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Samsung T7 Portable SSD 1TB $147 + Free Metro Delivery @ Officeworks


online price yet to be updated

Seems a great price, well hidden in Officeworks pre-Christmas catalogue.
Comparable with the recent Samsung T7 deal from Amazon UK (Expired: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/663976).
Free delivery to Metro areas.

Mod Update 23/11: Price has dropped to $147

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    Online product page still has them for $229, I wonder if a pricing error in catalogue, or they just haven't updated the listing.

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    I use one of these for Time Machine backups and I liked it so much that I ended up buying another one for just general storage / transfers. Really compact and fast drives.

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    Just called OFFICEWORKS 1300 number and was able to order one for the advertised price $149. Thanks OP

  • Much difference over the T5?

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      Higher burst speed, lower whole disk fill speed.

      Higher power draw, no DRAM

      • Thanks. Do you know if a T5 with DRAM would be a better option than this if I’m thinking of using one of these as a USB boot drive on an older iMac? Thinking of using one to get around the slow HDD inside.

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          The T5 will be a better boot drive for an older Mac. For pre USB-C models there's only upside in using T5: 1) DRAM means better 4K speed important for boot drives. 2) Also, pre USB-C models cannot exceed ~420mbps, meaning it won't take advantage of T7's faster interface. 3) T5 has lower power consumption. Hope this helps & happy hunting!

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            @YRT: Just wondering but why would anyone buy these to use as a boot drive? Isn't it just better to buy an NVMe drive?

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              @Sopzo: @Sopzo I have 2x T5's and 1x T7, they both work OK as boot drives. I think the SSD is difficult to access on OP's iMac. In practise, the speed of ext SSD running on UASP protocol is comparable to internal SSD. Most users won't notice any difference in speed

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            @YRT: @YRT thanks! I’ll find a 1TB T5.

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      Using BlackMagic speedtest on my Mac:

      T5 1TB gets 475MB/s write, 526MB/s read
      T7 1TB gets 842MB/s write, 924MB/s read

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        Thanks, I get it, I'm possibly wasting up to 6 seconds of my time writing a large file to a T5.

      • I'm using the T5 as an external HDD for the PS5. Would I see much benefit going to the T7? I see your read and write speeds but unsure how that translates to using it on the console.

  • What is the drive inside this? NVMe or SATA?

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      NVMe, advertised speeds of 1000MB/s read and write

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        Can we crack it open?

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          No NVMe stick inside, everything on one board and a USB-c interface.

      • that's good, looks like it has a 10 Gbps USB interface which roughly equates to 1 GBps read and write

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    Any good for Xbox Series S storage?

    • Was going to ask the exact same thing!!!

      • Jinx! ;)

    • I use a T5 and it works perfectly.. Still note however even with a fast drive like the T7 you still can't "play" current gen games directly off it, only older games, and for storage.

      • What do you mean by "play"? The still work when on the external drive, right? I was under the impression the only loss was things like quick resume…?

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          Modern games need to be on the internal drive to run at all. But you can store them on the external, you'd just need to transfer them back over in order to play them. Older games like backwards compatible ones etc can run directly from the external drive however,

      • Yep I thought so - no quick resume or anything like that..

        Does it require extra power or can it be powered direct from the Series S USB ports?


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          this drive doesn't require extra power, just the one USB cable is all that's required (it includes both USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cables in the box.)

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      Excellent drives for SX just that it will not perform as a SX driver per se. The official drive is like $350 for 1TB and that is more than double the asking of the T7. Just move your games from the internal when you're not playing them, I have like 3 T5s and they're excellent as BU/secondary drives for non SX games.

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      Absolutely, though as others have said, don't expect native Series S (and X) games to run from it - although there are some that do. I could run Halo MCC from my T5 on my Series X but playing co-op with a friend introduced some hiccups when we were matchmaking. Copying that game to the internal drive fixed the issues for me.

      Non-Series games (Xbox One and older) run just as well as from the external drive, so that's the use case for me. Digital Foundry also did a video a while ago that showed older Xbox games have almost identical loading speeds from an external SSD as they do from the internal, so save the internal for the new stuff and run the old stuff from something like this T7 or whatever.

      Quick Resume actually works with games on an external drive! As long as the game itself supports it.

      • Would Flight Sim run from these (it's 101gb)! Or am I dreamin'?

        • No, as it’s a Series X/S title. Needs internal drive or official Seagate expansion drive.

  • Sorry for my tech ignorance but I need a ELI5 response. What is the difference between this and the 2TB One Touch portable HD for $99 on the same page?

    Would one be better for functional storage (ie. accessing files often) vs backup storage?

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      The One Touch model spins, this one doesn't

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        Thanks. Does the lack of spinning parts make it more durable?

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          One would assume so

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            @dreamstation: SSD's are rated to ~1500g's with of force. Platter based drives are good for about 50g worth of force, unless you drop your bag on the ground at just the wrong angle one too many times, in which case they have the durability of an egg shell.

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      This one is an SSD which is faster than a standard hard drive

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      SSD definitely better for functional storage.

      HDD may be better for backup storage, but it depends. For cold storage (device unplugged), SSD are probably less reliable in theory, but HDDs have their own issues (platters are pretty reliable, but spinny parts can seize up if they're not spun once in a while, and other circuits can fail). Keep at least two backups, on different types of media, in different locations if you care about your data

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      Depends on the size of your files and what you are using them for.

