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eBay 7% Cashback (Uncapped, No Codes) @ Cashrewards


It's been a while since we've had a good cashback increase at eBay on everything so I spoke to TA and Cashrewards have this increase tomorrow on Friday from 12pm-2pm AEDT.

Applies on all categories except those in the terms below and as an added bonus the cashback is uncapped too!

Please ensure you read the cashback terms below.

Note: Cashback is ineligible if discount coupons or promo codes are applied to any transaction.

Until further notice, cashback on eBay AU is available only when shopping via a desktop browser or the Cashrewards app. Cashback is ineligible if shopping via a mobile browser or the eBay app.

Cashback is eligible on purchases paid with gift cards, but ineligible on purchases paid with eBay credits (in part or full).

Cashback is ineligible on purchase of Gift Cards, Vouchers, Stamps, Tickets, Coins, Money, Gold Bullion, Cars, Motorbikes, Boats, eBay Motors, Travel, Services, Non-Profit, Charity, Real Estate, eBay Plus Subscriptions.

Cashback is ineligible on auctions won with bid sniping tools.

If anything within your cart is unpaid, cancelled, changed or returned, cashback for the entire cart will be declined.

Do not click on advertising banners or sponsored links on the eBay website - this may result in not earning cashback.

You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

Sales values are calculated based on currency conversions provided by eBay. Cashback is based upon these reported values.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4390)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • nice, and better than SB offering.

  • Any flat 15% off from ebay tomorrow?

    • +6

      The removed deal before was selected sellers.

    • +1

      My "sources" say yes, 15% off Sitewide.

      • +1

        when do these usually start? Midnight?

        • Normally 7AM

      • if that's ture, makes this 7% cashback become nothing.

      • How solid are your sources?

        • Voices in my head…😯, they've been right before.

      • +1

        can't see anything about this? Maybe your "sources" are wrong.

  • +5

    was hoping for Amazon…

    • +2

      Same lmao

  • Is it faster settlement with cash rewards max?

  • +4

    hmm do I try and grab an LG C1 with this instead of the 5% off tomorrow just for that bit extra?

    • +6

      i'd prefer a guaranteed 5% off right now than pay the total amount and get an extra 2% back after 2 months. with cashback, there's always a small probability of it not tracking or other issues.

  • +2

    What’s TA phone number? Didn’t know you can call him to ask for discount

    • +9

      1800 TIGHTARSE

      • +1

        Free call ?

        • +2

          1900 TIGHTARSE was already taken by another business

    • +1

      0055 CASH BACK

  • +1

    Ugh 12-2. Why sooo short.

    • At least this is a more user-friendly 12-2, the other is in the middle of the night…

      • Haha yeah midnight wtf

  • -2

    I'm still using SocialGood - has worked with all coupons so far and all categories except giftcards thankfully so has served me well. I don't miss the days of wondering if it will be honored because of a coupon code that's for sure.

  • +2

    " no coupons"

  • +2

    Surely theyre not going to honor $100k cars

    • +3

      Cashback is ineligible on purchase of Gift Cards, Vouchers, Stamps, Tickets, Coins, Money, Gold Bullion, Cars, Motorbikes, Boats, eBay Motors, Travel, Services, Non-Profit, Charity, Real Estate, eBay Plus Subscriptions.

      • +4

        I would what it would be like to buy a house through ebay and getting 7%

        • Lol

  • +3

    Amazon please

  • +1

    Waiting for TA tomorrow.

  • +1

    No codes? then we cant use afterpay or dell 20% offer?

    • Nope. Single day vouchers void one of my bonuses.

  • +2

    these two hour time limits are killing me

  • This wouldn't work with the 20 25% discounts tomorrow right?

  • A seller has sent me a special offer on an item that I added to my watch list, if I check out tomorrow between these times does that mean I will get 7% cashback on it? Or does that count as a code?

    • +1

      This counts as “full price”.

      • Awesome

  • So buy the gift card over at SB at midnight and use it on CR :)

  • Is it eligible for iphone ???

  • +5

    Good thing about CashRewards is,
    many of their deals work through the browser
    and not forcing anyone to use the App :-)

  • I really wish you hadn’t said all categories in title. I think the title is deceptive tbh. If there wasn’t room then maybe you could have clarified in absolute first sentence. Some people may rely on the title. Just my thoughts.

    • +2

      Or perhaps it was a mistake? Fixed.

  • great

  • Great deal thanks!

  • Uuum no codes

  • Excellent, I can stock up on the Joonya wipes!

  • Does this still provide cashback for orders that are paid for with cash on delivery?

  • +4

    Shopback had upped their deal from 5% to now 8% cashback:


    • Sounds like they were holding out on everyone. An extra 1% for a $30 cap though at 12-2am when there's less people online. Unlike this uncapped deal.

      • Or maybe holding out to see what CR would do :)

        • They already have the better deal.

    • ineligible on purchases paid with eBay credits (in part or full).

    So basically it means I cant pay with the $10 ebay plus voucher?

    • I thought this $10 voucher will be issued on 17 Dec ?

