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Dell XPS 13 9310 2-in-1 Laptop i7-1165G7 16GB 512GB SSD FHD+ $1499 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Original Coupon Deal this links to original deal, looks like they udpated a few more offers today for black friday

FHD Version
UHD 4K Version $1799

some new gaming desktop as well under Alienware Aurora i5 with 3080Ti FHR version at $2899 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334231885175

Happy Black Friday

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • I'm hoping for a deal on the clamshell

    • The 9305 and 9700 models are also included in the sale. Prices don't seem that spectacular to me though.

    • Any time frame on when we getting the windows 11 update for XPS?

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    Wow this is a good price

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    Very good price. Bought for $1999 (UHD) a week ago. Now on the blower with Dell eBay to see if I can get the $200 refunded.

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      Let us know how you go!

      • Still haven't heard anything so buying again and returning the other one. Frustrating but meh, thems the breaks.

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          UPDATE -

          Dell, quite late (and past their 6pm close time), just refunded me $200 and with an ebay email confirmation (need to check your messages):


          Thank you for reaching out to us.

          We've checked with our Head Office and we can process a partial refund for the price difference instead of cancelling your order. Below are the details :

          AU $2,499.00 , 20% discount = AU $1,999.20
          AU $2,248.75 , 20% discount = AU $1,799.00
          Price difference = $200.20

          We've processed the partial refund in this and this should complete shortly within the day. The partial refund will be processed back in the same form of payment. Let us know if you have further queries.

          Kind regards,

          I now have to try and cancel the second order but hey, happy days!

          If you purchased last week and have been caught out, email them via eBay Dell store and politely ask :)

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            @Willowtea: Thanks mate, you're a champ! I did the same and also got a reply saying they will give a partial refund!

    • After a week are you happy with it?
      I need to upgrade my Zenbook and have been fairly loyal to ASUS but at the end of the day I am just after the best performing lightweight ~14 inch laptop in the $1,500 to $2,000 range.

      • Literally rocked up this afternoon and can't open it as have to ship it back to get the refund.

        But I'm buying the same again for cheaper so yes I'm happy? :)

        • Fair enough … but thanks for the response. Did you have an XPS previously?

        • Did they approve the refund with no re-stocking fee?

          • @auswill: Haven't got that far but restocking fees aren't in their ebay policy.

            No, haven't had XPS before but had Dell laptops. Never an issue.

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              @Willowtea: I have had xps 13 for a year and its good. Recently updated to Windows 11. Only that I paid $2300 for it but wotk paid for it so… 🤷‍♂️

      • Just bought a zenbook UX425EA for $1400. Love it, highly recommend.

      • +4

        Incredible laptop, especially for this price. I ordered one in the last 20% off sale and couldn't be happier. Personally don't need the touchscreen or 2 in 1, but it was the most cost efficient for me.

        Hard to fault the device so far, its battery life is unbelievably good, even when light gaming (runs league of legends, Hearthstone, overwatch [though at about 45FPS])

        The screen is stunning, whilst it's not high refresh rate, or super high def, for this size you don't really notice it. the blacks are black and the peak brightness is very bright.

        Keyboard is very responsive and has a great click to it, large trackpad is fantastic and palm rejection is good.

        Fans can ramp up when using a bunch of chrome tabs/gaming, but generally not noticable.

        Historically I've had great service from Dell, however I've seen others have been hit and miss.

        Best of all it is incredibly light and sleek.

        The biggest downfall that is hard to avoid is that it has no USB-A ports. However it does come with a simple 1:1 USB C - USB A adaptor

        Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions.

  • This or Macbook Air ?

    • +8

      Which OS do you prefer? Otherwise its just a MAC vs Windows convo.

    • Is there much performance difference though? M1 Air is about $1340 on Amazon and ~1280 with 4% gift cards.

    • This is 2 in 1 inc. touch & has Thunderbolt 4 & other more advanced features.
      Not as good for battery but more powerful charger, if that is essential.
      "If you want laptop for editing or any office works then Dell’s XPS 9310 will be better. If you’re student or you want to use the laptop mostly outdoors & for long time then Apple Macbook Air will be one for you."

      • why did you mention about outdoor, cause it have better screen?

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    I don't think there is a FHR version of 3080Ti?