      SSD are much faster than HDD but I still use HDD for a lot of my storage just because of cheaper $/gb and a lot of my stuff doesn't require the extra speed.

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    Ordered via phone for $149 delivered. Apparently the website will get updated as well but they were facing some technical issues.

  • Ordered click & collect via the website. Thanks OP

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    Website shows $229 but once it's added to cart the price gets fixed to $149 so no need to phone them to get it

    Edit: looks like the website's been updated now lol

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    Got a red one for extra speed. Thanks OP

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      Black is faster

      • +2

        Not if it's on the move and you point a radar gun at it

      • Got a black one here. Good to know that others like it too.

        • +1

          I ended up getting a grey one from ebay Bing Lee because that’s all they had :(

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    I don't need another one of these… right?

    Edit: apparently I did. The price is updated on the website now.

  • Thanks OP! Just picked one up for $149 in-store using your image

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    Does anyone have any experience using one of these as a USB boot drive on an older iMac? Thinking of using one to get around the slow HDD inside.

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      I have done this before and it is so worth your while. You will notice massive speed improvements.

  • Thanks OP, got it price matched at JB-HiFi paying with their gift card too.

    • any discounted JB giftcards mate?

      • If you have suncorp, you can save 5% on giftcard .

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    Do I really need a third T-series drive because OzB shared the deal? Why yes, yes I do!

    Anyone know if this can be used as the main storage drive for a Raspberry Pi?

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      RPi 4 can provide 1.2A max across all USB ports, the T7 takes 1.5A.

      It works on my Pi400, but plug in other USB devices will cause the Pi to hang. I'd say for Pi use it's best plugged into powered usb hub then the Pi.

      • Would T5 draw less power?

        This Pi (to be acquired in the future) will mainly be running Homebridge/Home Assistant. I suppose an SSD is not mandatory but would be nice to have given I've got two (and possibly soon, three) of these floating around.

        • +1

          The T5 draws 0.8A.

          With the T5, I still have random hang issue with a mouse, T5 AND another low power USB attached (say a fast USB 3.0 flash drive). I now run the Pi with a Samsung Fit plus instead

    • I am currently booting my Pi 4B from a T7 without issue, ymmv.

  • Cheers OP, grabbed one for pickup at the local officeworks :)

  • I want to use an external ssd for 4k video editing using FCP. Should I get a T7 or is a T5 sufficient?

    • +2

      Check this comment for the speeds


      Having double the read speed on the T7 would be much better for scrubbing speed on 4K content, i'm not sure if FCP works in uncompressed 4K or if it keeps in the native format. For uncompressed video you would want as much speed as you can get.

  • Do you guys know if they will continue to sell at this price on back order once current stock is sold out?

  • damn ssd prices are all over the place! I wonder if I should still wait for the black Friday offers..

    • +1

      This is a really good price for the drive. While you might get a better discount on BF, I wouldn't count on it. From a risk/reward standpoint, if you need this drive, I feel it would be best to buy it now.

  • Can you use this with iPad Pro 12.9?

    • +1

      Should be yes.

  • Been waiting for sub $180 deal on those. Thanks OP, grabbed 1 for PS5.

    • Work well with PS5?
      For game storage right?

  • Unfortunately this item is currently out of stock!

    • +1

      Amazon have matched the price if you don't mind it in red

      • Thank you!!
        Nothing wrong with red :-)

  • Just bought one delivered! Thanks OP! I was waiting for a good deals for External SSD and this is perfect to me.

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    Also available on Amazon for the same price, and free delivery with Prime:

  • -2

    Just did a 40 min round trip walking to Milton store in Brisbane based on their website saying they had stock. They did not.

  • thank you OP just did a CnC at a local OW

  • Just copied 1/2 TB onto mine and it gets VERY VERY hot. speed drops when it hits a certain temperature, so just know it does throttle to stop it burning out.

    • yup, it burnt through a few desks at Samsung test labs

  • Got red one from Amazon thanks :)

  • Thanks, got one in grey, pickup from store.

    • Same as you, it is a good opportunity to hang out in city after long time lockdown

  • Thank you, OP.
    I bought a grey color one.

  • Bought one. Thanks.

  • Is this a good drive for external hook up to ps4 pro??

  • +1

    Got my drive. Less than 24hr delivery. Pretty good.

    Looks like more businesses are trying to copy Amazon.

  • +1

    It's cheaper ($144.35) on Amazon

  • For eBay Plus members, you can buy the Titan Grey 1tb T7 SSD for $139.

    eBay's BingLee delivered price is $149 but use redemption code PLBFSS for $10 off and pay only $139 delivered.

    Over 200 sold in 24 hours.

    • Do you have a link. I'm Ebay+ member and Titan Grey 1tb T7 SSD is showing for $219

    • Don't BS, I've just done a search and there's no such thing from Binglee. You are getting confused with the 500GB ssd's

      • I paid $139 yesterday and qualified for the $10 eBay gift card,
        making the cost $129 delivered.
        Just checked the listing and they are out of stock, 919 sold.
        Looks like they were Ozbargained Out from this post

  • Couldn't help myself. Bought two.

  • Is the red one the fastest?

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