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Amazon AU: 10% Cashback on All Categories ($25 Cap Per Customer), 6PM-8PM AEDT @ ShopBack


Hey everyone,

Black Friday/Cyber Weekend is still a few days away and the bangers are already rolling in!
Today from 6PM-8PM AEDT we'll have 10% Cashback on all Amazon Categories (Capped at $25 Per Customer), so be sure to read the instructions below & start saving those items to your Wishlist!
I've covered some important info under "GYB's Notes", so please take the time to read through those.

Side Note: Tracking can take up to 48 hours to appear in your account, if it doesn't within this timeframe then please send me a DM to advise.


Cashback Info

Offer: 10% Cashback on All Categories at Amazon ($25 Cap Per Customer).
Min. Spend: None.
Dates: Wednesday 24th Nov 2021 6:00pm to 8:00pm AEDT.

GYB's Notes:

  • You can place multiple orders, but there will be a Cap of $25 Cashback Per Customer.
  • If you wish to place multiple orders, you must exit and re-enter through our ShopBack links between each transaction for all orders to track.
  • For orders over a combined value of $275, you will initially receive more than $25 Cashback, which will later be updated to exactly $25.
  • Items sitting in your Amazon cart prior to clicking through our links will not be eligible for the Flash Sale Rates.
    I advise you to add the products you want to your Amazon Wish List for easy access.
  • You must click through our "Amazon Flash Sale" page for your order to be eligible for 10% Cashback.
    Clicking through the standard Amazon Australia merchant page will result in Standard Cashback Rates.
    We will be turning off these prompts on-site, but they may still be visible on your Watch List or through old links, so please avoid those.
  • Your First Subscribe & Save Order will be eligible for the 10% Cashback rate, your reoccurring S&S orders will not be eligible.
  • You can stack Cashback with our Amazon Gift Cards to save even more.
  • Orders with Amazon Promotional Credits applied will not be eligible for Cashback.
    Here's the difference between 'Gift Card Credits' and 'Promotional Credits'.
  • Orders from Amazon US/UK sellers are eligible for Cashback, so long as the transaction is placed through Amazon AU.

Amazon T&C's:

  • Cashback is ineligible for Prime membership subscription purchases, Gift Cards, Kindle Unlimited, Mobile Apps, Audible, Echo Accessories, Kindle Accessories.
  • Cashback is ineligible for Pre-ordered items scheduled to ship over 60 days post-purchase & Reoccurring Subscribe and Save Orders.
  • Cashback is ineligible when products are Returned, Exchanged, Cancelled, OR use promo/voucher codes not listed on ShopBack.
  • Cashback is calculated on the Order amount (excluding GST, Delivery Fees, or any Additional Fees).
  • Cashback rates are based on the time the item(s) were added to your cart.
  • ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback.
    If other website links/redirects are clicked after clicking our ShopBack links, your Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon websites and deal websites).
  • Return to ShopBack and click through to Amazon Flash Sale every time you are adding a new item to your cart and making a new transaction.
  • Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities to game/cheat the Cashback system will be banned and Cashback forfeited.

Have a question/issue? Send an email to [email protected] or DM me directly and we'll help sort it out.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4054)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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      • Got it working now, thanks

      • Hi Op do I need re-activate for each payment?

  • Can I add 10 different product and pay for it through one order then do I get 10% on total amount? Or I have to purchase individual items by exiting app?

    • You can do either method.
      However, if you purchase all 10 in one order and something needs to be cancelled/exchanged/refunded then this will impact the entire order's Cashback.

      So it's your call :)

  • Hello, I understand that kindle accessories aren't eligible, but can I purchase the new Paperwhite and be eligible for the cashback? Thanks

    • +1


  • Hi Op do I need re-activate for each payment?

    • Yes, please click through our links between each transactions for tracking to be successful :)

  • Says the cashback won't apply if you apply a promotion, but if you opt for free shipping it says "Promotions applied: free shipping". Does this count - will Shopback refuse to pay up?

    • +1

      This shouldn't cause any issues.
      If it does, send me a DM and I'll help sort it.


  • very strange to me that big cashback happes 2 days before the actually FRIDAY. shouldn't amazon itself save the big discount for the actual friday?