  • Omg! I thought the 1799 I paid on Sunday was as good as it gets :-(

    • FYI, today it be around $1400 with extra cash back ;)

      • Note: Cashback is ineligible if discount coupons or promo codes are applied to any transaction

  • Not to be mistaken for a gaming rig as you might be hit with 20 fps games.

    • thunderbolt 4 to external GPU?

      • if ur gonna spend 1.5k then another 1k then might as well find something for 2.5k that does both Especially since laptops are bought to be portable.

    • +1

      This isn't intending for gaming. Adding a gaming gpu to productivity latpops makes no sense as it makes them much bulkier due to thermal contranstraints and is also much less efficient and therefore has worse battery life.
      Believe it or not computers are used for other things then just games.

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    some new gaming desktop as well under Alienware Aurora i5 with 3080Ti FHR version at $2899 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334231885175

    i thought there is no such thing as a FHR 3080ti, even the founder edition are HR limited

  • Estimated between Wed. 29 Dec. and Thu. 6 Jan
    Are these dates from Dell usually accurate?

    • +1

      ya, usually later then what they quote :(

    • I ordered one last week and it just arrived.

    • +1

      Have ordered from Dell 3 times, all 3 times they had a very delayed ETA, 2/3 times it came within a week or 2. The third however did take a couple of months.

    • +1

      I have always received things earlier than those dates, just my experience. I always felt like they were playing it safe giving long delivery dates.
      Ordered 2 things from Dell last week. Got quoted 8 weeks and 12 weeks. The 12 week item arrived on Tuesday. 🤷

    • I got mine delivered today, yay

  • Dame! I would pull the trigger if Dell oem gpu doesn’t come with crappy cooler which means lower value on the marketplace

  • +1

    Does anyone know if this has touchscreen?

    • +1

      Literally says 2-in-1

    • +2

      Yes touchscreen. "13.4" 16:10 FHD+ WLED Touch Display (1920 x 1200)"

      • +2

        thank you! I was overthinking it because I couldn't find it on the description, but common sense that its a 2-in-1 that it would be touchscreen, thanks to you both

  • This or the Surface Laptop 4?

    For a school teacher - most taxing things they would be using it for is recording and editing educational videos using Movie Maker and some spreadsheet work.

    • +3

      As a school teacher, I'll note the following:

      Surface L4 would be slimmer and lighter
      If you're looking at the i7, Dell offers better value

      However, I personally wouldn't buy the Surface L4 for the sole reason of that carpet keyboard! Have you seen how grotty teachers are? Let alone students?! yuck

      • +2

        Thank you. Yeah I agree about the keyboard. Sister has an older Surface Laptop and the keyboard has turned an ugly shade in 3 years despite cleaning.

        Pulling the trigger on this - with discounted gift cards it comes to $1455.

      • If you get surface laptop for business you don't have to get the carpet keyboard. I have one and it is just metal. Did take six months for the 32g model to arrive though

  • Any chance the prices would go down further during the Christmas / New Year period or is this the best price? I have been watching this laptop for my daughter who goes to high school next year.

    • Had the same thoughts and it was why we bought last week. Personally, I wouldn't wait until Xmas. If past is prologue, their previous Xmas sales haven't been better and you run the risk of eating into school/set up time

    • Black Friday/Cyber Monday has been better the past 2-3 years for laptops.

  • Is it possible to add more RAM?

    • +3

      No, ram is soldered

      • The XPS 13 2 in 1 has soldered ram and SSD. Choose wisely. I believe the colour accuracy and gamut of the screen is also not as good as the regular XPS13

    • -1

      Of course you can get more RAM.

  • What's the returns policy like with Dell eBay? Can we buy it and return it if not happy?

    • Dell's eBay return is different - 30 days, they pay for the return. The information is located at the bottom of the eBay post.

  • Keep in mind the 4k model is not the updated OLED model released earlier this year around June that you see in some YouTube reviews.

    • +2

      I have the 4k model of the previous generation of XPS 13 (I'm using it to type this, but on an external monitor via a 3070 eGPU in a Razer Core X Chroma). If I was doing it again, I'd just get the FHD model because there's not much point to having 4k on a 13" in normal daily use. Windows is all upsized so that you can actually read text. There's no trouble driving any resolution of external monitor when you need the extra resolution/real estate.

      • +1

        Agreed, bought the 2017 4k model and all it does is shorten the battery life, not worth to get it in such a small form factor

        • It depends what you are after.

          The OLED model has much better response times. 2.2ms vs 50ms+ for the 4k and FHD models.

