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Dell S2721D $269, S3422DWG $549, S3222HS $349, S2721H $219, AW3821DW $1499 Delivered @ Dell eBay


These deals will be going live at 10am 19/11.

Prices are similar to October's promo though there have been some items that have had a price increase due to the global parts shortage.

Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings.

Price drops that I've negotiated -

Items where prices have remained the same as October -

These monitors are out of stock and won’t be in the promo - S2421HS, S2721HN.

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  • +2

    Dell stuffed up my October order, and their customer service personel I can only assume comes from people who never learnt to read.
    Dell they just keep getting worse and worse and just when you think they can't get any worse… they do.

    I guess I'm the bigger fool for persisting in buying from them.

  • @dealbot, thanks for the post. Any chance of a 5k resolution monitor deal?

  • Any big USB C monitor with discount? I'm looking for a 34 inch or more

  • Any deals on a 49" ultrawide?

  • Still waiting on delivery or even shipping advice from the last 2721DS deal

  • @dealbot are Dell likely to do better deals on Black Friday for the Alienware Gaming computers?

  • +1

    S2722QC at $369 is not a bad deal, too. Only $40 over S2721QS.
    The USBC hub itself worths more than $50 to me.
    No dongle required means a lot better tidiness and a lot less hassle.

  • +2

    Was gonna grab a 3rd S2721DGF but decided upon the S3422DWG instead. Think its time to try an ultrawide and its gonna be handy for work too

    • +1

      Thanks for the update

  • Thanks for your hard work, dealbot. Do you know if there's any chance Dell might add more of the Inspiron line up to their eBay store?

  • thanks Dealbot!
    bought 8x S2721D :D

    • and on that note… can anyone recommend a usb-c docking station that can run 2x monitors at QHD? :D

    • whats your usecase for that many monitors (or i assume will be replacing multiple computers monitors)

      • 4 person office, nothing overly interesting like a flight simulator :D

  • Dell 34 Curved Monitor - S3422DW

    Great monitor, can highly recommended.

    Tip: You can you usb port as output power source for monitor light or other usb powered devices even when u turn off the screen via setting, upgraded to samsung for a usb c port

    • Do you have any black smearing issues. I want to use this for gaming and productivity but i use dark mode alot on my OS so was wondering how bad is the black smearing ?

      • Never noticed it, i use dark theme too on my mac for all applications

  • Any of the 32inch suitable for PS5?

  • Would anyone know what's the difference between S2721D and S2721DS? Does extra $20 worth for S2721DS?

    • S2721DS

      Can be tilted to portrait orientation. I prefer the mode when coding.
      Yes it's worth extra

      • Legend! Cheers mate.

    • +1

      The S denotes the height adjustable stand. If you're planning to mount them on a monitor arm like I am you can save $20 :)

  • +1

    I can't use PLSDELL, it says it can't be applied. Am I missing something obvious?

    • same prob - code cant be applied

      I'm desperate for a new monitor for my work 2019 Macbook Pro that I can also use with my Mac mini in conjunction with a 24" LED Cinema Display. I have been using a DELL 2410 monitor that's been fantastic but the resolution doesn't cut it anymore I need 4K after testing out some.

      thinking 2721QS or 2722QC

      • Went with 2722QC but delivery will be by 30th Dec :( hoping it will actually be a lot quicker

  • Lucky to get a $1,299 AW3821DW from Dealbot. Like someone mentioned here, I won't have any regrets paying $1,499 for the monitor. For me this is exactly what I am looking for. Large screen, IPS, more than 100hz. 😊

  • +2

    what's the best 34" + monitor for browsing,study and word,excel etc. I don't game at all. I prefer to have usb-c port on it.
    therefore I can connect everything with a single cable. I also can't decide to get flat panel or curve screen.Thanks

  • +1

    link for 2721H : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-27-Monitor-S2721H-AMD-FreeS...

    Has anyone used 32 inch 1080p monitor? how is the experience with the resolution at that size? thinking of getting a used TV as a monitor

  • +1

    Is there like any 38” non gaming monitor under $1k at all?

  • Can anyone with an S series monitor tell me if they're still good for working from home use? I chatted with a Dell rep the other day and he said for WFH they recommend buying a monitor from U or P series, but I checked out their over 30 inch monitors and none of them are on sale!
    Thanks in advance!

  • Looking for a monitor for work purpose to connect with M1 Mac Mini. Will S2721DS be a good choice?

    I believe 1440p would be great for work purposes.

  • Thanks @dealbot

    I was going to buy a S2721DS to upgrade home computer from 24” FHD, but decided to take a punt on a curved screen and ordered a S2722DGM. Pity it doesn’t have speakers, but I’ll sort out something.

  • I’d purchase one but my god eBay is useless for codes

    • How?

      • Add the code “doesn’t apply to this deal” remove from cart do buy it now option same bs.

        Tried it with multiple monitors just to check same result.

  • Dell S2721QS - $329 (was $339 last month)

    $276 6 months ago :(

  • +2

    Damn. I was just about to purchase the S2722DGM, and then I looked at the estimated delivery; 21 - 30 December. Bruh. Do they seriously not have any premium postage options? It only seems to have the basic postage option. Please someone tell me I'm just blind and simply can't find the other postage options that exist?

