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Lenovo Duet Chromebook $277 C&C / + Delivery @ Harvey Norman / Officeworks


Excellent price on the Chromebook Duet, price match at Officeworks to save a further 5% :) - OW is now $277.

Can price match either in store or by calling 1300 OFFICE (1300 633 423).

This Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook is a flexible way to approach your school or work day, as you can use it as a traditional laptop, or detach the keyboard and take it with you on the go as a tablet. It has a FHD display for clarity in all your work and media, as well as a library of compatible apps available on the Google Play Store.

  • 10.1" IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200.
  • Octa-Core processor.
  • 4 GB of RAM.
  • eMCP storage capacity of 128 GB.
  • Integrated ARM Mali-G72 MP3 GPU graphics processor.
  • Connections via WiFi and USB-C.
  • 12 month warranty.
  • 8 hour battery life.
  • Ice blue and iron grey design.

Purchase a Chromebook and get a bonus 3 months of YouTube Premium via redemption! Offer valid until February 1 2022.

As always, enjoy!

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  • +4

    It's a fabulous little device. Ridiculous that it's this cheap especially with the keyboard included.

    • Does this device only have a single USB-C port?
      I want to use it with ethernet.

      • +3

        Use a hub?

        • any recommendations on hubs?

          • +1

            @weezlebub: bought the telcast t40+ a couple of months ago, lent that to my sister to study …

            just sent her a message asking if she wants to buy it off me & if she does, i'll drop some coin on this and a hub (the keyboard looks nice)

            • +1

              @weezlebub: Couple of months ago…its hers.

              Why would she pay for it when she can borrow it in perpetuity.

      • +1

        I want to use it with ethernet.


        • prefer wired connection if i'm not moving around with it.

          • -3

            @sintro: Why?

            • @MS Paint: I have a ethernet port in my room and because wifi signal is low there.

              • @sintro: Add a cheap access point there. Will cost you next to nothing!

    • +5

      From past deals, people either love it or say it’s a laggy piece of crap. Guess everyone has different expectations and requirements.

      • +4

        I have it. While it certainly not as good as iPad. For the price, it's fantastic. It's a bit laggy. Touch isn't as responsive as iPad but I'm not going to complaint for this price.

        • +3

          Another advantage compared to IOS is it has a full Desktop ChromeOS, not the crippled version that is on iPad. (Android is in between.)
          So you can run all the extensions.

          iPad is much faster, but over $700 with keyboard cover, and only 64GB.

        • how well would it work with ebooks? thanks

      • +1

        It had issues when it first came out (apparently), which has been sorted at later updates.

        I think some of the people bagging it got it early and returned it

      • +4

        It's way better than any other tablet you'll get for close to this price IMO

        • +3

          Depends what you want to do, if all you want is Android apps then I have no doubt you can spend the same and get a faster device which is more reliable at using Android apps. As a Chrome OS device, with keyboard included and several years of support, absolutely it's a killer product at this price, but that's so much more than just Android apps. People who care about nothing more than Android apps may be disappointed just based on performance, as that's not its strong point. It's the package and the strengths of Chrome OS that make it good.

          • +3

            @ethan961: Fair point, I agree.

            Basically if you want a portable device with long battery life that has a keyboard and can do all the things you do in Chrome plus run some Android apps on the side you will not be disappointed for less than $300.

            If you want a fully featured tablet experience with performance on tap, heaps of multitasking and use it to draw art….well this ain't for you, but you'll also need way more than $300.

  • Doh… And I'd just decided not to buy this from Amazon for $300 and wait on the newer (albeit) expensive model…

    • re-thinking again? around $260 is great deal i guess.

      • Yep. I tried to buy last time it was this low but Officeworks wouldn't price match Amazon. They wanted to add shipping costs

        • That's weird. There are none

        • In my experience, it just depends who serves you or who is duty manager that day.

  • @260$ this is bargain

    • How do you get it for $260?

