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[Commbank] nbn 25MB/s $46.20, 50MB/s $53.90, 100MB/s $69.30, 250MB/s $83.30 Per Month (for First 24 Months) @ More Telecom


Received this in an email. Also listed under “For you” section on the commbank app.

^ Offer of 30% off a More nbn™ plan for 24 months is for customers who complete the sign up and switch providers by 31/12/2021. This offer is only available to customers who have directly received this communication from CommBank. The 24 months is a promotional period, after this the cost of your plan will revert to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). If you sign up, More will be your service provider for your nbn™ and will handle all technical enquiries, complaints and serving. This offer is subject to the full terms and conditions and eligibility criteria available here on the More Website.

If you are not completely satisfied with your More NBN service, you are free to cancel within the first 14 days and receive a full refund of your plan fee. We will not refund the cost of any modem that you have purchased from us. Modems are yours to keep, are unlocked and can be used with an alternative provider or technology type. For full
details please see our 14-day NBN trial terms and conditions.

Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

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    • Superloop is better than ABB but cheaper could not be more happier

      • Better in what way? I shift between Aussie BB and Superloop, as for performance I find them exactly the same.
        Perhaps better from a price point? I'd agree with that.

        • Superloop speeds to UK, US and Canada Servers are 25% faster than ABB tested from Perth WA
          I am on NBN 50/20 plan & consistently get the full 50Mbs download speeds to UK, US and Canada

          • @utsc: Oh interesting to know, cheers :)

          • @utsc: Hey, im from perth and with ABB, do you think the speed would be a lot less with More? Im paying $109 so dont mind if its only a small change for $40 less a month.

            • @zacsg1: I am on the NBN 50/20 and connected to the Cannington CVC and I consistently get 52/15 and I can't be more happier as I am currently paying $54.95 and after 6 months will pay $69.95

      • +1

        For 1000/50 plans ABB are way better than Superloop. ABB you get 950Mbps 24/7, Superloop drops to 500-600Mbps during peak. This has been well known for a while

        • Thanks for sharing; will keep in mind about the Gigabit plans. How much are you paying for 1000/50?

          Majority in AU are on NBN 50 or 100 and some on 250

          • @utsc: $99/m we’re currently paying. Regular price is $139/m if I’m not mistaken

            • +1

              @antik: Cool - $99 is a very good price for gigabit internet and I would stay put unless the price increased.

  • Got the offer (via Email) - signed up for the 250 speed plan on our HFC - great price for 24 months. Thanks OP!

    • Hi how did you get the offer? I couldn't find it.

      • Email or app

      • Just got an email.
        Also later on it appeared in my Commbank app under "For You" section

  • This promo isn't listed under the app for me. Are you supposed to activate something before you get offered these deals?

  • +1

    how does the switch work, I currently have tpg, do I need to call and cancel or do they do it automatically?

    • +1

      You need to check your plan's contract on how to cancel your service. For example, Exetel requires 30 days notice otherwise they will keep charging you even you've moved to a different provider.

  • Not available for me 😭

  • +1

    Im being offered $77 for NBN50. Given Im paying $70 with SL, I'll resist the non-existent urge to churn. Been a CBA customer since it took over the State Savings Bank of Victoria… (no offer… I must be a newbie)

  • I'm with commbank, how do i find out that I'm targeted. I wouldn't mind 250/50 for $83.30

    • In the app, go to the "For you" section

    • Read the CIS. Upload speed is 25Mbps.

  • +4

    I only just signed up on sunday, made the switch across monday. was working ok till tonight with 2 dropouts within 1 hour.
    spoke to tech support and as i have a third party modem - netgear dm200 they are not interested, working again so line is fine and i should contact netgear to check my hardware.
    Considering superloop and launtel both had no issues with my hardware and i had no dropouts in the over 12 months with them, looks like i may be swapping to someone else.
    shame the discount was good.

    • How much to buy their modem?

  • Are the contention ratios good?

    I did not get invited.

  • Wow! I was also one of the targets of commbank…. Having seen some of the comments about the quality of More NBN, I will change to them then :)

  • Yeah not targeted unfortunately, would be tempting although I am currently grandfathered into the $55 Belong 35/20 plan.

    • I am also not targeted and with Belong on $55pm 35/20 plan which expires mid Dec 2021, not sure what Belong would offer next month! would have been better offer to switch tho :(

      • +1

        My contract expired a few months ago and it has continued at $55 since, but obviously it is a month to month agreement and they can choose to raise it at any point.

        • I am on $55 PM but on 12 month contract, I understood month to month was extra $5? I noticed now they only offer month to month for $60, so not sure if they going to increase price next month for me or keep it at $55?

