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Oculus Quest 2 128GB VR Headset $479 Delivered (+ Bonus $100 Promotional Credit for Future Eligible Order) @ Amazon


Special offers and product promotions
Customers will receive $100 promotional credit for a future eligible order when they purchase an Oculus Quest 2 Headset sold by Amazon AU. See full T&Cs and eligibility criteria.

Promotion terms

These terms and conditions apply whereby customers who purchase a Oculus Quest 2 256GB [B08FSZ8QWH] or Oculus Quest 2 128GB [B08V51TP2C] “sold by Amazon AU” on from 00.01 AM (AEDT) on 21 November 2021 to 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 29 November 2021 (“Promotion Period”), will receive by email from Amazon Australia, confirmation of a $100 promotional credit that has been automatically added to their account as a discount for use by 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 31 March 2022 towards a future Eligible Order (the “Offer”). Qualifying Items does not include any Excluded Items. When used in these terms and conditions,

1) “Eligible Order” refers to a purchase on of any items that are “sold by Amazon AU” and excludes any Excluded Items; and

2) “Excluded Items” refers to any products on sold by third party sellers (even if fulfilled by Amazon AU or sold by Amazon US or Amazon UK), digital purchases such as e-books, subscriptions such as Prime video and audible, gift cards and postage or delivery rates.

To redeem the Offer, customers must purchase a Qualifying Item during the Promotion Period. Once that Qualifying Item has shipped, the promotional credit will be applied to the customer’s account and can be used as a discount on the customer’s next Eligible Order via the Amazon AU app or

The Offer can only be redeemed once per customer. Offer is valid until the earlier of 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 29 November 2021 or while stocks last. The promotional credit will expire at 11:59 PM (AEDT) on 31 March 2022.

Don't forget the referral bonus.
For anyone purchasing this you will want to enable the referral credit before activating the device.

You can do this by contacting an existing Oculus Quest Owner and requesting a referral link from them. You can then follow that link and activate the offer on your Facebook account.

When you sign into your Quest 2 with the same Facebook account you will receive the $50 credit which can be used to purchase games and apps on the Oculus store.

You will need to remain friends with the refer on Facebook for ~90 so that you both receive the credit. The referral bonus is eligible for all new headsets regardless of where you purchased them if you activate the offer before signing into the headset for the first time.

You can message anybody listing in the Oculus referral system to start the process.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Received mine today is this what people mean by not wrapped in plastic?

    Now I'm worried lol

    • That's how mine came except the box itself was shrink-wrapped.

      • +2

        Ah no shrink wrap on box for me just tape closing each side

        I am going to inspect carefully, smell and lick every inch so I know it's fresh and clean.

        If I get sick I will know it is 2nd hand


    • looks new to me.
      The thin plastic shrink wrap is on the outside that covers the box.

    • No the wrap is outside. The whole box wrapped in cling type just like when you buy iphone

      • No shrink wrap on outside for me :(. Just box taped shut

        • whups…
          do you have silicon cover inside? what is the manuf date

          • @ChiMot: Is the date on the box? There's an sku number outside but no manufacturing date

            Yes silicon inside

            • @AussieMark: manuf date is outside the box (side not front) rather small next to serial number. if you have silicon then it must be newly produced. dont worry but yeah wondering what is the deal with same wrapped some not

        • Same here. Mine just arrived today. Only security tabs which are not oculus specific so who knows

  • +2

    Asked oculus directly and they said they don't shrink wrap from oculus.

    Mine is brown with the oculus cover over it. Of note the branding says 'from facebook'

    Those whose units were shrink wrapped - did it have meta branding?

    According to oculus support the security tab is fine and expected. Sent them a photo.

    Who knows but may just use it.

    Altho I do note Amazon initially quoted a delivery date of 23rd December…

    Amazon person seems to suggest the shrink wrap is applied by the shipping team which would fit with oculus claim

    • Mine was shrink-wrapped, had a tab to pull which tore through the wrapping to make it easy to open. No seals or tape or anything else preventing the box from being opened. Manufacture date was Oct 2021, box says 'Facebook'.

      I don't know about a silicon cover but when I tried to get a free one using my serial number it said it was not required as it was already upgraded.

      • Put in a return order for what it's worth. Annoying since working this weekend and was going to try it Friday night.

        Ah well. Interestingly can't find a manufacture date on the box.

        Serial number on a big white sticker on the side tho.

        • The date is under the serial number.

