[Unobtainable] Nintendo Switch Console + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Digital Download) + 3 Months NSO Individual $369 @ Kmart

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As part of Kmart's Black Friday Sale, they will have the same Switch Bundle as last year.

Another year, another Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle – but this time, it’s for a fantastic price. We’re told Kmart will have the console, a code for Mario Kart and three months of Nintendo Switch Online for just $369. That’s $100 less than an RRP of a Switch all by itself.

The sale starts on Thursday the 25th.

Credits to Vooks

Update 24/11: Main Deal Link has been changed to Kmart's Product Page. Note that the price is showing as $439, but will drop to $369 as per Kmart's Rep confirmation

Update 25/11 12am: From Kmart Rep: The pricing has now changed to $409 at the last minute. It could change back to $369 in the morning however our internal system now has it at $409. We also have a number stores that Toll missed on their delivery today so it means for roughly 30% of stores we will not have in switches in store tomorrow morning. Deal will be moved to the forums as unobtainable once price has been confirmed at 8am AEDT.

Mod Update 8am: Price has been confirmed as $409 Online, deal has been moved to the forums as Unobtainable.

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      Same price at bigw tomorrow. Not sure if you'll need to VPN as some sites will block you from buying

      • Ah brilliant thanks for the info. I might try a test buy to see if I need VPN.

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        I think the big w is in store only (don't think can buy online as the catalogue says in store)

        EDIT: I take that back. It did say "in store only" at least 2 days ago .. maybe u can get it online now (altho price says $409, when you click through it says 469 - hopefully this drops)

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          I ended up just getting it from Amazon, handier as I wanted to get some other things like a controller and card.
          Thanks though.

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    Wife and I double teamed it. I went online she went in store. Despite having 5 queues open and a 1min entry time I got it in cart and couldn’t check out. Wife scored in store. Win. Only one other person with her waiting - seems like in store is the go.

  • And OOS online for WA, pillaged by NSW

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    3 of us here for the open at Cannon Hill in Brisbane. They had 5 in initially, looks like 2 left (unless they have another box out back)

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    All my local 5 stores had 0/1 available for C&C aha

    Pretty much instant queue for me too

  • Amazon probably match Big W tomorrow atleast for those who missed out, although its seemingly increasingly unlikely that CR will do a cashback deal while SB already did theirs. Not sure If I would risk buying Big W gift cards either so seems the best chance is something of a similar price.

  • Big W is also $409 tomorrow, glad I didn’t queue up for this one

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    Got in at 5:03am WA time. Added to cart and went to check out but cart had message that item not available. Tried again 5 mins later and this time was able to purchase for delivery. Paid and received confirmation e-mail for order. Still not 100% confident so will wait and see whether I was successful or not.

    Update: charge has gone through on credit card

    • Charge went through on my credit card but now they decided to cancel my order

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    Lol what a joke.

  • Bought one in QLD in store for $409.

  • Get into the online site early, there were stock but the price is different. Went to double check the price, saw the post is now 409… but still oos in website after return to it.

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    My local had 3 in store. Luckily I was second in line but a few behind me missed out. I was able to use gift cards so got a further 5% off. Excited for my young kids.

    Thanks OP for posting!

    • Can I ask what kind of discount gift card you use in Kmart? I am looking for to store some.

      • The company I work for has a program where we can get gift cards with certain retailers at a discount. I believe other forms of membership have similar offers (Suncorp?).

  • I managed to pick one up for click & collect, but annoyed at the huge price difference from the post. I wonder if any better deals will pop up tomorrow.

  • Will the stores that didn’t have it in stock today have it available tomorrow?

  • Unfortunately it came up as $409 - no stock in ACT

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      Shows in stock at Belco

  • Got one at online… through 4000 queue.. a little disappoint about price btw…

    • I got cancelled my order too…. I told to my kids and bought additional joycon too…. so annoying kmart…

  • Managed to snag one on the other side of Melbourne to me by refreshing until stock came up. Must have been very lucky, was about to give up! Hope they don't cancel the order

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    So I did notice this while in my bag. Looks like it did exist at the $369 price. Link doesn't work though


    This is the link: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/nintendo-switch-console-mar...

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      That is because they did plan to do $369, but never released the link. Just not right!

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    I was going to pull the trigger (had a few in stock). But given they changed the pricing at the last moment, it didn't feel right! Will go with Big W instead.