          • +1

            @huntabargain: they will keep you at $55 on 30mbps package grandfathered. But they don't offer 30mpbs package anymore so new customers can't get it.

            • @koby-k: @huntabargain No they wont, they'll ask him to increase price to $60 for same plan or NBN 25 plan or something like that, They wont offer the same deal to him again

      • Ohh i missed that plan too it was so nice

  • +2

    Thanks, I was targeted. Unsure what speed to apply for. Currently using 50 connection (different provider) and quite happy with the speed. But the price difference for higher speed isn’t that much. Shall I go for 100 or 250 instead (I’m on FTTP at my place)?

    • +2

      Depends if you have the need for speed

      • Makes sense. Existing needs are covered by 50 connection. Curious if 100 or 250 makes that much of a difference in the day to day use?

      • Decided to go with 50, will see what the new provider is like. Comes out to be cheaper than my current one by about $16pm.

        • +1

          Exactly what we did, same speed and pocketed the savings for more OzB goodness!

  • Bugger, didn't get this one, would've liked it

  • Anyone know what speeds they are getting on FTTP thanks NBN 250

  • Seems that superloop doesn’t do pro-rata refund. Has anyone been successful in getting pro-rata refund? My bill period is between 24 Nov - 23 Dec.

  • dang it, target me. i want this deal.

  • I had no offers in the FOR YOU section. Turned off my adblocker (adguard on Android) and a whole heap of offers appeared (but not the NBN).

    • Where did you disable adblocker? I have Samsung S10

    • I don't even run my cba app through adguard even tried turning it off and still nothing

  • Nothing for me

  • does it come with landline?

  • Their site cannot find my address. They do not provide uploads speed. My iiNet is soon downgrading the Upload speed from 40 to 20 Mb/s for the same money (as More).
    Their Mobile plans do not have 5G (the future). If you cancel the 24 mth plan you pay termination fee.
    No matter where you go they want money & I doubt they have appropriate services.
    Is it worth changing? The biggest problem is email redirection. I have some non-Google emails that are inconvenient to change easily.
    Any experience/guide?

  • Told Aussie Broadband that I was offered this deal, their response: "im sorry we do not have any current promotions for the NBN for our existing customers im sorry".

    Guess I'm switching!

  • Finally a deal to change from my Optus 100Mbps for $80 to 250Mbps for $83.30. Thanks!

  • +1

    Anyone recommend a good provider of Fixed Wireless NBN?
    Superloop say they don't do it. I'm on tangerine but they are upping my $ for faster speed (that I can't achieve since my tower is congested) so is rather pay less and stay on 25/5 than pay more and get no benefit

    • Anyone recommend a good provider of Fixed Wireless NBN?

      'Good' will depend heavily on your location since it's wireless. 5G would the first option if you can get it.

      • +1

        Think it's highly unlikely anywhere on fixed wireless has 5g coverage, but you never know

  • Can't seem to find any offers, using the android application. Seems like targeted IOS devices maybe..?

  • Received email two weeks ago. Switched. Seems okay at the moment on FTTP. Didn't notice much difference compare with my previous provider Tangerine, Superloop and Aussie Broadband.

  • Mine only have FTTC. How is this compares to FTTN?

  • Did not even know CBA did these 'little birdie' offers until today.

  • Wondering if this is targeted based on location?
    Maybe a pilot group in one area for a new provider to cut their teeth on (I've never heard of More are they new)?

  • So I got the offer via the app (but didn't receive the email). I clicked on the link, it auto populated the code. The next step was to put my address in. Did that… and nothing. The address search clearly didn't work with the phone browser.

    So I exited and jumped on a computer to sign up, but the code doesn't work. You need to enter the sign up process through the unique link they send you. And now that link doesn't even work on the phone. It's like it thinks that the code/link has been used.

    Called their help line and they basically told me that there is nothing that they can do.

  • -1

    Any other way of obtaining a similar deal without being a commbank customer? I have been using tpg for a while now and lately the service has been quite pathetic.

    • Probably with the 6 month promos companies are offering, but I think you need to byo modem.

  • Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

  • If only they offered 1000/50 to FTTP…

  • For those on it rn, how's the latency on asian sites?


    123 ping with superloop for example.

    • Just moved to More 100/20 from Superloop 100/40 this morning for a $20/month saving. This is what I'm getting…

      Pinging game.granbluefantasy.jp [] with 32 bytes of data:
      Reply from bytes=32 time=219ms TTL=243
      Reply from bytes=32 time=219ms TTL=243
      Reply from bytes=32 time=219ms TTL=243
      Reply from bytes=32 time=219ms TTL=243

      Ping statistics for
      Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
      Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
      Minimum = 219ms, Maximum = 219ms, Average = 219ms

      • Looks like it's pretty bad routing for japan :c

        Thanks anyway!

