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Jetstar Hawaii Ret MEL $299, SYD $299. NZ Ret SYD $207,MEL $201,GC $186. Bali Ret PER $169, MEL $249,SYD $249, Bris $249 + MORE


Jetstar is having a huge sale on international and domestic flights. Travel dates differ depending on route, but generally from Feb - Jul/22. Prices are for carry on only. I have posted the international routes first as they are generally better deals, though there are some great prices on domestic as well.

International Flights

Departing Brisbane

Departing Sydney

Departing Melbourne (Tullamarine)

Departing Cairns

Departing Gold Coast

Departing Perth

Domestic Flights

Departing Adelaide

Departing Brisbane

Departing Canberra

Departing Hobart

Departing Perth

Departing Melbourne (Avalon)

Departing Sydney

Departing Melbourne (Tullamarine)

Departing Gold Coast

Departing Cairns

Departing Townsville

Departing Darwin

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    Shame that when you add Covid tests both ways it doubles the price . Hopefully that gets phased out

    • Edit: after reading my own comment, I’ve just realized this is a poorly strung out sentence and a large wall of text. I didn’t mean to directly reply to you but just s general query - open to any advice from anyone 😅

      Are there any international flights that do not require double Covid tests?

      My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon (getting married in December). We are both fully vaxxed but she isn’t working at the moment (Uni student) so ice got to wear the brunt of financial costs (which is fine because I’ve been saving up this year for this exact reason).

      Just wondering if there are any half decent travel options or should we postpone the honeymoon all together? We had a difficult year with the passing of a family memeber and had numerous delays to our wedding due to covid but it appears all things are set for an early December wedding. Hoping to travel just before Xmas with a return just after or before New Years.

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        Perhaps the OP can help. To get back into Oz you need a test and that could run you several hundred , plus many countries also have the same requirement going in.

        • You need one for departing at $100 per person. Coming back depends on the country. And in NSW 2 more tests too (the free ones). But still it’s a bloody pain

      • Go to Kangaroo island or Tassie

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        I would do something small, and local, with the promise of a deferred honeymoon in the future. Various bits of the world are flipping back to lockdowns, quarantine, insurance, tests etc. IMHO it just isn’t worth the risk with the timeframe you have; particularly as that is peak travel season for a lot of people.

        All the best for the wedding and the future together.

        • Good suggestion, @try2bhelpful. Thank you.

          Deferred honeymoon is definitely on the cards. Was really hoping to travel international though as I (prematurely) took out additional leave towards the end of this year which has been approved and I'd rather not reverse the decision.

          Will consider interstate travel.

  • This is so very tempting.

    I thought about the Cairns to Osaka but I can’t guarantee I can get into Queensland in that timeframe let alone Japan.

  • Thanks..just booked Melbourne-Phuket in February for $269. Only bad thing is that the flights are not direct.

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    Hi folks, don’t forget to add $100 pcr from Australia per person and then coming back depending on the country. I’m going to visit my family in Europe and costing another $600. I am sacrificing for my family, but tbh if it wasn’t that I haven’t seen them for 3 years I would have avoided. Also coming back we will have to get two more tests (one within 24 hours and one after 7 days, as required by NSW) So a total of 4 tests overall.

    • what about travel in country? similar thing?

    • ..and if a test is positive.. double down..

      • Yes :(

  • hmm tempted to go to queenstown at that price…

  • Already booked tickets to MEL and now its half price :(

    • +1

      Book again. Unless everything goes tits up, again, Melbourne is open for business. Look at the Food and Wine festivals or the Comedy festivals in March/April. At this sort of prices you could pop down to catch a show.

  • Perth 😂

  • aaaahhhhhhh PHUKET, i will travel there

    where else is good to go to?
    i heard hawaii isn't good to go to right now.

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