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Esatto EHPD7 Heat Pump Dryer with Additional 12 Months Warranty $581 Delivered @ Appliances Online


The popular deal from October is back, and at a slightly better price ($619 -> $581)

Listed price is $681 but drops to $581 when you view the cart.

Apply for the extended warranty after purchase via Essato (select "Standard Warranty - Free" in the store unless you want to pay for the Appliances Online thing).

SA residents can apply for a $255 rebate but applications close on the 1st of December! Must be delivered, installed and application submitted before 1st of December!

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    • How often do you have to empty it?

      It can also use a hose to a drain can't it?

      • +1

        Depends on what you're drying. Heavy, dense stuff like jeans will fill it quicker but I usually get 3-4 cycles through before I need to empty it. It's a cassette style tank that slots in where the detergent dispenser would sit on a front loader washing machine. Probably holds 4-5L at rough estimate.

        Yes, you can plumb it in also. The tank is in case you can't, and that has been so helpful since I bought it (put it in a bedroom for a while, now a garage with no drain).

  • this works well, I got it a few months ago

  • We have one and it works great one caveat is its very ,large compared to our past ones .

  • great dryer - been using it for 6 months with at least 2 loads a day - every day!

  • Thanks for posting, picked on up being delivered tomorrow

  • I've only used mine a dozen times but the heat sink (at least that's what it looks like) at the front already has a few fins out of place. Not sure if that'll deteriorate in the long term though. If I could go back in time, I'd pay a bit more and get a bosch instead.

  • +4

    My washing machine is out of action for a month. She's going overseas

  • What’s the energy Star rating on this machine? And how does it compare to Bosch dryer?

  • Oos

    • Oos in Adelaide, other cities may still have stock

  • I see Zip have $80 dollars cashback starting today as well if you scroll down the listing page to "Promotions

    • Appears to be Zip Money only, not Zip Pay if I read correctly. Would have been too good, but then if I pay directly with my credit card I get 1 year extra warranty.

  • Any quick calculations on whether its worth replacing a working and totally fine resistive (old school) drier with a heat pump drier? What kind of payback period would we be looking at? Electricity costs us 16c/kwh and we have a 5kw solar array too.

    • So many factors go into that calculation, but based on the little you've told us:

      That's very cheap electricity. And with the solar array, if you use your own power (assuming you get little to no money for exports), the payback time will be very long, easily a decade if you use the dryer only once or twice a week. In that scenario I'd wait until the old one dies.

      • Thanks mate - yep, I expected as much due to my cheap power. My feed in is 6.7c

        We use our drier for every single load (bad, I know), and for a family of 3 with an EV, our last bill was only $34. I think any gains from here are minimal.

        • Don't feel bad about it. Power companies are glad if you smooth the 'solar peak' by using some of your own power mid-day yourself.

          I went to a seminar by our local power company recently. They were heavily focused on figuring out how to get people to buy electric storage hot water units to be run during the day to get the solar peak reduced. Go figure, 20 years ago they tried to get people to move away from electric hot water, now they encourage it.

          Of course they still recommend heat pump hot water systems as the first choice, but it's a lot cheaper to add some extra solar panels to run a resistive system, than get a heat pump hot water system.

          I've never had a dryer, always just hung on the line outside, but with the current girlfriend the number of loads has gone up too much, she appears to get changed 3 times a day…

          I also have solar, and get 7.135 cents. When buying new this dryer is cheap enough to not go for a regular one, but I wouldn't replace an old one.

          Which EV are you driving? I've got a ZS EV, and love it, best decision ever!

          • +2

            @team teri: Tesla Model 3 - agreed, best decision ever. It blows my mind the amount of negative misinformation out there regarding EVs. Practically every argument against them (range, environment, manufacturing, charge times…etc) is flat out wrong or misconstrued at best.

            Thinking I'll buy a heat pump drier and hot water system once my current ones die. No point until then.

            • @loksmack: Yes, I spend too much time discussing with misinformed people. I believe I have figured out a way to get more genuine information out there though.

              I've submitted a petition to parliament that I hope might get enough traction in the lead up to the election to make a difference. If you don't mind I'll PM you with the details when it goes live for signatures, probably late next week. I'll post in the forums here too (and in several FB groups I'm active). Let's see how much negativity that will attract…

  • +1

    Is $100 cashback specific for appliance online? $620 here:


    • It's not cash back, it's a direct cash discount once you add it to the cart, yo can check whether the same happens at this one. No stock in my area, so I can't check.

      • Yea no $100 discount.

        • +1

          I got it for $520.

          1. Checked the price here https://www.homeclearance.com.au/p/esatto-ehpd7-7kg-heat-pum... ($620 for Vic)
          2. Called 1300 007 500 [Appliances Online number (sorry if it created any confusion)]
          3. Requested them to price match from the website on point 1. They did.
          4. Then requested them to apply the instant cash back. They did. They might say they cannot as only 1 coupon is accepted. Request them to check with their manager. Manager might give them 1 code merged with above 2 codes.
          5. The took the money over the call and processed the order.
          • @BuzzzLightyear: Tried this but they told me that they don’t price match homeclearance as it’s their sister company and it’s a ‘clearance website’. :(

  • Can anyone tell me to which direction the opening of the door? To the left or right? Thank you

    • +1

      Hinge is on the right, the product video on the AO website shows how it opens.

      • Thank you

      • haha didnt even think about that when i ordered but luckily hinge on right is good for me.
        our front loader has hinge on left and its a PITA

  • OOS for my postcode and will not be getting stock until at least end of Dec.

  • Price has now gone up from $619 to $715. Expired already

    • $615 after adding to the cart. Still a good price

  • Decided to order from Home Clearance as it's OOS from AO. With weather like this, I can't really wait until end Dec.

    The extended warranty can be applied manually from Esatto website:


  • +1

    They wouldn't pricematch Home Clearance because of being sister store, but I was able to get them to price it back to $581. Then did the Zip $80 cash back, so $500 total.

  • Rebate received into my bank today.. good times. Probably wont get used until next winter

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