      • Shame you didnt take results from before as well to compare

        • Pinging game.granbluefantasy.jp [] with 32 bytes of data:
          Reply from bytes=32 time=133ms TTL=245
          Reply from bytes=32 time=128ms TTL=245
          Reply from bytes=32 time=125ms TTL=245
          Reply from bytes=32 time=136ms TTL=245

          Ping statistics for
          Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
          Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
          Minimum = 125ms, Maximum = 136ms, Average = 130ms

          I was asking since im in superloop, but yeah More routing seems similar to what i had with ABB

  • Haha horde of ozbargainers asking for code. I didn't get offered neither

  • +1

    I only just got the email a few mins ago. Must be dropping email in waves.

  • I managed to acquire a code but can’t see where to enter it on website. Is there a specific url that you need to go to??


    • Select the plan you're after and there should be a promo code box at the end before clicking through to sign up. At least that's where it was for me.

  • I never received any "Targeted" offer from CommBank ever, I've been a customer for nearly 20 years. Do you have to have a credit card with them? I only have Debit Mastercard with them.

    • I dont have a credit card but got the offer, then again i almost never get any of there "good" offers that people post about.

  • Their recommendation is to buy their pre-configured modem kills the deal for me and since I am on FTTN, google mesh isnt an option for the modem either.

  • I'm currently with Telstra and have their Smart Modem Gen 2 modem.
    Can I figure this to work for More?

    I read this similar option to use the modem for "Mates" internet, so it seemed like it would

  • No 100/40 plan?

  • +2

    Just moved to More 100/20 from Superloop 100/40 this morning for a $20/month saving. I'm getting 94Mbps download and 18Mbps upload on Friday midnight. Werribee exchange.

  • +1

    Do you know if you want to change plan during the 24 months, do you still get the discount?

    • This is what I want to know. Would like to try their slowest plan but don't want to be stuck with it if it's not fast enough for my needs.

      • +2

        I’ll try to call on Monday and report back here. Was on chat but never got an answer, agent kept saying no fee to change plan but never confirmed about the discount.

      • +3

        Spoke to Sales team, he said code will be attached to your account so we can change plan and retain the discount for the 24 months

        • Excellent, thank you!

  • If you sign up do you have to pay for modem upfront.

    • You can BYO modem

  • "Plus, get a bonus Google Nest Hub 2nd gen (valued at RRP $149) & 3 months free YouTube premium subscription (valued at $35) when you purchase a Google Nest Wifi product."

    That's not true! Nest Hub 2nd gen is ~ $79! https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/google-nest-hub-2nd-gen-s...

    • valued at RRP $149

  • Anyone using this with a Unifi Dream Machine?

  • +1

    Signed up. Speed is well below what was advertised, getting 30-40 down on a 100 down plan. Came off 800 down on Aussie BB superfast, so pretty sure it's not an issue on my end.

    Possibly just another oversold network..

    • What about today? Fixed yet?

      • +2

        After some time on the phone, they managed to figure out that they ordered 50/20 for me rather than 100/40 per the plan I signed up to. Apparently it was a 'mistake'… but I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing the same to lots of people signing up via this offer.

        They say they have fixed it but I am yet to see the speed change.

  • is the 205mb = TPG 200mb or 250 mb?

    I am with TPG 200mb and typically getting 270mb..

    What will i get if i sign up for 205mb? will i get faster result??

    • Unlikely, you can try though.
      They might also be giving you nbn250 for 6 months promotion they have given out before.

  • +1

    Just some feedback:

    Ordered last Friday @ 6pm.- Said 1-3 Working Days to Activate
    Internet 'dropped out' at 9:45pm
    Got SMS saying Order Complete at 9:47pm
    Entered new login details to Router (Telstra Smart Gen 2)
    9:48pm - Did Speed Test 262/18.5

    No issues so far and no dropouts noted.


  • Signed up 1.30pm today and ready at 3.50pm for 100/20 plan @ Perth. Speedtest show 86/18.

    Before I have 50 plan. Normally get around 55.

  • What's pros and cons to have a static IP from an Internet provider?

  • +2

    Picked 200 plan and transferred in an hour.
    Get 260/18 at 8:30pm
    Caulfield CVC
    So far so good

  • Got the 250 plan using Netgear Nighthawk 8 Stream AX6000 getting speeds up 266Mbps and upload at 15Mbps all day long great so far been a week


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