          MFG Date: 2021/10

          • @TheSnyper: We have different boxes no manufacturing date on ours

            • @AussieMark: Wow that is weird

            • @AussieMark: This is what mine looks like. I don't know what all the numbers are for so I just blocked them all.

              • @TheSnyper: My box is different with no bar codes whatsoever. No wrapping, just two plastic tabs on each side. But I'm fine with this.

                • @Azro: Well no barcode is weird, you want to know your unit serial number really, for warranty purpose

                • @Azro: The serial number should be on the front cover not on the box itself.

              • +1

                @TheSnyper: Very different.

                My SN is on a big white sticker on the cardboard box.

  • +2

    The ones without shrink wrap are most likely the latest manufactured stock I would reckon. Highly doubt that they are refurbished or anything like that. Not the way Amazon operates. I've bought thousands of stuff from Amazon over the years and never received any refurbished/used items instead.

    If everything inside looks brand new and untouched and the protective stickers are on the lenses and controllers, then shouldn't be any concerns really.

  • +7

    Mine only had tapes on the sides, no shrink wrap. Honestly I doubt Amazon Australia would sell refurbished Quest 2 to us without informing us, so I'm not worried about it. While you guys are here worrying about shrink wrap or not, whether to return your Quest 2 or not, I'm enjoying mine with new halo head strap, ventilated facial interface, and silicone grip + halo protectors. Just go enjoy your new Quest 2 people.

    • +1

      This is the way.

    • Got links handy for your accessories by any chance?

      • +2
        The BF sale has ended, but Oculium VR regularly has sale on.

        • Thank you - did not realise the VR Comfort Kit was ventilated. Only 12 months until Black Friday though!

    • hahaah your post made me chuckle Enjoy my friend. I will test mine tomorrow when i get time

      worst case scenario it will link our quest 2 together and we are together forever

  • +3

    I wouldn't think there would be so many "refurbished" units that just happen to land in the hands of so many OzB'ers.

  • For the people who said they had a countdown on their oculus app for their referrals, is this still the case? I never had any countdown and after referring someone I just get a [redeem] button. When I click that I can log into the oculus store and it tells me I have the credit already.

    I haven't "unfriended" anybody yet though in case the credit would disappear, or game purchase cancelled, if we're not friends for the (7 or) 30 days that was originally mentioned.

    • Mine is still counting down. Also states under How it works that the credit should be redeemable 7 days after headset is activated. So you should probably be fine to do whatever but just to be on the safe side might be best to wait out the 30 days as per T&Cs.

    • I actually contacted Oculus Support yesterday as was confused around this. I've recommended someone (another OZB) and they activated on Dec 1st and have received their credit. However, I've had no emails or notifications of this. I've got nothing in the Oculus app (Windows or mobile) and certainly have no countdown.

      Talking to Oculus was incredibly frustrating and really got me nowhere. They asked for all sorts of information regarding me and the person I referred. I only provided my own information naturally, mainly because I don't have someone else's personal info!

      So it's all been a bit of a shit experience and I'm still none the wiser.

      @dins where do you see the countdown?

      • +1

        if you go to in a browser on your phone, you can click the menu in the top left, then click your account name (down the bottom), then click 'referrals'. This will take you to the referrals section in the app. I can't find any other way to access this info in the app. This will show you the status of all your referrals. I personally didn't have any countdowns but I'm waiting anyway just in case the credit gets revoked.

        If you log into the oculus store (doesn't have to be on the phone) and click on a game, it will show you how much credit you have below the price of the game. Again, I can't find any other way of finding this information out.

        • +1

          To find credit go to payment section (not the checkout but the payment menu under account) it will show there

        • Thanks for the reply, but in my Referrals section (website or Oculus app) it only lists my other FB friends who I've not yet referred. Nothing shows any status of referrals. Clearly something isn't right with mine, but Oculus Support have sadly proven to be useless so far.

  • +5

    As I see we have two different boxes available. One with wrapping, bar codes and S/N and Mfg. date on the box:

    The other one is without wrapping, no info on the box, just two security pads on each side:

    Both are fine, god damn it! Don't make your life (and Amazon's) harder for nothing.
    Stop bothering with refunds and start enjoying it!

    • i can feel it inside

      I mean i can feel me inside VR

  • Could someone please recommend the cover and firmer headset. I am already having skin issues from the foam. Thank you.

    • You can get the free silicon cover from oculus if you have an older model.

      • I bought this deal recently so don't know if its the older model. My skin on my forehead appears to have a rash from the headset.

