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Sony X90J 55" Bravia XR Full Array LED 4K Google TV $1595 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Long time lurker… First time poster… I'm old so please give me a break

Just spotted this deal @ JB HI FI… It was $1995 at the start of the week & the price was dropped by $200 which matched the Sony X90J 50" @ $1795…
Just noticed the price of the 55" has been dropped to $1595 whilst the 50" still remains @ $1795…

So we have an extra 5 inches for $200 less…

It's 120HZ, has HDMI 2.1 & hopefully VRR on a soon to be released update…

Hope that's everything… I just pulled the trigger as I wanted the 50" but obviously gone the 55" for $200 less.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    pretty good deal, i went for the 65' for 100 dollars extra with the good guys gift cards

    • I can’t see the 65 being $100 extra ?

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        It was 2078, and I used the gift cards to take it down to 1767 and they threw in next day delivery for free which is normally $55

        • which giftcard did you buy? TCN from Coles?

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    Great first post! Thanks for sharing.

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    Price Match at Sony and get free delivery and extra voice activated remote

    • Damn never thought of that… Paid $25 for postage too :-(

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        If the TV arrives DOA, JB Hi-Fi are infinitely more pleasant to deal with than Sony (I'm dealing with Sony at the moment and they don't reply to emails lol). I would take the small hit for a bit of piece of mind :)

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        Plus 4% cashback via Cashrewards

        • +1

          10% via Shopback at the moment.

          • +2

            @onon0402: F shopback. Too many times they've failed to track my large transactions, I vowed never again

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      The voice activated remote is the standard one that comes with the tv in in first place. I got mine from good guys and it was the same remote that the Sony one was giving as bonus, a bit dodgy imo

    • Can we ask for a free remote if we buy it with JB Hi-Fi?

      • +3

        They'll tell you sure - it already comes with a free remote.

  • This TV is pretty good for gaming, especially when you have a PS5. Really do like the fact that you can just plug in the stand for it, none of this fiddling around like the LG C1 which I chose in the end.

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    I’m hoping the A80J “55 will be below $2195 tomorrow for Black Friday…🤞

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    How this one compared to LG C1 ?

    • +1

      C1 for sure. But more expensive

    • Guess it depends on the where more so than anything else. I talked myself off the precipice of buying a C1 several times over the past year.

      Direct sunlight? Lots of reflections? C1 is the better TV for most situations but not all situations.

      Considering the 65" version of this TV as an upgrade to my NU8000 but not really sure…

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        i will mainly use it for PS5, netflilx, prime and youtube. trying to upgrade my sony FHD 40 inch bought 5 years ago

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      You can find everything here

      Keep in mind the C1 is an OLED, after all. The Sony still holds its own and is much brighter. LG is better for off-angle viewing.

      • +1

        I didn't realise the viewing angle and reflections scored so low on the X90J. I think I will have to reconsider it

        • +2

          If viewing angle is a big deal for you, you should avoid all VA panels. IPS is better for angle viewing, but worse contrast ratio.

        • +2

          I spent 2 hours at a jb hifi this week staring at the 75" x90j and the samsung qn85a 75" (400 more but if you ask nicely they'll take a bit more off) much to the store attendant's amusement.

          TBH I didn't notice much change in the off angle - reading some of the reviews makes it sound like the quality falls off a cliff as soon as you're away from dead on.

          I went the Sony in the end as I felt the screen had a bit more haze on it which helps with direct reflections. With any TV purchase, definitely recommend going in and looking at them.

      • -1

        Thanks, looks C1 wins every where except brightness. I assume C1 is better at ps5 gamming as well ?

        • +7

          Yeah it gives you extra lives on any game you play

    • C1 without any doubt, according RTINGS review, FYI surprisingly Hisense U8G, few $$$ cheaper got better rating compared to this Sony X90J

      • +5

        Thats the US model which is superior to AU stock

      • +4

        the u8g that has the high rating is the us version and not the ones that are sold in australia sadly

      • +6

        FYI the Aussie U8G is NOT the same model as the USA U8G. The version we get is basically garbage:


        • Also this one


          Very nearly bought this, then realised it was missing a bunch of features that were highlighted in rtings.

