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$15 Voucher (Redeemable on $100 Min. Spend) for Referee and Referrer @ Elbaite Crypto Exchange


For Black Friday this year, we have $15 vouchers up for grabs for everyone! 🤯

💰For a limited time, our $5 referral bonus has increased to a massive $15! Simply, invite a friend using your ✨Personal Referral Code✨(can be found on your account dashboard) and you both get $15!

*Receive a $15 voucher for EVERY new friend that you invite! This means if you invite 4 friends 👩👨👩👨you will receive a total of $60 worth of vouchers!

⏰Hurry, limited time only!

A minimum purchase of $100 apply to the vouchers

If you're wondering what Elbaite is and what we offer, below is a quick introduction to us!

Elbaite is a peer-to-peer non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange.

Why customers trade with Elbaite:

  1. They are looking for extra security as Elbaite do not hold customer's crypto at any stage of a transaction. Sellers sends crypto directly to the buyer's wallet address. This alleviates risks of crypto held within hackable exchanges.
  2. Customer seeking full control and freedom over their crypto and where to store it.
  3. Elbaite acts as an escrow. This means that bank details of buyers are not shared to the seller, increasing safety.

Note: While our usual fees of 1% at a glance may seem slightly higher than other crypto exchanges, it is important to note that we do not charge any other fees such as deposit fees and withdrawal fees that many exchanges charge!

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$5 credit for referrer and referee.

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  • What is Elbaite?

  • Elbaite - Sounds like a "bait" :-D

    Is company trying to tell us something subtly?

    • Sounds line Eel bait?

      Maybe it's worms ?

  • +2

    $100 spend requirement on referral vouchers is hidden in the description - very clickbaity

  • -1

    A minimum purchase of $100 apply to the vouchers

    Yeah its going to be a no from me

  • Sweet, just bought some BTC from the seller offering the best rates and it came through pretty quick. Much less headache than binance

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