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TP-Link Deco M5 Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router System 3-Pack $200 Delivered @ Amazon AU


UPDATE, PRICE DROP to lowest ever on Amazon, delivered, with added bonus of not being Kogan

Stack with AMEX deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/665518 for $20 off, probably be able to split payment between AMEX and discounted gift cards.

Near all time low at $208.Stacking with cashback and discounted egift card brings this down to $193.

2 pack also for sale herehttps://www.amazon.com.au/TP-Link-AC1300-Whole-System-DecoM52PACK/dp/B07BK96BL7 for $153

Thanks to iMagoo in the comments below for the $179 price


Buy it at 6pm today 24 Nov 2021 to get this at $183 (10% cashback + 3% discounted egift card) from $210.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Pretty sure this is cheaper on TGG commercial.

    • Yep currently $182 C&C or $8 delivery.

  • Interested in any reviews from people here who have these. I have an Orbi system, want to get another satellite but costs $200+ as out of date. So I can get this entire system for less than the price of a single Orbi RBS50 satellite?

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      The Deco System is great i have used this and the X20/X60's and can't praise them more highly

    • +1

      I like it, although it's more 'hub and spoke', all points connect to the main AP.
      Unless you flash the current beta firmware, which adds a selector for AP connection.

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      could not recommend more highly these units

      The app is excellent, coverage good and the fact has the ability for ethernet backhaul makes it even better

      Ive seen these vs the Google Nest ones and these are superior in every way in my opinion

      • Does m5 do Ethernet backhaul?

      • +1

        My only complaint is that you have to use the app. Logging onto the deafult gateway presents next to no options.

  • +5

    Are these the same or am I missing something? $179 + delivery (free with Kogan First) + a free smart camera

    • mm. not as good a deal as i thought this is then

    • Good find! This is a new low.

    • Good find, will grab this! Stacks with $15 Westpac rewards too.

    • How do you get a camera? Can't see anything about it in the link.

  • Is the eero mesh any better than this? Both are on WiFi 5 and are dual band but the eero is going for $269 on Amazon right now

  • Very keen but my only concern is the router part will not handle heavy torrenting (linux distros only). Anyone with experience?

    Currently using the ER-X with some individual APs of different brands.

    • Was using the M5 system for a couple years and since recently moved to Ubiquiti, not cause it's better only cause I'm a nerd and like playing around with all the settings - I mean I find the Deco system to be faster out of the box… potentially even more reliable since Ubiquiti firmware can be spotty sometimes and you have so many options too that you're one setting away from screwing something lol.

      Anyway, I was doing some lightweight "linux distro" downloads just fine, I'm by no means a heavy user in that regard..
      But I know the ER-X is quite paltry in terms of performance I think the Quad-core + 512MB in the Deco's gonna be better than the ER-X's old Dual core with 256mb.

      EDIT: Nvm it's got 256mb ram as well, some stupid website put 512mb..
      So then dual-core vs quad-core…still think it might be better but I can't be for sure depending on your environment

  • This is pretty cheap (kogan deal) especially factoring in a free camera. Hard to pass up for eero.

  • I have been using these for over a year now. Below are some things I don’t like about it.

    1) It loses 30-40% speed if you go over 250/50 tier. I am on HFC and when I was on 1000/50 speed tier, speed tests always showed max speed output of 500-600 even if you were sitting right next to it. When testing within Deco app, it showed it was receiving 900++ so clearly getting full speed from NBN network but losing substantially when transmitting on its wifi network.

    2) No USB ports, so you cannot plug your hard drive etc to it to watch your movies on the network.

    3) My house is around 5000sq and using 3 decos but speed still drops by almost 40-50% in the backyard.

    if these are deal breakers for you, might be worth looking out for something better in $200-$300 price range.

  • 2 Pack $130.04 Delivered for anyone following that is still looking to purchase.

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