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Viofo A119 V3 $116.17 Delivered @ VIOFO AU via Amazon AU


Great price drop for Black Friday that will be even better once combined with:
*Shopback higher cashback rate (EXPIRED) and
*AmEx $20 Cashback promo (Credit to Gimli for picking this up)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Can you press a button to save lock footage of an event?

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    • possible stack with amazon amex cashback for some?
    • I assume so, amex cashback shouldn't interfere with Shopback

    • Thanks for the pickup- have updated the post to include this

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      I would wait two more days for eBay's 25% off, would definitely cheaper than this . Finger crossed.

      • don't think so, price will be jacked, also good luck claiming warranty via eBay or feebay

  • When an accident happens, this dashcam has no wifi function, how would you watch the footage?

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      Use the SD card in laptop or phone

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      buy something like this and connect it to your phone, then take the sd card out of the dash cam and plug it in to the reader, this will let you watch it on your phone and/or transfer it to your phone's storage (even upload it to cloud storage if you want)

  • Can we connect rear camera with this one ?

    • No. you can buy 2 though and run them separately. This would give hi res for rear.

  • I know this is a repeated question but how difficult is the installation, is it just plug and play?

    • It comes with a usb plug that can just go into the cigarette lighter adapter. Couldn't be easier.

      The HK3 kit for hard-wiring it takes a bit more effort with fuses etc, but that's not the default.

      • Doesn't that drain the battery? My cigarette lighter is on all the time even when the car is off.

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          That is an interesting characteristic if true. It doesn't turn off when you open a door with the engine off? Or after 10 minutes with no key etc?

          But yes, if you had a car that never turns off the accessory power (which I think all cars do except yours), it would drain the battery.

          • @Kramo: Last time I checked it was on overnight, but can check it again.

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              @jihape: A vehicles accessory power (ciggie lighter) is required to be wired via the ignition barrel. So unless keys are in the car or it's unlocked if keyless…..this shouldn't be a problem.

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    any tips on how to hide the usb/power cable?

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      don't look at them

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      Run them under the trim

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    It’s pretty easy to tuck into the roof lining and then tuck in between pillar and windscreen. U will just see bit of cable where it goes down to the door and then from there tuck into the door rubber and into the footwell. Then I just put in under the floor mat across to the middle and plug in. I have done this on 2 cars. Takes 10mins. While it’s not fully consealed, you really never look at it again

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      this is the easiest version, if you really want to you can remove the A-pillar and thread the cable through there to make it even tidier. takes 40 minutes (having done it across five or six cars), but tidier. and use adhesive cable clips so you run the cable at the back of the front passenger footwell, instead of under the car mat.

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    What is this?

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      Not sure why you're getting downvoted. Surely there's some requirement of submission to actually outline what the item is you're posting…? I had no idea either. You should be able to scroll the frontpage and get an idea of what the item is without following the external link.

      VIOFO A119 V3 2K Dash Cam vs. VIOFO A119 V3…

      • You've been a member for a 11 years and all you have contributed is 1 post during that time. If you don't like the quality of the post, how about you make some instead of just taking from the community.

        Also, how did you not know it's a dashcam? They're not exactly rare anymore.

  • Does this have buffered parking mode?

    • According to the specs it should. I know they removed it on the A129s, but I think the A119 has kept it.

  • Difference to the single camera version of the A129 Plus?

    VIOFO A129 Plus Dash Cam 2K 1440P 60FPS with GPS Wi-Fi, 140° Wide Angle, HDR, Parking Mode, Emergency Recording, Super Capacitor, Motion Detection https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08GG4S2QW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

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    Interested in this unit though it seems to have an internal battery instead of the preferred option of a capacitor.

    • The page states no battery inside and uses capacitor instead

    • This uses capacitor

    • Good lord I am blind. Got spot!

  • How fast would it drain the battery if hardwired?

    • How long is a piece of string…

      • That's a silly question. Electricity use can be calculated.

        • +5

          You can also measure a piece of string…

          But in this case it depends on what settings you have, and even what hardwire kit you use.