        • Cannot vouch for them yet as first time buying but the reviews online were good

          It is a Chinese company (not NZ as you would think - kiwi haha). So will be coming from China.

          Most reviews say the standard quest 2 is freakin uncomfortable and hurts their face

        • if you bought recently then you should have the silicon cover included . check the box

          • @ChiMot: I think he's saying that's no good.

            Silicon cover isn't the greatest. I got a fancy cushion one online

          • @ChiMot: I just checked the box and found the cover.

            AussieMark, Nope didn't see the cover in bottom of the box Lesson learnt though. Thank you for the link if I find I need a better one.

            • @Joyoz: My pleasure mate. Free one should be okay for now but maybe wash it occasionally if sweating profusely hah (from any exercise games)

    • I bought the kiwi one but I spent way too long checking online lol

      I just got the most expensive one 😂. Since I will be playing every day for 8 hours.

      Check reviews online

      • Every day for 8 hours? Retired or on dole?

        • +1

          I'm doing job simulator

          • @AussieMark: If I could I'd make a VR bank simulator to extract reality fees from your virtual pay packet to improve your experience.

            • @BaryGusey: haha I was going to joke it was VR porn but thought better not.

              I am actually going to try to do fitness games. Australia also has it's first Virtual reality gym recently so thats exciting.

              • @AussieMark: I am currently moving away from where I live and my housemates had a go last night of the VR whilst in a massage chair and the amount of porn related references and jokes made.

                • +1

                  @Joyoz: I saw one VR strip club game on steam which is new and super popular haha but I don't really want to buy that stuff especially if the family or girlfriend walk in or turn on the machine and are like wtf

                  Pervert haha

                  I remember one guy in Hong Kong at a real party with real girls telling me he was going home to play VR porn as it was better than real girls. Lmao I was like wtf. Is this a thing. Mind you this was 5 years ago too so he was ahead of the game 😂😂

  • Update on the VR (based on purchases within my family):

    The first one I got arrived 21 Nov - fully shrink-wrapped around outside (manufacturing date Oct 2021)
    The second one arrived a week later - fully shrink-wrapped around outside (manufacturing date Oct 2021)
    The third one arrived around the same time but only had a square seal on each side of the box. Told Amazon, got a replacement and the replacement came fully sealed like first two (with manufacturing date in Sep 2021)

    • did you get 3x100 amazon .

      U rich man now

      • Yeah, we each have Prime on our accounts. Needed to get a few since everyone is hogging the VR

    • How do you check manufacture date?

      • +1

        On (some versions of) the outer box there is a long white sticker. The "MFG DATE" is below the serial number.

    • +1

      I appreciated the detail you provided.

      I too received my replacement today. It was fully shrink wrapped this time, with different tag stickers to open (external to the outside of the shrink wrap to assist).

      The original (without shrink wrap) is missing the white manufacturing sticker.

      Same sticker is external to the shrink wrap on the new one with a mfg date of September 2021.

      All very odd and interesting. Interesting in if the shrink wrap were on the original the same white sticker would have been removed with the wrapping.

  • I got my replacement model. It also wasn't full sealed and did mention the manufacturing date. I dont think i'll bother returning it based on previous comments. I'm curious though. Are SKU numbers going to be the same whether or not it's the shrink wrap model with the 2021/10 manufacture date? Those that received that wrapped model, is the SKU also 899-00186-02?

    • SKU also 899-00186-02?

      Yes spot on

      • Ok thanks. So that I think confirms that irrespective of the differences in packaging, it's the same product.

  • Wonder what they do with all the units sent back.

    • +2

      Transpose it with the next OzB returner.

      Shrinkwrap machines aren't all that expensive if it gets out of hand.

      • +3

        LOL yeah. Maybe Amazon just shrink-wrap those returned or even refurbished Quest 2, and send to those OzBargain members who are complaining theirs aren't shrink-wrapped.

        • +2

          Mine wasn't shrink wrapped but not too fussed. If it doesn't work or stops working I'll send it back

          #I smelt and licked each controller just to be sure and tastes new

  • +1

    How are you guys enjoying it so far? I've only played 30 min but was pretty damn impressed

    • +1

      Yeah I'm loving it. Good amount of demos and freebies out there too.
      Things have come a long way since I tried a Vive ~4 years ago. No cables for the win!

    • Awesome for sports games especially I think. Thus far tried boxing, cricket, golf, table tennis and poker super impressed with all of them. Also Bigscreen and Amazon Prime etc there's massive potential there as well.