    • Same prob with delivery - there's no faster option - I think they're probably on slow boat coming to Australia (shipping delays galore for just about anything these days).
      Good price and so I went for it. I hear Dell is slightly faster with deliveries than what they quote (crossing my fingers anyway)

      • Yeah same. The price is just really good tbh. Apparently these came out in a few months ago and were 400 - 500 USD. So 300 AUD gotta be really good.

        • +1

          just got a delivery tracking update after initially getting quotes 21-30 Dec —- ETA is tomorrow (about 1 month early) - a bit confused but happy :)

  • Thanks, just picked up 2- S2722DGM. Hopefully it will arrive before or on time (Dec 30)/

    • Umm, I just got my 2 monitors delivered at 8:10pm. 3 days after I ordered. I was not expecting them and completely confused the delivery guy. He was in a basic suv in plain clothing. I am still shocked.

  • Has anyone else received StarTrack track & trace URL with shipment today (already picked up) and ETA of delivery 23Nov (tomorrow)? Ordered 2722QC with delivery expected 21-30Dec through eBay

    • +1

      Yes, same same, but for a S2722DGM. Just got an SMS saying delivery this Wednesday, with a StarTrack link. Clicking on link gives a “Tracking number does not appear to have been scanned in our network”. EBay still says arriving by 29 December.

      • Don't get your hopes up. My tracking said ETA was yesterday and it didn't show up. Hopefully just 1 day late compared to what SMS link said. Ebay curiously says dispatched but still reckons ill get it in December 🤔

        • Lol, same situation here. Tracking says mine arrived in Brisbane (from Sydney) yesterday. I’m Sunshine Coast, so it may come today, otherwise next few days. Odd Dell was saying end of December.

        • +1

          Delivered, setup and working!

          • @BigBirdy: same - it's glorious (big upgrade going to 4k from 1920x1200) - I should have bought 2 :)

            • @slick7: Ha ha, I'm getting warped eyes from the curvature. Hopefully they'll adapt. 2K is okay, but 4K would have been too much for my old eyes.

  • Is this still happening?

    When I try order a 38' it just reverts to $1875 and says offer can't be applied when I put it in at check out

  • Does anyone know how long they take to process the order and get it delivered

    • +1

      "Generally, our monitors are fulfilled within 7-15 working days as the delivery period we have set on eBay is due to the volume of orders we have during this sale period." - Dell ebay email convo

      • Thanks for the info

  • Where do we get the discounted gift cards please?

    • Shopback & Suncorp Rewards both do 3%

      • Thanks, I logged into Suncorp and the terms and condition state they only allow a purchase of one $500 gift card per month :(

        • +1

          Go on SB and buy the 1000 ones :)

  • +1

    Ordered my S3422DWG on the 21st, just received a startrack message giving me an ETA of 25th for delivery. Located in metro melb!

  • For those concerned about delivery times, I ordered a S2722DC (4K, USB-C) on Monday's deal and it arrived lunchtime today! A very nice monitor and first impressions are easily comparable to my LG 27UL850W.

  • Thanks, OB ordered S2722DGM on Friday, Received it today. Shipping WAY ahead of the estimated times. They must be giving themselves a buffer.

  • I ordered a S2721DGF on 22 November and got the shipping notification SMS and email today.

    SMS says ETA Thursday, email says Friday. Either way much sooner than by 31 December.

    • Jinxed that didn't I?
      Disappeared into the blackhole that is Startrack logistics.
      Out for delivery, back to Depot, still in Depot.

  • Ordered two monitors on the 22nov. Confirmation email received from eBay but nothing from dell. Is that normal?


    Is it too late to swap for the USB hub models ?

    • Same here, ordered on the 19th - still waiting for shipping notifications.

    • Ordered on the 24th, got tracking numbers today. One S2721DGF and one S2721D. Couriers haven't provided an expected delivery date yet.

  • Thanks, bought S2721H

  • +1

    Got mine today. I ordered the S3432DWG. Wow
    I hooked it up with the HDMI cable that was in the box but only has 1080p available in the options for some reason. I know the motherboard supports 4k at 24hz. So what gives..

    • Ok turned SDR off and it presented higher resolutions but had to disconnect and connect HDMI cable for 3440x1440 to show up. All good now

      • Hey how do you turn SDR off as I have the exact same issue. Thanks in advance!

        • In the dell menu. Display >Smart HDR change it to off. Then you get the 2560x1440 option available. To get the 3440x1440 option come up you need to disconnect the HDMI cable and plug it in again.

          • @Mrsash: Hey I turned off Smart HDR and unplugged the HDMI cable and replugged but the 3440x1440 didn't show up. Restarted laptop and still doesn't show up :(

            Maybe my work laptops too old

            • @Marshmellow20: I was limited by the motherboard I have on my PC. You need the check the output capabilities of your laptop model. You won't get better than what the IGP or GPU supports

  • Ordered a S2722DGM to go with my Xiaomi 34 inches curved.

    Lets see when it arrives

  • my AW3821DW arrived today (adelaide). ordered 19/11. so far so good

  • Anyone got there S2721DS, mine says estimated DEC 31…. yikes

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