  • Thanks OP. Bought for the missus

  • Does anyone know if this could be a straight swap for an A118C2 model? All hard-wiring in place along with the GPS module supplied with the A118 that connects with what looks like a 2.5mm headphone-type jack.

  • +3

    Bought with AMEX deal with cashrewards NOT Shopback (data leaking company).


    • what is the cashback %?

      • Less than Shopback offer. But I know Cashrewards is geniune and has no issues

  • What are people using as SD cards with these please?

    • Been using Sandisk Extreme 32GB for 5 months. Works just fine and surprisingly stores around 2.5hrs footage at [email protected]
      More capacity is better if you do longer drives, want [email protected] footage, or are concerned about wear out from excessive overwriting.

  • I have this dashcam and it's great! The video quality is spot on. However, the GPS module that came with it doesn't work. But that's ok as I'm not too fussed about my speed not being recorded…
    I like the feature of it to start recording when someone walks past or the car is bumped. However, somehwta useless with no rear cam.

    I used Airtasker to find someone local to hardwire it into my car, which cost $80. The person who came also said he could supply a rear camera also, but I didn't opt for that.

    • Great feedback. Did you provide the kit to hardware or was that supplied?

      • Sorry for the late reply, I only saw this now.

        I supplied the dash cam. He had all the gear to wire it in. He also had rear cameras handy to install too.

        • Thanks, that's a good price too

          • @trev likes bargains: No probs. There’s vids on how to hardwire it yourself. But I wasn’t gonna try it, even though I work on cars often.
            There’s people in Airtasker who specifically do dash cam installs.

            • @Pollywaffle: Any chance you Can DM the person who hard-wired your dash cam from airtasker?

              • @danhuh: I’ll see if I can find them. It was a while ago now. It’s the only time I’ve used Airtasker.

    • Thanks for the info! Re: bump detection… I assume this doesn’t work if the car isn’t running/keys in ignition? Or does it? I’m paranoid about running my battery flat haha. So just checking whether this continues to run while the car is off.

      • +1

        This does run while the car is turned off. Once its hardwired, it has a constant source of power (it uses very little power). However I'm sure it can be turned off in the settings.
        From experience, I've had footage of a person walking past my car (camera then starts recording due to the motion sensor) and them stopping and looking into my car. The same would happen if the car were to be bumped.

  • Bought this at $131 yesterday from Amazon! :(

    • return and reorder

  • Has any one bought this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164981572944?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&... and how does it compare to this camera, all I know is Viofo is a big name in the dashcam business.

    • Well for starters, that thing hangs off your windscreen and is not as clean a look compared to the Viofo, which is a cleaner shape tucked against the glass.

      A big benefit is Viofo support is great (for their already reliable cameras), and they consistently provide SW updates.

      Why not go with the cheaper, proven option? There's plenty of video samples on the web.

      • the ebay one is 4k and it has both front and back. to get a 4k in Viofo is around $300 i think.

        • +1

          Oh that's fake 4K, a claim found on a lot of these cheap offbrands. It upscales the footage and usually produces trash results. The camera literally has the exact same Sony IMX335 sensor - the difference is the software processing. Mind you 4K is totally overkill and just uses up more memory, [email protected] is the sweet spot.

          The Viofo really is excellent and proven.

  • Anyone know what the shopback rate would be today? 4% 0%

    • welcome to ozshopback help desk, all our operators are busy right now

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    Now also available with CPL filter included for $134 (CPL is normally ~$27)


    • Thanks mate, missed out on the other deal so I’ve grabbed this one instead. Cheers for the link.

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    This is back in stock BTW, just purchased one

  • I see that these use a mini USB instead of micro. If i have a micro USB to mini adaptor,, would these still power on? My current hardwire kit is micro USB.

    • Just got mine! So wierd with the mini connector!

      • Just tried it with a mini USB to micro, works fine.

  • Can you buy a rear camera separately from viofo or do they come in combo only? Also is the provide 3m tape is heat resistant for Aussie summers?

    • Mine has withstood direct sun in the summer no problem.

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