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Up to $350 Cash Back on Selected Canon Camera or Kit (R6 $3290 after CB) @ Canon


Canon don't do cash backs as often and as much as Sony. But they retain values well and have the only 5 years warranty in the business. And their cash back and after sale are way better than Sony. I submitted a cash back claim recently during Canon Cashback Mania, next business day received an approval email, two business days later, money was in my account. Compare that to a Sony claim, I am still chasing up 12 months later with no response from them!
Fun fact: Unlike other brands, Canon full frame cameras are still made in Japan.

Example deal, Canon EOS R6:
@ VideoPro $3290 after cash back
@ Amazon $3290 after cash back
Or, wait for a potential Black Friday or Christmas sale to stack with the cash back.

  1. Make an eligible purchase
    Simply purchase any eligible Canon product or kit between 18 November 2021 and 19 January 2022 and keep your receipt and box.

  2. Complete the online claim form
    Go online to https://www.canonpromotions.com.au/summer2021 to make claim by 29 January 2022.

    • Simply upload a photo of your receipt and serial number.
    • Fill in your details including name, phone number, valid email address and physical address
    • Let us know how you would like to receive your claim (digital Visa card, physical Visa card or EFT transfer)

  3. This is the fun bit!
    Once the claim has been validated, you will receive an email and SMS within 3 business days, letting you know if your claim has been approved. If you opted to receive a digital Visa gift card, you will receive it via email within 7 business days. EFT transfer will be within 10 business days. Physical Visa Card will be received within 14 business days (of confirmation of the claim being approved).

Eligible Products Cash back
EOS 1D-X Mark III Body + 512GB CFExpress card & reader $350
EOS 5D Mark IV Body $350
EOS 5D Mark IV Premium Kit with EF EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens $350
EOS C70 RF Mount Compact Cinema EOS Camera Body $350
EOS R5 Body $250
EOS 6D Mark II Body $200
EOS 6D Mark II Premium Kit with EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens $200
EOS R6 Body $200
EOS R6 Single Kit with RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM Lens $200
EOS R Body $150
EOS R Limited Edition Kit with RF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens $150
EOS 90D Body $100
EOS 90D Single Kit with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens $100
EOS 90D Super Kit with EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens $100
EOS RP Body $100
EOS RP Single Kit with RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM Lens $100
EOS RP Limited Edition Kit with RF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens $100
EOS M6 Mark II Single Kit with EF-M 15-45mm lens and EVFDC2 $100
PowerShot G1 X Mark III $70
PowerShot G5 X Mark II $70
PowerShot G7 X Mark III Silver $70
PowerShot G7 X Mark III Black $70

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  • -2

    Canon don't do cash backs as often

    They just finished a 10% cashback 2 days ago.


    Be aware, if you buy from Amazon, you'll need to jump some hurdles to get your cashback…

    • +1

      It would have been impossible to understand the point you were making without making things bold.

      Thank you.

      • You are welcome.

        • +1

          Why do u use so much bold??

    • +1

      That was an up to 10% cashback.

      It was 5% for items like the EOS R6 Body which is less than the $200 cashback being offered here - $3490 @ Videopro = $174.50 cashback at 5%.

      But items like the EOS R5 could have been cheaper - $5490 @ VIdeopro = $274.50 cashback at 5% instead of $250.

      • -1

        That was an up to 10% cashback.

        My purchase was 10% off. I didn't look at other products.
        This deal is half what I got.

    • Hi jv,

      Can you please clarify what "hurdles" you need to jump through with Canon Australia after purchasing from Amazon?
      My friend purchased from Amazon AU and has had his cashback claim rejected because it doesn't show that the payment has been made in full?

      He's even showed the invoice with the last 4 digit of his credit card + credit card statement and it got rejected.

      • First I contacted Amazon AU and used the call back feature and explained the situation.
        They said they will sort it out and get back to me within 48hrs

        I then emailed Canon back with more proof. ie. the screen shot from my order showing payment had been made and a screenshot from my credit card summary showing payment had been made. I also sent them a screenshot that Amazon AU was a participant in the offer and told them I sent them a valid Tax Invoice from Amazon that contained GST and an ABN.

