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[eBay Plus] Apple HomePod Mini MY5G2X/A - Space Grey $110 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Description copied from techradar.

The HomePod mini is the cheapest device Apple has ever made and as far as we can tell, it's never been available for under AU$130 in Australia, even during a big sale. So to see this diminutive smart speaker available for just AU$110 before Black Friday hits is good news indeed, particularly if you're an Apple fan. That's 26% off if you're keen on the maths.

This discount is available on eBay and is exclusive to Plus members. Like some of eBay's big sales, this early Black Friday offer is only available for a limited time, with just 300 units of the Apple HomePod mini dropping today (Sunday, November 21) at 10am AEDT. You will also need to use to the code PLUSPOD at checkout to get the discount.

Credit to dealbot.

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  • +2

    Got a few of these when they did the $50 off $150 with latitude pay at a few stores. Worth it at around $110!

  • +1

    Got one!
    Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got one.

  • Got one! Thanks

  • Damn out of stock already

    • +2

      Lasted 8 minutes lol.

      • Lasted 8 minutes lol.

        Ebay being 26 years old not a great record

      • -2

        that's what she said

        • You wish she said that.

  • -3

    got one, tried to get a second on another account and was gone by the time I had updated the details …

  • +1

    Missed out, only 100 stock?

  • +1

    so much for 300 in stock. First the discount code didn't apply then the bank blocked the transaction. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

    • Trust me not great. I’m an apple buff but this thing was ordinary. I got a 3rd Gen echo and it sounds almost identical for $19. I have Apple Music hooked up to it and can access it like an intercom from anywhere.
      I got mine for $10 and seriously considering the 4th Gen echo for $74 on sale. Honestly smarter device which sounds better.

  • +1

    what makes you think they didn't sell 300?

    • +5

      It showed 102 sold 0 available before they pulled the listing with technical problems.

  • it is back to stock again, I grabbed another one at 10:35

    • +1

      Yep got one.

  • +2

    back in stock now!

  • Was gonna pull the trigger. But why do I want this?

    • +4

      Not exactly comparable but Echo dot was as low as $10…..

      I have google home, google home mini, Echo dot just because I visit ozbargain too often. Can't believe I was thinking of pulling the trigger too

      I can almost organise a party at home with virtual assistants 😂

      • Same… I almost pulled the trigger but audio review is not that great so may wait for echo sale.

  • +1

    Back in stock. Got one. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thx op, got one. Not a ios eco system user so not sure why i bought one 😔

    • +2

      Guess you bought a gift for someone else.

    • To make it worth it, it's time for you to start spending money on other $$$$ ios system 😜

  • Does it needs to be plugged in all the time or can be used as wireless Bluetooth speakers for andriod devices or smart tv?

    • +1

      Always plugged in

    • It’s not wireless, needs to be powered. It also can’t be used as a Bluetooth speaker

      • I knew it needed power, but assumed all of these ‘smart’ speakers today were able to do Bluetooth. Well, today I learned :)

  • 11:14am and still in stock. I don’t need one though.

  • Thanks OP! Got one at 11:08 :)

  • +1

    I think that these also function as Homekit Hubs.

    • This is why I got one so hope so.

      • +1

        Yep they do!

  • +1

    Got one at 11:40
    one Christmas gift sorted!

    Thanks OP

  • Got one at 11:52, thanks OP!

  • If I am not into Apple's ecosystem, what's the advantage of this over Alexa or Googlehome? (Others are way cheaper)

    • None.

    • +1

      If you're not in Apple's ecosystem, don't buy this. It has smart home and Airplay capabilities, but if you don't have other Apple devices or a Homekit setup, you're not going to be able to make use of the features.

    • +2

      Personally, the HomePod mini has better audio when you compare it with the similar sized offerings from Amazon or Google. I terms of the digital assistant, Siri is not smarter when compared to Alexa or Google. The HomePod works well if you have other apple products (at least an iPhone). If not it's not worth buying one.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one! Just switched to Apple ecosystem recently and was thinking about getting one to try!

  • -1

    Got one 12:50

  • +4

    just a note these don’t have native integration with Spotify, YouTube music, nor many of the popular music streaming services. this means you can’t say “hey Siri, play x on Spotify”. the only way is to manually select the song on your phone and then airplay it. this is a huge dealbreaker imo, and I sold it for this very reason.

    if you have Apple Music, then it works great.

    • Yep its very much locked into the apple ecosystem like most apple things. That said, it works great with apple music

      • -1

        From internet searches, Spotify not working on Homepods appears to be due to Spotify spite rather than the Apple 'walled garden'. Spotify does work on most other Apple devices, so I don't necessarily agree with the 'very much locked into the apple ecosystem like most apple things' comment. One can also easily run Google Home on a number of Apple devices (not Homepods), which works against that comment.

        That said, as a user of both Google Home and Homekit (and Hubitat and HA on a pi), Homekit is far better than Google Home in my opinion, especially when used in conjunction with Apple shortcuts, automations and either HA or Homebridge.

        I am hoping that the Spotify issue gets resolved, as I would definitely replace some of my 6 Google Home/Nest Mini etc. speakers with Homepods (at the right price) or at least turn off the microphones on my Google speakers for privacy reasons.

      • I have apple music and don’t use Spotify but man I had to let mine go. It was crappy as a smart speaker. Actually extremely unapple like as far as products go and we are a very apple household.

        • Yeah it’s smart capabilities really arnt that great. I don’t overly use them to be honest. The sound it produces however is excellent for a smart speaker, packs a real punch and fills the room.

  • 1:39pm AEDT: “unfortunately, this code no longer works”.

  • Got dispatch email and tracking number already.

  • Already received today

    • -2

      Often if you buy dogshit for $100+ they will send it to you via express post.

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