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    Kmart in Browns Plains (Grand Plaza) had at least 6 in stock. I was first in line and it scanned at $409. I showed them the ozbargain deal at $369 and the lady hade a phone call. 10 mins later she came back and re scanned it in, called it a price error and gave it to me for $369.

    • Are you serious? I showed as well but she didn't give it to me. I paid 409 at the end in store.

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        I definitely think I was the lucky one today… well, Me and the 4 other people behind me. we all got it for $369

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          Congrats dude

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            @Nuggets: It's my first real ozbargain win :) thank you hehe. my nephews are going to have fun on christmas. At least the hunt for accessories isn't so crazy.

        • I should move to QLD

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      Wait… U showed them the OZBARGAIN page that said they should sell It for 369, And therefore they deemed their kmart pricing system was incorrect?!

      U sir (or madam) , are a legend.

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        As I said, I was real lucky. I am assuming that the store lady has been around for a few black friday sales and remembered the pricing from previous years. She confirmed on the phone if she could reduce it to $369 and she got the go ahead. 5 of us were the real winners it looks like, since going by these forums, noone else was able to get the deal.

        • Person in front of me tried this at a store and he checked the computer and said $409. Guy at service desk was pretty noob, though. He scanned my voucher as a purchase instead of a payment and told me it was invalid.

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      RECEIPT OR DIDN'T HAPPEN… just talk…

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    Kmart has damaged their rep

    • Totally agree

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      OP can probably expect a tap on the shoulder from HR if they can figure out who it is… if I were you OP I'd lay low for a while. Appreciate your dedication to the OzB community. Shame it didn't work out.

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        There was multiple sources for $369 including Vooks link and someone associated with kmart replying here.

        Clearly kmart had the intention of selling it for that price as staff/internal members knew about it, but ended up matching Big W price last minute.

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    Saw it at $409 at 8:02 and left it. Not a great deal at this price

    • At least you saw it! Got through queue at 8.05 and it was sold out.

      • would u have bought it though?

        im gonna hold off a bit hoping a retailer comes through today under $400…

    • Same, kept refreshing and waiting for them to fix the bug. Then it sold out…

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    Heads up: I was in checkout showing out of stock at 9:10am, just refreshed my page 1 min ago and was able to purchase for delivery. Located in south east Melb if that helps. Still $409 though.

  • Just picked one ~10minutes ago from a store that was supposedly out of stock immediately this morning according to the website. Staff reckoned it was the last one in QLD but I doubt it. This was after calling multiple stores in my area to check stock, I was actually only really calling to confirm if they received their quota yet and when should I check again if they hadn't. Doubt it will be the best price and Big W will have the same price tomorrow anyway but given the level of demand I really just want to lock in a decent price given this is the main item on my Christmas shopping list this year. Used Suncorp e-giftcards for 5% discount btw.

  • I missed out this morning after being in the queue. Jumped on an hour later and was able to do a click and collect from my local store. Order is still showing as processing though, so not sure if it will go through.

    The Narellan store (NSW - 2567) looks to have click and collect available.

  • Ordered online. Then got an order cancellation.

    • Same here. Just received an order cancellation due to warehouse stock not available…

  • ordered one with click and collect and got my order cancelled. just tried another store with click and collect. see how I go. fingers crossed.

  • I called called my local Bigw who said they had 80 units and Can’t sell until tomorrow

    Don’t even bother with Kmart guys

    • Can u tell us which Big W store?

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  • I lined up at the store in time for 8am, i was 8th in line for the switch, but there were only 6 available. What's the point of the deal if you barely have any stock to sell anyway, was expecting a bit more than that… I really thought I would get one being 8th lol

    Will try my luck tomorrow for Big W…

  • My order was finalised by 8:01am AEDT (have the exact time with my bank), and just got a cancellation email. I must have been one of the first in the country to place the order (actually had it saved in my cart from yesterday still, so I didn't have to wait in the queue) and they still couldn't fulfill it. Bit of a joke tbh.

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    Yeah considering those of us in WA had to get up before 5am… I hit refresh at the stroke of 5 and was still more than 8,000 people behind in the queue, the price showed as $409 and even then by the time I'd got through to payment (less than 1 minute) it said out of stock online. The only reason I was going through with the purchase was so I could argue with Kmart about the price, you could see in the screenshot on my phone that there was the same product listed on the site for $369, but clicking on it just funnelled you through to the $409 one.