        • I saw it on Catchoftheday for $1100, read the awesome reviews and bought it quickly as 7 were left. Then realised my mistake after doing a bit more research. In the process of cancelling my order. FML. Hisense really need to have seperate model numbers. So deceiving!

      • Software is worse across the board on Hisense. Whatever VIDAA is.

      • +3

        RTINGS Hisense are US models. Australian models of U8G use different IPS panels (as opposed to VA) and don't have HDMI 2.1. U8G in Australia are crap

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      I have the 65" version. The reason to buy Sony is Google TV and the remote control, its a sublime flawless experience.

    • +3

      Rtings just posted a video C1 vs X90J!


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    Just saw the post and jumped for joy but realised the 65inch is not on special -.-

    • Yeah I had been chasing the 50" for my own purposes & didn't really want bigger but when I found the 55" $200 cheaper I just had to get it

      • +1

        10% cashback on Sony site now. But they do not have any more ofr the 65inch so might have to pre-order…

  • +1

    Got my 75" X90J from Sony's seconds ebay store with minimal box damage for $2610. Great TV, although the blooming around subtitles in dark scenes is a little distracting. Not something that would want me to turn off the auto local dimming feature though.

  • +1

    I keep seeing the c1 get compared to these…

    Bright lounge room? Seems the Sony models are better for that

    • Unless the TV is opposite a bright window lol

  • this or c1 for gaming? mainly ps5 and switch

    • +1

      If you can get the C1 55" for ~$2100 it's no contest. C1 every day of the week.

      Check HDTVTest on YT for reviews, but TLDW is that the LG G1 & C1 are the best gaming TVs. And OLED = bae.

      • -1

        I don't know, burn in is going to happen. Linus went through this and at the height of Plasma people swore that burn in wasn't a thing yet it was everywhere.

        I guess it's picking a trade-off you can live with.

        • +1
          1. Linus is an idiot prone to sensationalising.

          2. I believe Linus was using his as a pc monitor? Completely different use case as you have far more static imagery on screen for long periods of time than you would using it as a TV. People have been usiing OLEDS's for years without burn in and the anti-burn in mitigation that LG has on these newer TV's does a good job of reducing risk of burn in. Just be sure to leave all the pixel refresh/mover settings checked.

          3. You're living in Australia, the ACCC is a thing. If your screen is affected by burn in get it replaced by LG.

          Having said that, if you're the sort off person that hangs on to a TV for 10 years then yeah an OLED mighht not be the best bet as you'll probably have some burn in by then.

        • Console gaming should be fine. Unless you play the same game for 8+ hours day-in day-out for months one end, and said game has the same static elements on-screen all the time. If you’re mixing up your games, you’ll be fine.

  • Latest X90J firmware has introduced a few new bugs with menus and 4K120 processing. VRR is promised but don’t hold your breath, given the X900H took over 12 months and local dimming is disabled in that mode so it’s takes a hit to the picture quality. X90J has an additional chipset so more processing power than the X900H, but Sony track record has taken a hit.
    In the meantime if using a PC you can just use a lower resolution render % to get stable 4K120z, if 120fps is a priority.
    On the other hand, could just get a 55 inch LG C1, which is a way better TV overall and I think available for low $2000s currently.

    • I can confirm that the new SW has bugs. I have the 65" version. very good TV, but google home integration is somewhat broken. Google doesnt start the shows on Netflix etc with voice commands anymore (and it thinks it did) but when started manually using remote, it is able to pause/resume/fast forward etc. same with playing music

      • Have major visual bugs with mine at 4K120 - image intermittently drops out completely, big blurred sections of the screen. Have swapped out GPU, PC, HDMI 2.1 cable - keeps happening so it’s 100% the TV. Even factory reset failed to resolve. Gonna ask for a refund and grab a LG C1 instead.

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