks, OP. This was not needed but I'm on the train :D

    • Were you able to get the code straight away? Thanks.

      • +1

        Codes takes ages sometimes. Never a pattern. Email them if issues.

        • Yup, I was hoping to see if there is any fast track for that :) Thanks for the confirmation.

    • Got the code but says invalid code. What am I doing wrong ?

      • Are you spending at least $350?

        • Yes. Getting the Classic 46 LTE. But the code is from a different account, not the Samsung account I have linked to the corporate portal.

  • Anyone else has issue logging into Samsung Education site?

    I can't log in, due to the following error message:

    Sorry, an error occurred while processing the page you requested. Please try again later.

    Throwable is null

    • It's been playing silly buggers on and off the last few days. I find if you press back and try again it often works. Sometimes takes a few attempts.

    • Yes I have the same issue

      • Just keep trying. It has been flaky for weeks. Page not found errors, something went wrong etc etc.

  • Got my partner a S21 256gb phantom violet for $621. Black friday special made the phone around $871, made a trade id for her old Samsung s8, they charged $5 for it, which gave me another $200 trade in bonus and then a $50 voucher.

    Absolute bargain

    EDIT: https://i.imgur.com/xhS0ddK.png

    • Wrong thread I think

  • Anyone know how long this deal will be up and running for? Imagine it will be at least til Friday for black Friday.
    Contemplating whether to pull the trigger or wait and see if more deals pop up for black Friday and cyber Monday…

    • +1

      29th November.

    • +1

      Watch 4 classic for just over $300 with signup voucher? No way will it be cheaper anywhere else.

      • +1

        Turns out you were right!

  • Ordered Buds 2 on Friday and they attempted delivery this morning. Pretty good for a regional area which is a long way from a capital city.

  • can't see option to apply to voucher anymore ? anyone else having same issue ?

    • worked in chrome .. .. for some reason I wasn't getting text box to apply promo in safari

  • Does anyone have any luck using another email address to get new sign up promo codes even that you already received previously?

    • +1


      • Thanks for the info. I guess I have to keep trying.

        • so far I have tried 3 email address, voucher received almost immediately

          Don’t forget to check your spam folder or newsletter/promotion folder if using gmail

          • @ujwols: Unfortunately I tried few email address but only receive their marketing ad but no voucher at all.

            • @Kenciah: Finally got it the next day after emailing them. According to their email, it stated the email service provider was blocking it. For anyone having trouble, getting the voucher, might worth a try by email them.

          • +2

            @ujwols: Tried all my emails, finally got a voucher! Thanks!!!

  • No google assistant i guess

    • On what?

      • Galaxy watches

        • Not as yet.

  • great received a $50 code after emailing them multiple times but it does not work for a $380 purchase anyone have a spare plz

  • Does anyone know how long delivery usually takes after receiving confirmation the order went through?

    • I ordered mine on the 25th November, picked up by Auspost on the 26th November and delivered today.

    • Shipped next day, delivered the day after (with startrack)

  • this deal is active again, possibly christmas promotion, all prices in the education store are the same as this post again

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