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Voss Water - 800ml: Sparkling $3, Still $3.10 (+ Free Can Coke), 500ml: $2.15, 375ml: $2 + Post ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon


800ml Still (Glass) $3.10 + Add on free 250ml Coke No Sugar OOS
800ml Sparkling (Glass) $3 + Add on free 250ml Coke No Sugar OOS
500ml Still (PET) $2.15
375ml Still (Glass) $2
375ml Sparkling Lime & Mint (Glass) $2

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +3

    Best drink bottles ever!

    • +1

      goe with my smashed avo.. now that i can afford it.

  • +2

    buy a glass bottle get free water!

  • +1

    Can I price match at Colesworth?

  • +21

    Time to stock up! My dog drinks this exclusively.

  • Water used to be the tap, not the Voss
    Damn things changed

  • how do you add free coke

    • +1

      There's a check box below the "Buy it now" button

    • +2

      You can do below or just add to cart separately, then in checkout make sure they’ve given a $1.75 promotion discount.

  • +2

    Still waiting for my box of 12 😂

    • Got an email the other day- had been cancelled as they can't get any supply …. (Good way to get out of a pricing error I guess)

  • +1

    im not rich enough to drink this.

  • +2

    My free coke is coming tomorrow and my cheap new water bottle is coming Thursday.

    2 deliveries for two drinks ordered together…I like to think the delivery costs are coming out of Jeffs pockets.

    • +2

      No wonder the postal system is overloaded with parcels!

      • +6

        Amazon has their own delivery system for a lot of the stuff in major cities, and that has recovered from the delays from 2 months ago. Now its next day for a lot of the things I'm ordering.

      • +1

        Amazon does not use postal (Australia Post) service for delivery to all major cities.
        Amazon Australia use their own delivery service that delivered 7 days a week (including Sat and Sun and evenings delivery)

        • +2

          I'm in Canberra and they send parcels through Australia Po - oh…

          • @Tyrx: Haha, have an upvote!!

          • @Tyrx: Probably you should consider moving to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

  • pls enlighten me - $3 for water?
    **not being smart. ordered 6 - $18 for the privilege.

    • you're really just buying a good glass bottle, I have a few in the fridge always ready to go

  • $3 for a glass drink bottle and a coke! Thank you OP

  • Why does the sparkling water cost 10c more than still?

    • you mena still > sparking
      though same.. 10tc to decarbonate it??? lol

      • My bad - yes it's the other way around!

  • Cheers OP, worth it even just for the bottles!

  • +2

    I bought a couple a while back, just for the bottle. It's a nice glass bottle, apart from the hard to remove branding and crappy plastic cap, and the fact that it is shipped from Norway! Buy a nice glass jug for the fridge and fill it with good old aussie tap water.

  • Grrr.. OOS

  • Sometimes I think the current postage delays are because of the increasing amount of these random amazon sales on small items and not covid/holiday related, lol.
    Got one for the bottle, thanks.

  • +3

    no need!
    pro tip
    just pop over to a few auctions/open homes
    for multiple free voss bottles :)

  • If it ain't glass, voss can kiss my ass!
    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    People buy water online?

    • +3

      I get mine delivered from the cloud

    • These are popular mainly for the reusable glass bottle

  • -2

    Cheaper to drink petrol

  • Imported water are expensive but I bought it for the Voss glass bottles to keep my fruit juices and boiling water.
    The beautiful glass bottles is worth more than the $2 to $3 purchased, but I won’t buy those in pet bottles.

  • -2

    How special is this Voss Water? Will I become a Spiderman after drinking this?

  • the 500ml one is still available. Cheapest, most durable water bottle out?

    • 500ml is PET and not glass

  • I wouldn't have thought some of the most expensive water available would be popular on a bargain forum.

    • +1

      If you read the comments, people actually buy it for the high quality reusable glass bottle.

  • (profanity)! Should have made the purchase sooner. Did not expect these to go out of stock :/

    Was after the glass 375ml ones. Sucks the 500ml ones don't come in glass.

    Thanks for sharing though OP

  • Got my Voss last week and the free coke today by itself. Cannot believe they shipped a single can of coke in a PM5 bag (483mm x 361mm). I can see some environmentalists becoming very triggered. Oh well, free coke and free bin bag

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