      • +2

        By bargaining

  • +8

    Unbeatable value and cannot believe people poo poo this offering when there is literally nothing else remotely in same league and feature set other than random clearance deals with Australian wide qty 5 in whoop whoop country town officework/jb/bigw

  • +1

    Can this run android apps like Plex and Perfect Viewer?

    • Plex runs ok, but need to convert video down otherwise it can't handle it.

  • a bit of hassle but managed to cancel the $299 Amazon order (through live chat) and called up Officeworks to price beat $263 including delivery

    • How did you get the "including delivery? for that price?

      • Free metro delivery over $xx

        • +1

          Nice. Looks like us regional/country people are partly subsedising you guys ad I got a shock when quoted $26.95 delivery to 2483.

  • +1

    really great product

  • Laggy? I just want to run it for simple things like email youtube gmail and accessing university blackboard portals etc

    • No problem. The CPU is like a mid-range phone.

    • +2

      It's great for that sort of stuff, uni work that's mostly browser based with Linux if needed. Heavier Android apps are where it starts to lag. It's faster at that sort of light work than it is as an Android tablet - people seeking an Android tablet may be disappointed with performance. Personally I sold my Tab S7+ for one of these for doing uni work as a secondary device and don't regret doing so at all, Chrome OS is a much better environment for that combined with the included keyboard.

  • At this price it's a fantastic buy. I use it to do light work and watch some youtube and play some games. Just very nice to use and only a little bit laggy. I got it for $267 and I'm very happy with the purchase.

  • +4

    *NO headphone jack.
    Imagine the surprise you get when this budget media/zoom/work consumption device doesn't have one, however an iPad does.
    Overwise, great performance when I paid $350 for it.
    *App speed is expected of a midrange mobile chipset.
    feels like a extension of of an android phone,
    *Can link to your phone to unlock, SMS, etc.
    *Adblock, G-suite, drag-drop file management, etc. All works like a charm.

    *Battery is a strong perk, can gets around a full day of ZOOM(5hr+) on a full charge. 8 hours of SOT time.
    *Camera feels like the lowest end phone camera from 2015.
    Seems to be able to sideload app, a bit fiddle however, haven't tried the feature.
    I do find my self using it more than my iPad Air, with my uses. (Shamelessly copy paste)

    • +3

      Spec says there is USB to Headphone in the box

      • There is, it's not great quality but just buy a $10 Apple USB-C dongle if you want a good one. As it's a Linux device, you get full volume out of the Apple one, unlike on Android.

    • Will it handle Office easily, e.g Excel, Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc?

      • It's a Chromebook, it doesn't run excel etc like on windows.
        It has Google versions of word excel etc which I think are very good.

  • +1

    Just got off the phone with Officeworks. They charged me $327 instead of $263, realised their mistake and then refunded me and then sold me the Chromebook for $260.

    Interesting 20 mins on the phone.

  • +5

    It’s certainly great value for money however if you need a proper laptop (even entry level), this isn’t that. I mean my primary school kids are so happy with their Duet and Lenovo cheap Chromebook for their light schoolwork and writing tasks, but when they need to play some small leisure games they’d rather use their iPads, cos on ChromeOS they’d just crash in the middle. It’s not very laggy of course but I wouldn’t call it snappy either. I went back to university and was doing nothing sophisticated on the computer, and it is just not good enough. There are certain apps available on Android but not on ChromeOS, and I couldn’t even access the website version since ChromeOS is not supported. If you planned to use pretty much everything Google based, it’ll be fine (which is the case for my children at school).

    • Hi, just curious about the games - will it handle things like Roblox?

  • Thanks, ordered after price matching with Officeworks

  • perfect light weight Chromebook for on the road, thinking of grabbing another one since my toddler claimed mine as his own (playing android baby games on it) though I might try and get myself something a bit faster.

    • +1

      You are wrong on who is the new boss.

      • +2

        When I say he claimed it it's more like he's just slobbered, snotted and put grubby hands all over it so I'm kinda scared to touch it now haha.

        • They’re your cooties.