    Anyway, #$%& you Kmart, your shameless bait advertising and your disrespectful treatment of West Australians (as usual). People wonder why Bezos can spend billions on cock-rockets, this is why - Amazon are hands down a better experience than any Australian retailer (and yes I've had my share of issues with Amazon, that's how bad the retail experience is, particularly in Perth where we only ever get the dregs left over after the East Coast have had their fill).

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      I apologise on behalf of the East Coast ;) If it helps, my 8:01am order got cancelled by them too, so I'm not sure they even HAD stock for online orders.

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    Absolutely trash effort from Kmart.

    Most people will pick up from Big W.. and Amazon assuming they push to match.

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    So. I set an alarm for 7:45 and jumped on 3 devices to get this deal. Queued on 2, managed to get to the product page on one. Saw it available for pickup in Chadstone but couldn’t checkout. Gave up after trying for several minutes. Jumped back on an hour later and managed buy and pay for one to pickup from Traralgon(2 hours away for me). An hour later - order cancelled and refunded. Jumped back on this post and read someone call a store so did the same and surprise surprise. They had 4 in stock. Doesn’t show on the website. Just picked one up and they have 3 left. Boronia (Vic) store. Staff at service desk are super nice. Please be kind as they have no control over the website. People have been coming in since morning and yelling at them.

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      Completely agree about the retail staff - these things are never their fault. By all means ask to talk to a store manager, calmly, and raise issues you experience with them, but remember the only people who have any control over this are the executive team running Kmart for all of Australia and you're not going to be able to get in touch with them to vent. Definitely provide feedback, certainly express your dissatisfaction, but don't be rude and don't get angry with people who are just as powerless as you to do anything about it - they're just doing a job like anyone else, don't ruin their day because some twat who makes 5 million a year made a cynical decision to boost profits and bump his own bonus at the expense of their customers.

      • wouldnt be executives at kmart…

        would be the product manager/buyer who would be hamstrung by nintendo/freight forwarder/couriers…
        if they couldnt get allocation/stock and nintendo renegged then nothing kmart can do

  • Just got order cancellation

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    I just did a live chat online with ACCC to ask about this. Here's what they had to say:

    From the information you have provided you may find this link on our website helpful regarding your consumer rights: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/advertising-promotions/fal...

    This link goes into detail about 'Bait Advertising' where essentially a business should not advertise a product at a special price if it knows, or should have known, that it would not have enough stock to satisfy demand.

    I cannot take a report over webchat so if you have the time, I’d encourage you to make a report via our website so we can capture your story.



    I have now filed my report with the ACCC, given that literally 1 minute after the special opened, I had placed an order AND been charged, and I still got cancelled. I'd encourage everyone else to do the same so that the execs get the picture that this way of operating is not ok. This is not a revenge thing - I'll find a Switch at BigW tomorrow. It's a "Kmart can't keep screwing its customers and staff over" thing.

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      Well summarised and that’s exactly how I feel. It’s happened to me about 5 times already this year and it’s quite pathetic.

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        i get you're angry… but it wasnt officially printed/'listed at 369? just that someone/associate saying that it would be on black friday sales//even thou there's now a dead link on their website at 369 it wasnt advertised…

        i'm pissed too but i dont see how this can be escalated to the accc

        *catalogue etc usually has disclaimers pricing/errors ommitted etc etc

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          Not angry about the switch, just that this happens regularly where they will "advertise" (which is as simple as putting a price on their website) a product, then you go to buy it, you pay for it, then get a cancellation email later on, and then you're out of pocket for a week while you wait for the refund to hit your card again. It happens ALL the time with Kmart. At 8:00am today, Kmart advertised the Switch for $409. At 8:01am, I bought it. At 11:30am, they emailed me to tell me they were out of stock. It's just crazy!

    • +1

      Kmart never advertised it for $369, the information on the price came through back channels and hearsay, you have no case

      And Kmart's current lack of stock is due to distribution problems which they have no control over, maybe you should lodge a complaint against Toll

  • K-bait

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    One of the main reasons that I went instore was because my wife warned me that Kmart make a habit of accepting orders and then cancelling due to lack of stock. Sorry that many found out the hard way, and I hope you get a deal elsewhere.

  • I bought online at 5am however my order is still stuck in processing, no cancellation yet but jeez I'll be pissed if this lasts over a day and then gets cancelled causing me to miss out.

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      I as in the same situation. I rang the helpdesk for online orders and they had no record of my order number. They took all the details and about an hour later i had an email confirming my order and the charged appeared on my credit card.