    • you are amateur. this is smart tactics , to make people spend before the friday where most people will have big discount.
      if every sale happen on the same time people may pick ebay not amazon for example and decide i have enough and stop.
      like this, you spend early on amazon, then on friday you see another sale you may buy again

      • so as ozbargainer, you spend now? or wait for the big day?
        honestly, apart from some of those PS games, there is not many real deals yet. i still feel better deals are coming on the day.

        • Just buy if it's tagged as black Friday special. Those wouldn't be discounted further

        • well …..
          you buy if you need.
          buy if you dont need but you think you can resell for profit to buy what you need

  • lol, I think ShopBack's website got OzBargained…

    • +1

      Works fine for me? :o

      • Okay back for me too, just momentarily gone

  • Purchased! Now the wait for cashback confirmation begins… Thanks GYB!

    • +1

      Enjoy! :D

  • -1

    so "promotional credits" are not the same as gift card credit?

  • How do you confirm that you did it correctly? I went through the app, clicked the 6-8pm banner, searched for my item, added it to my cart and paid, should be fine right?

    • and lots of praying tonight to the $ god

    • That sounds perfect.
      Just give it up to 48 hours to track.
      Reach out to me if you have any issues :)

      • I just placed an order from through ShopBack web browser >>> amazon. Hopefully it's tracked :)

  • -1

    Hi OP, can you confirm if the $25 cap is per Customer or per Order? SB site says both.

    On the left pane found in https://www.shopback.com.au/amazon-australia-flash-store:

    Cashback Rates
    Capped at $25 Cashback per Order [Valid for Orders Placed Between 6pm and 8pm AEDT]

    On the rest of the pages:
    10% Cashback on All Categories (6pm-8pm AEDT, $25 Cap Per Customer)

    • Per Customer, I'll ask our team to update ASAP :)

      • Thanks, OP! Always good to be clear :)

    • -1

      gesus imagine if per order some people here will place 1000 orders and get 1000*25

  • Let’s hope there’s no issues… placed 3 orders after 6pm for a total of a $120

  • Does cashback work on subscribe and save?

    • Yep, on the first S&S order only :)

      • +1

        What do you mean the first?

        I normally order and cancel? So it should be fine? Lol

  • Ghd hair straightener was $132 before 6pm and now it's $153….

  • Anyone experiencing problem? I bought ShopBack amazon gift card and when proceed to payment at the 'select a payment method' page, it refuses to let me press 'continue' (even though there is more than sufficient balance on my gift card)…?

    • Have you tried adding the Gift Card to your account separately, then trying to transact once the balance is in your account?

      • Thanks for your reply… I resolved it after googling around. It just needed me to enter my credit card details to activate the 'continue' button (probably for security reason?), and it actually charged my gift card. [To answer your question, yes, I did try adding the GC to my account separately before that.]

        • +1

          Ahh I see, glad it's all sorted though :)

  • @gotyourback sorry question:
    if i buy something say $500 item, pay with $400 amazon giftcard and $100 from my credit card,
    will i get cash back from $500 ? (yes capped at $25) or from $100 only ie $10 ?

    • +2

      You will get Cashback on the total value of $500, Capped at $25 :)

      • best thing i hear today

  • sorry, noob question

    You must click through our "Amazon Flash Sale" page for your order to be eligible for 10% Cashback.

    so its this https://www.shopback.com.au/amazon-australia-flash-store?

    • +1

      As long as you see "10% Cashback" when redirecting to Amazon, you're in the right spot :)

      • +2

        Thx. Done. Lego Batman tumbler will be on its way.

        • I got the LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square

          • @airpoe: Rubbish most over produced set in modular building Lego have ever made .
            Worst doing it for 5 yrs .

  • -1

    The ShopBack app will take you to the Amazon app for purchasing. Is this ok? Still work?

    • Absolutely :)

  • I don’t know if this one already been posted… but our fav L’Or coffee pods are under $30 for 100 and 10% cheaper with S&S on Amazon. Feel free to post it if it hasn’t been as I cannot be assed :)

    • I got it for $16 a few days ago at Amazon too

      • For 100 pods? Has it ever been that cheap?