        After 2 days, when I didn't hear back, I resent emails to both Canon and Amazon to follow up and a few hours later I got an email from Canon telling me that I successfully redeemed the offer. Later I got an email from Amazon that the issue had been resolved.

        • Thanks heaps!

          • @VLT: No worries…

            Amazon AU were pretty good and told me they would sort it out, and they did…

          • @VLT: Also, It's funny how they don't accept it for the cashback, but accept it for online warranty registration.

            I had already registered it for warranty when they had rejected it.

            If they claim I didn't purchase it, how did they confirm my warranty?

            • @jv: amazon doesn't seem to offer the 5 yrs local warranty that canon is advertising, can someone pls confirm? Amazon price is pretty good.

              • @koala123:

                amazon doesn't seem to offer the 5 yrs local warranty

                Why do you say that?

                This is the screenshot when I purchased recently…


                • @jv: I asked an Amazon rep today via chat. They told me 2 yrs only even they have the $100 cash back on offer. So a bit confused. I am looking at D90.

                  • @koala123:

                    I asked an Amazon rep today via chat.

                    That doesn't impact me, as I showed you, when I purchased, it was sold to me advertising a 5 year warranty.

                    • @jv: Good to know. Now i wonder if the price is good or i should wait until boxing day. The black friday/cyber Monday sale has been a disappointment this year, though.

                    • @jv: Out of curiousity, did amazon jack up the price for the 10% cashback offer. Ya, 10% would have been a better deal than $100 cashback.

                      • @koala123:

                        Out of curiousity, did amazon jack up the price for the 10% cashback offer.

                        Dunno, but it was at least $50 cheaper than the next cheapest price I could find, plus free shipping, took 2 days and got $200 cashback.

                        • +1

                          @jv: It seems like you were happy with the price so all good then. Even before xmas, bonus. I think i will probably pull the plug given that some models don't always go on sale. I was thinking about boxing day sale as i am not in a rush to buy it and the cashback will run until mid Jan. But given that black friday/cyber Monday was a disappointment — a worse deal than last year for a few items that i wanted to buy, I might be hoping too much for the boxing sale. Price has gone up on everything this year….

  • Also a $250 Cashback on the r5

  • Sad no deals on their lenses… ever…

  • +1

    What would happen if you got a cashback then returned the product?

      1. A Participant forfeits their right to make a Claim and if the
        Eligible Purchase is subsequently returned or refunded for
        change of mind.
      2. If a Participant receives their Cash Back and subsequently
        returns or refunds the Eligible Product
        under a change of
        mind policy, the Promoter may invoice the Participant for the
        full value of the Cash Back. The Promoter reserves the right
        to take appropriate action where the Participant does not
        pay the invoice.
    • +1

      They have thought about this!

  • Cashrewards has currently 6% on cameras @ Amazon - works out to be 291.82 on the Canon R5 and brings down the price to 4,809 after Canon Cashback and Cashrewards). Always a bit risky with tracking … but pretty good price.

    • Nice, they were 0% for a while. That would make the R6 $3100 after all cash backs!

    • down to 5.5%?! maybe i should just pull the plug now. My recent amazon purchases have never been tracked. It might be items on 0% categories but i thought i would get the track and then decline for the cashreward.

      • Max is 7.5% which is highest I have seen for Amazon cameras, unfortunately not everyone have ANZ visas…

        • I guess is 7% in the end as you now have to pay 0.5% surcharge using a Visa card. Edit: it says up to 7.5% with visa anz but it doesn’t specifically say that it will apply to all categories.

          • @koala123: You are right. CR does not mention that in the Max T&Cs. Amazon charges .5% on Visa so the real rate is as you said.

  • Canon R6 is now $3395 at Amazon. With CR 7% cash back and Canon $200 cash back, the net cost is below $3k!

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