      • +1

        Thanks for the tip towards Amazon Prime, I wasn't aware of that.

        I found Half Half yesterday which has a few uniquely weird little games and is pretty fun. My favourite so far is essentially hide n seek. But one of you is huge and one tiny. Surprisingly fun multiplayer and damn good for free.
        Half Half

        Also for any ISS fans, Mission: ISS is great. Pulling yourself around in zero-g, missions outside the ship, or just looking through the window out into space.
        Mission: ISS

        • +1

          ISS sounds interesting gotta check that one out. Cheers bud! 🍻

    • only annoying thing for me is my battery dies pretty quickly but otherwise it's been pretty great! will need to buy some kinda long charger cable or something.

      • +2

        The Bobovr M2 Pro is apparently a more comfortable head strap good for longer usage that also has a battery pack.

      • +2

        I just bought a 10Kmah powerbank from Amazon (has to have at least 2.4W output) and a 1m cable. The PB just slips into my pocket so it doesn't add any extra weight to the headset.

        • so obvious, but great idea i didn't even think of :P

        • +1

          Same. Got a Cygnett 10,000mAH powerbank from Hardly Normal recently, sits in my pocket, connected with the Quest 2's 1m USB-C cable to the headset, it triples the battery run time.

        • the cable from pwerbank to front of headset is not disturbing or caught by arms ?

          • @ChiMot: So far no. It's only 1m long and I can position it between my arms. I am waiting for a new 1m USB-C cable with magnetic tip from AliExpress (gonna takes up to 2 months for shipping, for god sake), that will further prevent the cable getting caught and damaging the USB-C port on the headset.

            • @edfoo: i see. not really 2 months you will be surprised. especially if you buy from reputable official stores like vention, cableguy, etc.

          • +1

            @ChiMot: If you had to you could run the cable down the inside of your shirt.

  • Obviously late to the party but how can I register myself for the random referral program (in event of future deal)?

    • I can never find the referral section manually so I just google ozbargain referrals then scroll down or up to find occulus and tick the box.

      You still have to manually invite someone once they I believe..

  • +1

    Use promo code


    For 25% off in occulus store (new people only)

    • +1

      This can only be used once you have used up any referral credit. You can't use both at once. And you only have 7 days to use it.

      • Does everyone get this? I'd been saving credit to combine both

        • I forgot to add that you can't pay using any other method until your free credit is used up.

          • @TheSnyper: Okay maybe it's changed but
            1) I can combine discount welcome25 with welcome credit but you have to stay in AUD and you cannot buy something already on sale eg beat Saber and the dragon music pack

            2) can use occulus credit with welcome25, at least I can so yaaah!

            But trying to run the numbers… If I go Canada vpn and discount beat Saber comes down to 25


            • @AussieMark:


              Okay so I used the referral credit to get the beat Saber and impossible dragon combo since it's 20-30% off (must be in AUD for referral credit).

              Then I swapped to cad to buy dance Central and applied 25% off to get it down from $46.99 AUD to 26.24 cad

              Very happy. # #maximised discount

              Only took an hour lol

              • @AussieMark: Did you get an email about the welcome code, is it targeted? I've still got my original credit as id bought games through CAD store.

                • @Azif: I got the welcome25 about a week after I activated the occulus.

                  Okay just checked for you. I activated on Dec 3rd and got the welcome25 promo Dec 9.

                  So exactly 6 days . But it's annoying you cannot actually add ten games and get 25% off..only works on 1

                  #did have an interesting idea tho…

                  Wonder if you could refund and get the full referral credit back then use it for Canada vpn… Probably not worth the risk…not sure how they would handle referral credit If you do a refund for the game

                  I'm buying most games on steam and will attempt to do virtual desktop later but need to get a graphics card first for laptop or desktop

                  • @AussieMark: Thanks, guess will keep waiting. Maybe screwed it up by buyig cad games first

                    • @Azif: no i bought wander few days before occulus arrived so u should be ok in cad

              • @AussieMark: So is the current price for the BS & ID combo the best price for the game? Not sure how much BS is normally without the combo.

                I have been trying to find a reliable price tracking website for Quest, but none have a chart for simple review of historic lows.

                I mean ultimately we are getting it free with the $47 credit, just looking to make the smartest purchase with it.

                • +1

                  @Master Bates: Yes. BS by itself is like $2-3 less than the ID pack bundle, so getting the bundle is way worth it. For all other music packs, I buy using VPN to Canada

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