          The colours are better on the 4k than on the FHD, with the OLED model being better than either.

          This review compares all three models: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Dell-XPS-13-9310-OLED-Laptop-R...

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    that's really good deal, and remember to ask for warranty upgrade (of coz you needa pay for that, but worth it).

    • How quick do they respond? I just asked 30 mins ago and no answer yet. It will probably sell out by the time they get back to me.

      • I tried before, which is not at this busiest blackfriday moment. It takes them 1 business day to reply. good luck, mate.

  • can you claim gst (considering travelling in the next 60 days) on ebay dell? is the tax invoice provided sufficient?

    • I did this 2years ago, but you need to have the physical product with you in my case they asked me to show the box, lucky I had it, not sure what are the changes now.

  • Looking for a new laptop for photo editing (mainly LR, very occasionally PS) - this, or is the extra $$ for the XPS15 worth it?

    • +1

      Get a macbook m1, it is MUCH faster in lightroom than any windows Intel laptop. I have an M1 macbook pro and an Xps 9510 15 and lightroom is still much faster on an M1 mac. It seems to be work faster on Windows if you lower the screen resolution so on the Xps 13 FHD screen it may perform fine

      • Absolutely, M1 is so far ahead of the x86 offerings regarding performance per watt, it's not even a contest.

        *Downvoted accidently

  • +1

    I'd prefer a non 2-in-1 model, as mentioned earlier, refurb if you want this price point. They also have a nicer bezel. I have both and there is a pretty noticeable difference.

    • non 2-in-1 better quality?

  • +1

    Just bought one FHD version. im happy

  • I bought Inspiron 15 7506 2-in-1 Laptop 11th Gen i7-1165G7 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Win11 for $1299 from ebay. It's not shipped yet. Does anyone know if I can get refund before stock dispatched? I would like to order these one instead.

  • What do you guys think about this vs the ipad pro 4G 12.9?
    I'm mainly looking for a device for watching videos, however the pro has microsim function for mobile internet which this doesn't…

    • Ipad pro if your main use is watching videos and you don't actually need a computer

    • iPad pro isn't a computer. A friend of mine got talked into getting one instead of a laptop and has found the OS frequently limits him. Get the laptop instead, I reckon you'll have any instances where you wish you had it instead. Or just get an entry level M1 Air.

    • I teach IT for a living and none of the online exams work on iOS or Android, so people have $1,200 ipads they can't use.

  • anyone know if they've fixed the overheating issues / noisy fan with this version?

    • Yes firmware upgrades a few months ago.

    • I guess may be yes.. no?


  • Oh well, I've always wanted one, been waiting for Dell to offer 16GB instead of 8GB at a reasonable price, can't pass this deal. Thanks for posting!

  • How much is the exact weight - "Weight: starting at 1.32 kg"?
    Deciding between Surface Pro and this one? Any suggestion?

  • Really considering buying this for the wife as she desperately needs a new laptop! Haha my budget was around 1k though, although not sure if I would find something similar with similar specs and also being a 2-in-1 for around the same price?

    • +3

      You will likely get 50%+ longitivity with this product over a $1000 offering.

      • Yep good point, pulled the trigger!

  • Another question. There is another XPS 13 for sale on the site. It is non-touch, non UHD - which I prefer but if the price was right.

    Normal price $2,098, with the discount it goes down to $1,679. Apart from the screen and this one has Windows 11 (compared to the 2-in1 being Windows 10) then all other specs are the same.
    This same laptop is available on the Dell website where you can apply an additonal 5% discount plus next day delivery.

    Does this mean that the laptop advertised here (originally over $3k) is such a really good special? You are getting a better laptop for a cheaper price?

    • Ignoring the Windows 11 as they all get free upgrades, it seems for that model, the Dell website is cheaper with the extra code.

      As there's multiple combos and multiple codes running, the deals will be subjective based on need

  • This or Lenovo X1 Yoga Gen 6 14" Convertible Touch Notebook - Core i5, 16GB, 512GB?

    • +1

      I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Gen 6 not long ago for approx $2200 with education store discount. I'm getting this Dell for my partner- it's the same spec for $700 less…

      I'd recommend just getting the FHD model as the Yoga also only has FHD for similar spec @ $2,200.edu disc.

      • I'm in the same boat - regardless of price, is the xps or x1 better?

        Which has better build quality / durability?


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