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$600 off all Storage Sizes of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Stacks with $50 Sub and $100 Loyalty Discounts) @ Samsung


Hi All,

Awesome Deal on all sizes, this can be stacked with Trade Bonus Discount of $200, $100 Loyalty Discount via Chat and $50 for signing up to newsletter.

Samsung S21 Ultra 128GB - $1,249.00 Price before discount Was $1,849.00
Samsung S21 Ultra 256GB - $1,349.00 Price before discount Was $1,949.00
Samsung S21 Ultra 512GB - $1,549.00 Price before discount Was $2,149.00

Happy Upgrading !! :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    JB is offering S21 Ultra for $1,249 plus the upcoming 15% off gift card:


    Final cost will be $ 1061.65, slightly better than OP's post.

    • does the 15% gift card include JB-HIFI card?

    • $700 something last night

    • do you know to what value these gift cards can be purchased for ?

    • They also had a (now expired) offer where if you traded in any phone, you could get $500 off any s21 phone and I think the offer stacked onto any other deal you could get in store or online.

    • Good if we had 512 gb variant in jb or good guys? Apparently they upto 256gb

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    That's a shame..Was really looking forward to a higher trade in bonus for Black Friday. May as well wait until Jan now when S22 is out so they drop the price even further on these.

  • Fold 3 $1634.50 on EPP

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    Does anyone know much about the s21 ultra.
    I've read somewhere the Exynos chip isn't that good

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      Its not good as snapdragon 888 but android 12 really brings out one of the smoothest experience so far.

      • Did you get the android 12 update?

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          Not the OTA update but manually installed BTU firmware with HOME_CSC so that i can retain all my apps and settings and use volte and wifi calling so far going good with minor bugs with some apps force closing but the animations and overall fluidity has been improved. Will install XSA (Australian) firmware when it comes out. I think now my phone thermally performs better as android 12 uses 20% less CPU. Also protect battery feature is good which lets u fill up till 85% to prolong battery health.

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      Real life it really depends how you use it. If you use it more on a professional level probably isn't too different. If you want to push to its limits, SD is better

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      Unless you're planning on doing some hardcore gaming on very demanding games (eg genshin impact). You wont notice any difference

    • Exynos is never as good at SD. But this year's exynos is really close. Only about 5% behind the sd888 on benchmarks

  • Jb not selling 512gb variant.

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G -512G SM-G998BZNFXSA – With 50 signup coupon = $1,349.68 on corp site

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    Prices from Samsung Education Store for Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Prices before any further discounts)
    128GB $1201.85
    256GB $1266.85
    512GB $1396.85

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    Amazon was selling 128g at 1123 last night for prime member

  • 256GB version is $1249 at Amazon for Prime members. Not bad if you don't have a trade in.

  • Been trying to add the trade-in value in both Edu store and the regular store for the last few days but each time came up with some silly "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment" is anyone having better luck or just me?
    I gave up trying to buy from Samsung direct, they are just hopeless same with their customer service offering no assistance at all and asked me to contact Asurion instead, WTH!
    Might be better off just buy from JB instead when the $200 trade-in does not stack and have to go through all the hassles with their chat for the vouchers. Just my 2 cents, even ebay are not too bad around $1349; maybe ebay plus will have more discount coming up too and especially if you had discounted gift cards. Cheers;)

    • Yes but the 500$ trade in offer expired at jbhifi yesterday

      • Actually I was referring to the Samsung Trade Bonus Discount of $200, which was not stackable for me when checking out after going through all the hassles $1349 - $50 newsletter - $100 EDS loyalty voucher through Samsung chat =$1200 to get similar price with 15% off TCN cards off JBhifi $1349.

    • Did you try trade-in code in already-discounted edu store? It won't work as if they sell ultra for 700-800 bucks

      • I did earlier before with the Fold3 in Edu store as per recent post, but they removed the bonus discount and now its not available in Edu anymore.
        But the Regular store here still advertise the $200 bonus, yet I still cannot enter anything Beyond the first 2 digits then SA the error message just kept coming up for me, any chance you/anyone can try to enter the first 2 digits and see if error msg comes up for you at all please. Thanks in advance :)).

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    I always see these claims of Samsung "loyalty discounts" for $100 or even $200… What the heck is this and what on earth do you need to say to the live-chat person in order to score one?

    I've never had any luck with it.

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    True, I feel with you, got my $50 newsletter subs after 5 trys and long chat trying to get a loyalty voucher. Finally got loyalty voucher after chat telling them about wanting to upgrade from old/broken fone and they verify after me sending in picture of my old Samsung IMEI, and took about a week to reply. Hence, I said maybe not worth all the hassles, especially if they dont allow anyone to use the $200 Trade-in stacking these days? (not for me anyway).
    Had I known about the 15% off TCN cards and JBhfi earlier, would not have bothered with Samsung direct at all.

  • OP, did you manage to stack the trade-in $200?

    • Yeah so what ever value of your mobile phone you currently have plus the $200 bonus trade in :)

      • Thanks, then maybe its just me still having the same error old message
        "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment", can anyone pls confirm they have the same message please, really want the extra $200 bonus trade-in to work after all the time waiting for those friggin samsung codes.

        • You can add the Trade code at the end of the transaction before you checkout .. it will work or use a different browser

          • @SICKO: I did tried everything, none work. Did you manged to buy one that work with your trade-in code? Cheers

  • Dose anyone know any good Snapdragon 888 deal? Also hard to make up with my mind whether I should wait for S22…

  • $50 for signing up to newsletter

    not seeing this popup anymore

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      Clear your Cache on your browser or use a different browser … it will pop up :)

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    Shouldn't then the price come down to $899? Am i missing something obvious?

    Samsung S21 Ultra 128GB - $1,249.00 - $200 (trade in bonus)- $100 (loyalty bonus) - $50 (newsletter) = $899

    • If all codes work then yeah, can confirm the $100 loyalty and $50 Subs but not having any luck with the $200 Bonus trade-in. It comes up with error as I enter even the first 2 digits "SAxxxx", can you try and advice if you can get beyond the 2 standard Digits of "SAxxx" of any trade in code pls. Thanks. I am dying to make the trade-in code work!

      • i went to the samsung store because i had this happen to my phone. had to go into the app and clear cache and delete data. also uninstalled the sucker. reinstalled and ran through the process again and it worked :'(

    • sorry, i might of miss something but because you're trading in, does that mean u also minus the value amount of your phone? i.e. galaxy s10+ 128 trade in is 165 meaning $899 -165 = $734?

  • Is the trade in option working for anyone? Tried several times over the last few weeks and it keeps saying the function is unavailable, even though I have a code.

    • Exactly my pain, been trying for nearly 1 week, did not work no matter what I did, clearing browser, tried incognito Chrome, Firefox ,Edge none work, but worked for OP apparently. Anyone else have any luck getting their trade-in bonus code to work, what's your path to work?

      • thats really weird, it works for me. Also try at the end of the check out to put it in.

        There was a time where it wasnt working and people said to do this and it worked.

    • $200 Trade in worked for me. + $100 loyalty through chat+ $50 for signing up to newsletter

      • tried on my computer and on my phone, ill try again.

        • got the Trade In code from the app and then used that code through the website on my laptop.

  • All S21's are showing as out of stock for me

    • +1

      Stock slowly coming up.

      • Thanks

  • Does anyone has has spare newsletter voucher?

    • I have a spare code if you still need one

  • Looking for a spare newsletter voucher as well. Signed up and tried to chat, but no luck.

    Also, the chat rep said it doesn't stack?

  • Can I get a spare newsletter code please? If anyone has it

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