  • +1

    I've got two of these for the kids as a replacement for an iPad. That was the initial intention, but yeah, it's no iPad, but for the price, it does the job and sure helped through the remote learning for the kids… Would've been even better if the USI pens were more affordable.

    If I only needed a tablet, I'd honestly consider the Samsung Galaxy tabs. I am not overly convinced with ChromeOS on a tablet. I still think that the typical Android OS in a tablet is fit for purpose, where ChromeOS is still a little too performance hungry to run on a device like this.

    • +1

      Lenovo says USI works on Intel, not on this version. Confusing with other international posts. I'm keen to use USI pen, as I'm on Galaxy Note since 1 (DeX is great).
      Chrome OS & Android would merge into Fuchsia. Both support Linux, & long term is more open/=better than locked iOS/iPad.

  • Thanks op, grab one from officeworks. Not sure if I will use it much as have other pads. Anyway we are ozbargainers :)

  • I have this and think its a cracking device. It can be a bit crap when it wakes up from suspend mode and usually I have to reboot it to clear things up.

  • I think it’s a little laggy and buggy if you use android apps a lot. For 260, I think it's a good bargain

  • Can you play Amazon Prime and Netflix?

    • Netflix definitely never tried prime

      • Thanks! Will get it then.

  • What Chrome OS version does it run on?

  • Wonder how this would perform as a screen for use with Xbox Xcloud and game streaming

    • I use mine with steamlink from my PC playing final fantasy 12 and paired it with an Xbox controller and it worked great.

  • This or a Lenovo M10 FHD gen 2 for $250?

    Just for basic browsing, YouTube and Netflix

    • $149 in BigW for black Friday. I'm also torn if any would be good to play Netflix and Amazon Prime.

      • What at big w for $149?

      • That's not the FHD gen 2 though

        • Yeah not sure why my link to the FHD was removed, it was a genuine question about whether anyone had thoughts about which one would be better

          • @JDKC: It seems your link contained a referral/affiliate which is not allowed

  • Thanks OP, cancelled Amazon order and bought from OW.

    • Do they price match online? or have to call?

    • +1

      amazon now matching hardly normal price

      • Amazon was AUD$275 on the exact same Lenovo advertised by Harvey Norman (Lenovo ZA6F0017AU) yesterday, the same price as Lenovo's own website promo, but included efficient PRIME free shipping without the three Act play price matching with Officeworks can be. SALE! X2, which have shipped already -same day.
        As of a few minutes ago, the Amazon deal is still available and in stock, but now a paltry $2 higher matching Harvey Norman's $277.

        Undoubtedly an AU market version of since superseded US market model on clearance here too but not yet advertised as such for the price of less than half that of the newer model internationally here when it lands, and a lot less than the current AU model's SRP or actual street price. Doubt my/our expectations of performance: price ratio will disappoint for our intended use.

        • Where did you see that Lenovo website promo?
          It's $351 here https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/education/laptops/lenovo/chrome...
          and $374 here https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/lenovo/chromebooks/Leno...
          Both sites offering a 12% discount code which brings it down to $309 and $330, respectively.

          The model on both site is the same as at JBH, OW and HN: ZA6F0017AU.
          Sorry if I'm misunderstanding your post about superceded US models - in what way has this model been superceded? Is there something wrong with it?

          • @sam buster: Apologies for the confusion with semantics. There was a link to Lenovo's Official Store on Amazon on the ZA6F0017AU product page at Amazon AU yesterday. That's Lenovo AU AFAIC.

            I may be mistaken about a newer model out in the US in the quick glance I took yesterday possibly confusing the array of offerings there and different model ref numbers even of this unit. That said, given its current AU pricing superseded is probable supposition on my part based upon experience of many years buying IT kit and how long since this until as originally introduced. You can make up your own mind. Just like the older yet excellent 9.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab A was superseded and cleared and reduced pricing as are the older model Amazon Firesticks. It's how things work. Pay top dollar for the latest model if one prefers, or take advantage of being a release behind if it meets needs.

