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Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen $77 (Was $124) + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C/ Metro) @ Officeworks


Looks like Officeworks are getting ahead of JB Hi-Fi's drop tomorrow of $79. Not sure how long the reduced price is on for.
Unfortunately FlyBuys don't start there until 1 Dec.

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    Not bad. Has free sleep tracking til early next year.

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      So its not free after?

      Update : Sleep Sensing is available for preview until 2022. After preview ends, paid subscription may be required

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      As long as you aren't using a GSuite account. Yet another feature locked out of…

    • how does it track 2 people on double or bigger? can it differentiate?

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      Seems to be basically the same as 1st gen, if you're not after the paid sleep tracking feature?

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        I thought the speaker is better in gen 2

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      What it do if it notices you’re not sleeping?
      Release the gas?

      • listen your breath noises and it has a motion sensor

    • Ah more subscription based stuff.no thanks

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    Got 1, $4 for delivery today, or $14.95 for tomorrow?? Took the $4 option…

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      Next day should be free unless you pick the evening delivery slot.

      • Yeah, dunno what I did wrong.

  • Same price at JB as well. Check comm bank rewards for $10 cashback on $75

    • I don't see it on my app.

      • Sorry should have been more clear about it - definitely targetted. I didn't get that offer as well but my wife did.

    • I've got $10 for $50 spend.

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    Would you go this or the max?

    • Depends on the location.

    • Max is aboit 3x - 4x the price, bigger and has additional features, really depends on what you're after.

      • The extra specs worth the price? I'm keen on the sleep tracking

        • +1

          Wouldn't get the max as it has a camera in it. Personally don't like camera in my bedroom.

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      Its a big price difference, but Im still inclined to go with the max given that its got the camera. Given that I would probably locate mine in the family room/dining room, Id be wanting to facetime the relos and all that. Obv if its for the bedroom, as someone indicated below, you would probably prefer this.

      • FaceTime not available on the Max. Unless you meant Duo.

        • +2

          Sorry, I suppose I was using that term in its generic sense.

    • Nest Hub Max for the living room/kitchen (bigger screen to see from further away, video calls), and this one for the bedroom (no camera, sleep tracking).

  • There's no camera in this for video calls right?

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    Thanks OP grabbed one for the Kitchen.

    Now we can watch Jackie Gleeson while we eat!

  • Thanks OP

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    deals on mAX coming up?

  • +5

    How do these go with those god awful recipe sites that have you have to sift through a 30,000 word essay and 100 video popups to find the actual recipe?

    • +18

      You don’t want to hear the story of the first time their grandmother saw a tomato travelling through a field in Bahrain and the long, drawn out story of how she asked the farmer what it was and lo and behold it was a tomato?

      Then after that a detailed description of every time granny ate a tomato. She had a cheese and tomato toastie in June 7th, 1974. The cheese was cheddar, which was the style of the time….

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    Can these preview security camera footage?

    I'm looking to get the reolink 8channel and was thinking of getting one of these for the bedroom, study and hallway and the Max for the living are.

  • Good find.
    I purchased 2 through the Google Store at full price with free shipping, then went on Live Chat and they will be price matching. Plus I believe I would still get 3% Google Store credit to spend on a later purchase.

    FWIW, Ingram Micro do the shipping and my last purchase arrived within 36 hours via Star Track.

      • +3

        First, watch ya language. Second, thats not what they said, I'm going through this exact process (and escalated), it's within 14 days of purchase.

  • Basically does everything my phone does 👀😬

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      It's sitting there collecting dust. Unless you have a fully automated home this is not really useful

      Use it as a photo frame I guess

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        sleep sensing is great, works with google fit eco system

      • I love ours, have the doorbell and lots of smart stuff, its great for this sort of thing.

        • +1

          Yeah like I said only if you have home automation and stuff else not really useful

    • +1

      I thought that until I got my 1st one. But for controlling compatible smart lights, fans, Cast devices, etc., I've actually found it more useful than I expected. I've not tried the sleep tracking as I only have Gen 1. The backlight goes incredibly dim so makes a really good bedside clock.

      I can control my big screen using my medium screen if I'm already using my small screen to play a game.

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    Thanks OP, got 2 for the parents! share photos with them which will be awesome :)

    • +1

      Make sure you remove the dic pics first

      • You can share specific albums, so the biggest risk is sharing your whole 'sausage gallery', unless your shared album has bit of risque material.

    • We use it for the same thing. Great for this alone.

  • Is this better compared to Echo Show 8?

  • This or an ancient but functional 7 inch tablet.Mainly music player (local media and spotify) via other devices (good stereo and Sony SRS X77) and recipes. Although interested in sound quality in itself as a kitchen player for BBC? Like the calendar/weather functions. Cheers

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      This won't do the same things as a tablet will, but will do what it does a lot better and faster than a $77 tablet. Kitchen music player and BBC will be fine

      • Cheers mate

        • +1

          tablet is better (if you can spend a bit more than $77 or get a second hand one) since you can install more apps and also has included webcam etc..

          the problem with the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen and google speakers in general is if you want to listen to your own music,
          Google mainly pushing you to pay for youtube music premium with their constant nagging ads to signup to youtube premium after every song etc…
          Very annoying!

          It used to be much better for playing your own uploaded song with Google music before it was shutdown and they force everyone onto Youtube music.

          • @pinkybrain: Yeah I use Logitech Media Server (LMS) and associated apps to 'push' music so I'm thinking tablet. I keep looking at these hubs (Google/Amazon etc) but can never really seem to find a reason on and above a fad gadget, which I love by the way, but there always seem to be limitations. I think sleep monitoring would 'disturb' my sleep ie 'am I doing it wrong?' Good luck to those that do. The price is attractive but I believe it would remain dormant for me.

            I detest ads also. Cheers for the reply.

  • JB also doing $77. If officeworks has no stock

  • +11

    This will be cheaper in a few days. I suggest those wanting to buy to wait.

    • i don't believe so, this is the lowest price avail.
      maybe -5% at JB on WED but not sure

    • +4

      Obey dealbot, I will.

    • In dealbot we trust. Time to wait!

    • aree u referring to the jb deal?

  • nest hub max now on ebay for $250


    • +2

      your link says $335?

      • Use coupon code. See further down in the listing.

        • -3

          And if you don't have eBay plus?

          Your comment is misleading.

  • How would you rate the speaker? We have one of the big speaker only ones (no idea what it's called!). Better or worse?

    • +1

      In my opinion, the speaker on this is between the mini and the full sized home.

  • Officeworks is selling Hub Max at $247, which implies Google store will reduce to $249. If you want a cam for meeting and security, get Max.

  • +6

    Telstra $74.50 now, potential for OW 5% off


  • Cheers for the headsup got 3 coming for the kids.

  • This didn't age well $59 on ebay plus

    • Limited quantity, offer window and only 1 per customer there. Great deal, but time was up very quickly.

  • i use the little birdie and afterpay promotions and bought 2 by paying 57 and 59 only.

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