      • Are these pods as good as the flavoured Nespresso ones?

        • Arguably better

    • I grabbed the 100 Milano pods (member dea at Kogan) for $10. Quite suprised, much better than L'OR.

  • Don't forget to calm ourselves down from the non instantaneous tracking.

  • Hi gotyourback, how is cash back dealt with for pre-orders with the price guarantee and changes in price before release

    • +1

      As long as it's shipped within 60 days of ordering, your Cashback amount will be updated to reflect the new price you pay once the item has been shipped.

  • Managed to get Fiji water cheaper than I have ever paid. I hate paying for water but it’s the only one I can physically stomach without pain.

    • Have you tried drinking boiled tap water?

      • Yes. I’ve tried different filters, different areas. And pretty much every bottled water. My doctor said it’s something to do with the surface tension of water. I can add stuff to water and that’s fine, but I get sick of cordial, hydralyte etc. at first I thought it was the ph, but I’ve tried other alkaline waters and no dice. The only thing I can see is Fiji water contains silica, so I’m thinking it could perhaps be that. It’s been a journey of discovery that’s for sure. Lol.

  • What's everyone wasting their money on?

  • Cheers! Bought 400 x dog pee pad for $89, $80 after cashback. Big save for my dog who's on loop diuretic. Also got some kitchenware from Amazon US.

  • 4 items I bought recently and was hoping to rebuy but with cash back. 3 are more expensive and one is out of stock. Coincidence? Interesting move Amazon…

  • If I purchase 2 items in one transaction, how many time should I click through shopback,
    1 Once, click through sb, add 2 items in to cart and then check out
    2 twice, click through sb, add 1st item, go back to shopback click through again, add 2nd item, then check out

    • It depends, if you would like them to be tracked separately then click through between each transaction.
      If you want them to track together, just one click and add both to cart to buy :)

      • I see, thanks

  • Hi noob question i have Promotion(s) Applied: -$10.00
    which is to spend $39 and get 10 off by amazon. will this effect cashback.
    if yes than how can i avoid applying this promo?

    • Promo Credits can be unticked at checkout.

      If you cannot untick it, then it should be fine.
      Just send me a DM if you run into any issues.

  • Is Far Cry 6 at $58 worth getting? Is it fun or just tedious clearing out enemy camps like the other Far Cry?

    • +2

      The latter.

    • +2

      Even giancarlo esposito cannot make me buy the grindfest of ubisoft games. They all have the same formula and its sickening me at this point

      • Thanks guys. Saved me $58 lol

  • Another q for you op.

    Lets say I purchase $200 of goods from amazon, receive them and then decide to send back 1 item at $100 back but select credit to my amazon acc (not refund), will the cash back still be approved for the full amount (eventually)?

    • No, it should update to the new value you paid for the order.

      • Got it.. thanks.

  • My wife and I have separate accounts. Is it gaming the cashback system if we purchase separately on our SB account using same amazon account / credit card?

    • +1

      Not at all :)

      • Loving the immediate responses considering the flurry of activity. thumbs up rep

  • Just went on the Shopback app and saw the 10% cashback on Amazon banner. Clicked and used the option to go to the amazon app (already had the amazon app opened in the background apparently) and purchased the item. Should it be fine since i already had the amazon app opened in the background? The cart was empty though and i added the item afterwards.

    • +1

      This should be fine, if it causes any issues just let me know :)

      • Great! Any idea how long before the shopback app shows it?

        • Typically a few hours, but we ask our customers to wait up to 48 hours for tracking.

  • Hello @gotoyourback,

    Two questions

    Will there be tracking issue if I cancelled the first order and placed a new order without the promotional credits? I went through the process again in clicking the banner on your page and re-add the items into the cart. My cart was emptied after I have cancelled the first order.

    In the T&C, it states no promotional credit, but the free delivery and savings from SS all falls under promotional credit. Will it impact the eligibility of the cashback?

    Thank you

    • +1

      Hi @spedohero,

      That should be fine, if you have any issues just reach out to me via DM's.

      As long as the Promotional Credits aren't the credits given by Amazon to pay for an order, it will be fine.
      I know it's a bit confusing, but it sounds like your order shouldn't have any issues.


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