      • I have one issued from before expiring on 27/11 and I am running out of time…

  • FYI, there's currently an 8% $30 cap via SB until 2am.

    didn't see the posts above :)

  • +1

    If I sent out a best offer and the seller accepts this and I check out within 12-2pm. This counts? Or does he need to change his listing price?

  • +1

    Meh. Doesn't stack with codes. Waste of time with a short window finding over priced crud off eBay with measly 7%.

    • Agree .
      Most of my Ebay purchases is 1) Seller discount 2) Code 3) Gift Cards

  • I've been holding out for a 83" OLED.. looks like they all been removed from Ebay. Doh!

    • I am planning to get 83" OLED today too at midday.

      https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124947671219 This is still there. Works out to be around $6300 including delivery with the cashback.

      • Thanks.

        Very odd. I searched OLED83C1PTA via the mobile app a few minutes ago and the listing wasn't there.

        Searched again using the saved history search and the same add appeared.

        • Yeah I was looking at them last night one one pc. Searched this morning on another pc and couldn't find. Went back to my other pc, fortunately still had it open there. Weird, but looks like it's good. The Bing Lee Listing is also there but it's showing out of stock. In my case, they wouldn't deliver to me anyway.

          And if we can't use discount coupons as well as the cashback, well then the cost is more like $6560. My bad.

          • @OzLocutus: I believe you can stack the cash back with the $300 eBay plus promo.

            The $300 promo is based on membership, not a promo code.

            I guess we'll find out in 2 hours :)

            • @JimB: Pulled the trigger.

              • @OzLocutus: Hey, did the ebay plus $300 promo disappear for you?

                • @JimB: Honestly I have eBay Plus and never saw that promo. Other than you mentioning it I haven't seen anything about it.

                  • @OzLocutus: so what price did you pay?

                  • @OzLocutus: in the mobile browser, I see the $300 ebay plus promo (no 7% cash rewards), in the PC browser- no $300 ebay plus

                    • @JimB: Well, I paid $7,050 inc delivery but after cashback expecting the total to be $6,560 if my math is right.

                      There is the 20% eBay Plus promo up to $300, but that does require using a code as par as I can see.

                      • @OzLocutus: @jimb the OP says

                        "Until further notice, cashback on eBay AU is available only when shopping via a desktop browser or the Cashrewards app. Cashback is ineligible if shopping via a mobile browser or the eBay app".

                        So you shouldn't be using the mobile browser if you want the 7% cashback.

                        • +1

                          @OzLocutus: Yes, I'm aware you can't use the mobile browser (see my comment).

                          Anyway, I've also pulled the trigger. Delivery in 2 weeks :)

                          • @JimB: I got $21.40 cashback it says. That's not even 2%, let alone 7%. ARGHHHH!

                            Going to see if I can cancel and use ebay code.

                            • @OzLocutus: Lucky me, I got $0.30 more than you! Haha

                              Don't cancel, I'm sure it will be fixed by Monday.

                              See Tightarse's comment.

                              I've never had any issues like this before.

                              The good news is that it has tracked and we can confirm the time of the transaction and that no codes where used so can always be manually fixed.

                              It's another issue if it wasn't tracked whatsoever.

                            • @OzLocutus: My CR got fixed- $493.54

                              Check your CR account yet?

                              • +1

                                @JimB: FYI mine was fixed correctly today too 👍

  • so if you use any of the black friday codes you wont get the cashback approved?

    • It eBay not allowing it. Not the cashback sites. No code has been approved by eBay.

      • Does it matter ?
        Its a useless deal .

  • +1

    doesnt seem that good a deal if cannot be stacked with BF codes. Presumably many will not realise

    • eBay 7% Cashback (Uncapped, No Codes) @ Cashrewards

      Should have gone to Specsavers.

      • +1

        Which makes it pretty redundant for most people

      • I appreciate it. A few things of interest weren't eligible for codes anyway. I do wonder though how long before this shows up? I used the app searched the item and purchased but I' not seeing anything in inbox or app to show tracking.

        Do ebay gift cards count as codes?

        • +1

          Do ebay gift cards count as codes?


  • +1

    I have in mind to buy coffee machine listed for ~$2700, with ebay code get 5%, with this offer get CR 7%, don't think I would take the risk of not getting approved for the sake of few $$ and waiting couple of month to get paid!! any thoughts.

    • haven't had a problem with ebay tracking with CR. just go the 7%! help the aussie business too…

  • It looks like the transactions aren't appearing on the Cashrewards site.

    • should be in click history,
      Need to wait for affiliate details to be sent from ebay to CR for processing.

  • Clicking through the Cash Rewards website shows 7%, but the Cashback extension shows 2%. Will there be an issue with the 7% tracking?

    • Just go through the website instead of the extension.

  • Just bought Dyson V10+ Absolute using 7%. Had $50 coupon via eBay plus but the 7% cashback was more. Hoping the dyson doesn't go down more on Cyber Monday!

    Waiting for email confirmation that the discount was tracked through…

  • any good microsd card deal? seems weird nothing came up on ozb this year

  • Has anyone got their purchase tracked? Can take up to 7 days right?

    • +1

      hi badmitz,
      eBay reports sales to us anywhere from 1-4 days after purchase. Unfortunately tracking is not as fast as other stores.

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