      • +1

        Legend, just sent their text support and about 15 minutes later, they have sent my a shipped email

    • I got a notification 2 hours ago that mines shipped. I put my order around 9am this morning.

  • Tried to order one online this morning, got cancelled. Went instore during my lunchbreak because it said still in stock on the website. Guy on the service desk said they only had 3 for sale and those got snapped up in the morning. Super annoying I got charged anyway but HQ is probably trying to prop up their profit numbers.

  • -2

    $409 is not a good price at all. Why people are so crazy about it. I was way cheaper before I bought 1 $299 before without the Mario Kart 8 and $332.1 of the Mario Kart 8 version last Black Friday

    • +4

      You're right, it's not a good price but it's the best you can get at the moment, especially if you were chasing Mario Kart. In addition we're only a month away from Xmas so people are trying to lock in presents….. and remember the hype started when it was supposed to be $369. Hopefully Big W and/or Amazon will come to everyone's rescue when it's actually Black Friday….

    • +1

      Given the chip shortages, increased shipping issues and local freight delays I can see why everyone else got crazy about it…

      Especially when the price hasn't really moved in ages and the offer was originally for the console + game + subscription for sub $370.00..

      It was the best deal out there (as of today) and beat all the other competitors to the gate!

      I've even bought into the hype and will be getting one from a retailer this arvo or via BigW/Amazon tomorrow!

    • unfortunately it's the cheapest atm and Christmas is right around the corner, can't exactly wait

  • I told my wife it would be $369 today so she went in and bought it anyway at $409. If the price does drop to $369 is it possible to return/refund and instant buy it back at $369?

    • It will not be $369, at least not at kmart.

      • My wife asked about the $369 price and they told her that it starts tomorrow

        • I doubt it, everyone will just got back and ask for the difference, it was planned at $369 but they changed it

    • Well yes, surely the 60-day return policy covers this. And that should help if it does actually become available elsewhere for less in the next day or so.

  • +1

    Oh man… I was all set to get up early on Friday morning to try and nab one of these and only realised now that this deal actually started today… oops.

    Silly me thought that Black Friday deals would start on Friday.

    EDIT: Wow just saw that price was hiked to $409, classic.

    • Yes. Deal was not a deal and there were about 7 available. Got a better chance winning tonight's Powerball.

      Op missed the mark.

      • +1

        Don't blame OP, Kmart did the dirty on everyone, there was clearly a listing for 369 posted earlier, Kmart have done a price match with other businesses resulting in a price rise

        • Fair call.

  • +1

    Was online before 5am WA time and got in at 5.03am. Unsuccessful at first attempt to purchase (item not available) but tried again 5 mins later and managed to get one for delivery. Credit card was charged straight away and got order confirmation e-mail.

    Wasn't confident given number of people complaining about orders being cancelled, including several with purchases that occurred before mine. So I lined up at my local Kmart at 8am WA time. According to the person at the service desk they cancelled their order the day before….. Doesn't make sense but that's what they said. I said it would have been nice if Kmart let their customers know (so people like me wouldn't waste their time coming in to buy something they don't have).

    Anyway, ended up getting shipping confirmation at 1.43pm WA time (> 8.5 hours after ordering). Happy with outcome but Kmart's processes leave a lot to be desired including -
    Using a "leaked" story to promote the $369 deal;
    the confirmation of the "deal" by an insider rather than by Kmart advertising;
    the allocation of a paltry number of units per store;
    the 11th hour change in pricing seemingly when Big W's became known - and the chance for Kmart to make a few more dollars given $369 was never official;
    the queued system for entry to Kmart site to access sale (which I thought was fair);
    the bungled Kmart online sales process that resulted in confirmed sales being cancelled;
    potential customers turning up at stores to be told that the store had cancelled their stock order the day before and didn't have any - despite Kmart effectively advertising that they did.
    Not a great day for Kmart in the eyes of a lot of their customers - or more importantly, attempted customers.

  • For those who missed out here, might want to check out https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/666782 Available now and even if you don't have a local JB postage might still leave you in front of this deal.

  • Thinking of returning and getting the JB deal out of principle

    • Will they even accept a return seeing as this has 2 codes in it?

      • I returned mine to Kmart no problems today. Not just to save $10. Buying from JB allowed me to also stack the Amex deal, and use a JB coupon I had which expired soon to get a price of $369.

        • Mine hasn't even arrived yet, so I'll just cop the loss

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