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[Afterpay] PlayStation Plus 12 Months Subscription Code $33.30 @ JB Hi-Fi via First Afterpay Payment


Thought this was worth sharing as it's a great use of the Afterpay discount, full credit to Pegadeals for the find.

As always, enjoy :)

[Afterpay] $20 off $50 Spend on First Purchase Using Afterpay @ JB Hi-Fi

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • What a great price!

  • +1

    How many years can you stack?

    • +2

      Three years.

      • +1

        I think more than 3 years as mine is till 2025 :P

      • +1

        I'm now stacked till 2026…

      • mine expires October 2025, so definitely can stack more than 3 years

      • sorry for the noob question, how do you stack it? JB only lets me put one in my cart

        • Get your moms to buy one with their afterpay account

    • 3 from memory

    • how do you stack years?

      • +1

        Jenga style

      • +2

        Stacking refers to someone already had an active membership (PSN Plus) that had say for instance 2 years to go and they purchased another year and now their membership runs out in 3 years.

        • +1

          Is it possible to have two or more people buy these, then have them stack on the same PS account? Families like wife/dad, adult children could multi-buy and stack right?

  • best deal ever

  • Anyone can confirm it works as guest?

    • Yes, just purchased one as guest

    • Doesn't work for me

      • Only works if you’ve never used your Afterpay account at JB.

  • I don't think this will work .. check the comments in the deal from the bottom link

  • +1

    Logged in, paid using after pay and discount applied. This is a crazy deal, but i don’t think it will last long so giddy up guys!

  • +2

    Does the code have an expiry date? Don't have a PS5 yet.

    • +3

      Lol, this deal will force you to get a PS5 ;)

    • Wondering the same thing. Already have a US PSN stacked up for a few years. Is there an expiry on these?

    • +2

      Just got my code and in the terms it says it doesn't:

      1. Sign into PlayStation Network
      or create an account at
      2. Go to 'Redeem Codes' on
      PlayStation Store and enter the
      12-digit voucher code.
      Voucher Code Issuer: Sony
      Interactive Entertainment
      Network Europe Ltd (company no:
      06020283), 10 Great Marlborough
      St, London, W1F 7LP, UK. Full
      terms apply at
      This card does not expire"

      • Cheers bud! 🍺

  • Worked for me - the discount is on afterpay’s end.

  • Cheapest ever I believe?? Couldnt pass it up haha OP you legend, stacked another year :)

  • Worked for me.

  • +1

    Colour me stupid but how do I get the discount? Am checking out as guest and clicking the Afterpay option but I still have the full 53.30 showing as the price?

    • Same result for me - chose Afterpay but when I logged into my account it showed the full price

    • Discount is on Afterpay page upon checking out. It will automatically deduct $20 from the sale price, no codes needed.

      • Sadly I see no discount on the Afterpay page and if I click any further I'll have enacted the 53.30 transaction. Tried a bunch of different guest accounts on JB.

        • +2

          Discount is dependent on the Afterpay account, not JB's. So there is a big chance you might have used Afterpay from a previous purchase at JB

    • Discount shows on afterpay.

      • Only works if you’ve never used your Afterpay account at JB.

  • Do I need to create an afterpay account first or can I create during checkout to get the discount?

    • Can confirm you can sign up through checkout. Discount applied on after pay end. Job still registers originally price when you return

    • During the checking out

  • Wowwww this is amazing! Got one too

  • Worked and applied. Thank you

  • Did not work, afterpay total charge is 53.30

    • Only works if you’ve never used your Afterpay account at JB.

      • Doh! Used it for a drone a while back.

  • Is it jb guest account or afterpay guest account? Did not work for me

    • Guest checkout at JB's page. Only reason I could think of if it did not work is you may have used Afterpay before to make a purchase from JB.

      • Yes I think I have used AP before

    • did not work for me need a new afterpay account i guess

  • Thanks it worked for me

  • Didn't work for me. New account - guess that's why.

  • Can this work with preorder PS5 games using the guest checkout method?

  • Worked for me, first purchase done at JBH using APT. Discount shows after you sign in to APT via the checkout.

  • Got one, awesome price!!

  • Great deal thanks doweyy!

  • Done! Fan-bloody-tastic!

  • Thanks OP. Great deal.

  • didnt work for me…

    • +1

      Only works if you’ve never used your Afterpay account at JB.

  • Worked for me. Thanks!

  • Worked fine for me

  • Great deal. Thanks OP

  • I just signed in with my afterpay and I got the $20 discount no guest account needed

  • Worked for me, great deal!!

  • doesnt work on 2nd try with same afterpay account, but even 1 is crazy good so thanks op

  • Thanks OP mine worked, after pay applied the further $20 discount.
    was about to buy one for $53 a few hrs ago

    • Yeah same was buying it from Amazon this afternoon but my $5 bonus from the $75 gift card thing hadn’t come through so I waited. For once my hesitancy worked for me

  • Not working for me either, guess it’s for first afterpay jb purchase only

    • +3

      Literally what the description says….

      • Op also say in the description “should work for anyone with an Afterpay account in guest checkout I believe” before he cross that out

  • I wish it didn’t have to go through afterpay!

  • I was able to purchase and get the discount but I haven’t received anything yet. How long does it take to receive the code ?

    • I got mine within a few mins of purchasing. Check your spam box?

      • Thanks for replying, I haven’t received anything at all but I have a copy of the receipt on my JB acct. website says up to 3 hrs, have also submitted an inquiry while I wait.

        • I have received my code. Took about 20 mins

  • +1

    Didn't work for me…. And went through the whole process to get it…. Yayyyyyy…….. full price membership lol

  • Can I buy this now and hold it off till I actually get to buy a PS5?

    • You sure can activate it at a later date.

    • Also can activate now and still geting monthly games.

  • +1

    Worked and received code already via email
    What's the expiry on these ??

  • Sweet As, Cheers for that!

  • so im guessing pay via afterpay and pay 33.30 instead of 53.30 is there certain code to type at checkout of Afterpay

    • Code is applied on checkout after you put in afterpay payment details.
      EDIT: as in didn't have to put in code it was applied automatically

      • thanks for the reply will it be automatically applied correctly

        • Yeah if you don't see $20 discount before you submit payment then something is up.

  • A+ deal OP, well done.

  • Worked, and this is an awersome deal. thanks OP

  • Thanks, worked for me

  • Not working for me. Used different emails as guest. I have used Afterpay before with JB.

    • Same here, looks like it's only applicable if you haven't used Afterpay at JB before, rather than for your first purchase in this promotion.

      Easy come, easy go

    • I used Afterpay before with JB but it was for guardians and it was $49. I still was able to get the discount though!

  • Great deal op, just secured one

  • can you mix with Gift Cards?

    • No as it is a Afterpay discount

  • Great deal OP thanks

  • Worked for me, but cant seem to order more like it's being suggested in the comments :(

  • Awesome deal - cheers OP!

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