            Nothing "wrong with it" per se AFAIK? User criticisms from alleged issues at the time of its original release have subsequently been addressed in the latest hardware and firmware of current ZA6F0017AU models according to current user reports. I'll know better to be able to confirm initial impressions tomorrow I think as current tracking suggests they will be here then.

            • +1

              @odal: Thanks for the clarification, Odal, much appreciated.
              There is a new version of the Duet out in USA, but it's not exactly a newer model - it's more of an overhaul.
              The Chromebook Duet 5 (aka IdeaPad Duet 5) is 13.3inches, OLED display (quite a luxury), and a SD 7c 2nd gen processor. Those upgrades double the price, so the target demograph isn't quite going to be the same. I think it's going to start at about AU$700.

              • +1

                @sam buster: It's already being sold in JB for $799. Doubt they might reduce the price anytime soon - maybe during Christmas? But the pricing isn't really in the lower end of the spectrum and more premium.


                • +1

                  @toolatetotheparty: Wow, here already, Thanks, toolatetotheparty.
                  Yeah, that puts it about the same rrp as the i3 version of the 13" Flex5 which is currently on offer for ~$470. I wonder how the processors compare.
                  Still too expensive for the kids to take to school, and the 10" is preferrable on a car trip or flight or even coffee table.

              • @sam buster: Exactly.

                And as the poster below mentioned already available here for $799 ..too rich for me or I can justify for my needs an improvement as it is.

                Years ago I'd spend a fortune on IT kit only to find depreciation from latest to obsolete junk almost as fast as stocks on Wall Street in the crash of 1929. With the general power of every device & computing today, I find there's just no need for my purposes, so no more.

                Even this device at $275 is a grudge buy. I'd rather spend the money on a new guitar I want. : ) However I can see the value, purpose and usefulness of them to me at a great price so I bought two, one for me, one for the Mrs.

                • +1

                  @odal: Just popped down to OW to buy one for kids Christmas, to double as school BYOD next year - wife wants her Flex5 back.
                  Toss up between this and a cheap 10" tablet (Lenovo FHD 10 is ~$150 right now), I'm hoping the keyboard, Chrome OS and extended update support make this the better buy.

                  JB Hifi have missed out on $277 being too lazy to change their instore shelf-edge labels - I was in there yesteday to pickup a Firestick, and took the kid over to look at Chromebooks and specifically this Duet. It was marked $499 in store. (Flex 5 was marked $799!). At least Kid has no idea what Santa's bringing now - haha.

                  • @sam buster: Good one! Lucky kid. = ]

                    Santa has been locked out of Qld by the Grinch this Christmas. = (

                    JB had their online price at $499 when I looked yesterday. We are coastal regional Qld, so not worth the pfaffing around with our single regional city Officeworks when Amazon AU had it in stock and available for $275. Amazon packaging (important) and delivery are unbeatable regionally, and their price is generally close to it too.

  • awesome little device

  • Great, deal, have been holding our for $240ish which is the best price I have seen, but for this price I grabbed 2 from OW price match

  • Can't see in the specs or pictures that there is a headphone aux? Can anyone confirm?

    • +1

      No headphone jack.

    • +1

      comes with usb-c to 3.5mm adapter

  • +2

    Use this for chrome and this thing is awesome. Use it as an android device not so much. For example you should use youtube in chrome, as opposed to the youtube app. Chess.com Twitch.com etc should be used in chrome not on their respective apps.
    I'm pretty sure this is designed as a chrome device first and foremost and it just happens to have android capabilities (secondary). Hope this makes sense.

  • Can you run office/ word and if yes, how is the performance?

    • I think it will be google office suite, not Microsoft one.

      • I'd assume Office 365 through Chrome would be fine though?

        • +1

          Yes, and note that MS discontinued support of the Android apps on Chrome OS so there's effectively only the web option now. Which is fine, because web was a better experience anyways.

  • My kid needs a chromebook for primary school, about to start year 4. It will be used every day. I read that this device may not be robust enough for that purpose - any comments?

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