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Z Flip 3 128GB, S21 128GB, or Pixel 6 128GB $0 Upfront with Telstra Plan 80GB $69/Month for 24 Months @ JB Hi-Fi (Instore Only)


Saw this in the catalogue that starts tomorrow. Saving around $1000.

Prices for phones without the plan:
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 128GB $999
Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $849
Google Pixel 6 128GB $999

Plan T&Cs

Important to note that the plan contract is for 24 months. Also, this excludes existing Telstra, Belong and Boost customers.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    24 months yuck

    But free flippy or Google 6…. Hmmm 🤔

    Nice post op 👍

    • -7

      Google 6 is plague with problems though. Flippy is still more of a gimmick.

      • What problems specifically?

        • Flickering display, constant lost of network just to name a few. Heard that lots and lots of buggy software issue, like stuttering, crashing etc…

          • +2

            @Xantar: Haven't had any of those experiences. Been using for about 11 days. Love the thing.

            • -2

              @BugsBunnyAUS: Google still has QC issues. Just how it is, every single phone they release.

              Some Pixel 3 audio dropped out on calls (experienced by my mother every single phone call, causing many hang ups), some had image stabilisation spazzing out. Some Pixel 5 cameras aren't as sharp, also experienced by my mother in her replacement for the P3. List goes on. People just live with most of them.

      • +1

        I wouldn't say it's a gimmick at all

      • +1

        Yep - just returned my Pixel 6 this morning after working through the bugs with Google. JB just offered me a straight refund. A lot of software bugs, some that I had on the Pixel 4 when upgraded to Android 12.

        • +1

          Don't know why you are getting negged for this, the pixel subreddits are usually very err zelous in their support and they have been very busy with complaints about the 6 and 6 pro.

          Despite having been really keen and needing a new phone as the oneplus is starting to show it's age, the issues have me on the fence.
          Biggest issues currently:
          - Widevine L3 instead of L1 with no reliable fix (no streaming above 480p)
          - Buggy fingerprint sensor;
          \- slow
          \- non-functional outdoors, requires at least registering the same finger twice to have some resposiveness
          \- running out of battery can completely disable the fingerprint sensor requiring a factory reset - some fixes released / available though they aren't 100% reliable
          \- many reports that it does not work when using a screen protector, or is so unreliable it is better off disabled
          - intermintent artifacting with 6 camera, can develop into crashing requires factory reset
          - wifi and to a lesser extent mobile connectivity unreliable
          - poor battery life, some fixes available using developer options but many reports of this not making a difference

          Google is trying to patch these and alot of other things, but speculation is that the battery life and the poor performance of the fingerprint sensor are hardware issues and improvements will be marginal

          Like I said, I really wanted a 6, but, that's alot

    • +1

      Yay flippy!

    • +1

      Compare both plan

      1. 59 x12 +(999-500)=1207, you get pixel 6, 12 month of 80 g data each month . If you change to other providers after 12 month, similar plan will cost 40 per month . So after 24 month , you total cost 1687.
        You may get next year black friday promotion if it happen.

      2. 69 X 24 +0= 1656, for 24 month . Or if you can get 10 credit , your total cost for 24 month will be 59 x24 =1416.

      No much different when you keep the phone for 2 years or longer.

  • +1

    I got excited, until I saw 24 months.

    Waiting for the $69 plan with $10 a month credit and $500 gift card.

    • Waiting for that as well. But don't think it will happen this year.

    • Wasn’t this offered last week?

    • post the deal here if you come across that deal. I am also interested in that deal

    • This just happened- 19-22 Nov. Was posted and I got the $10 port in credit with $500. Used it towards a 9th Gen ipad which the price matched from the apple edu store, which then went nicely with the amex deal

  • -2

    This is a fantastic deal for the Pixel 6

    • how two years such long time

      • So what? You'll have a plan in 24 months anyway and you literally get a pixel for $0
        It was an ok deal

  • become more and more dodgy now

    • Could you explain more about 'dodgy'

  • Another important note - you can only get this deal if you’re porting your number to Telstra. You should probably add that to your post. I was going to grab the Pixel 6 on this tomorrow but can’t as I’m already with Telstra.

    • Ah yes, I've just done that. I've seen other people say that you only need to port out for a month to be eligible again, but now it's a bit too late.

      • +1

        Activate a SIM, port the number and tell telstra to close old account and add the number to current account.

        • Could you expand on this process?

          • +2


            • Buy the cheapest non-Telstra prepaid SIM you can find (e.g. amaysim)
            • Activate said SIM card and get an active number
            • Go to JB Hi-Fi and ask for this deal, and tell them you want to port in your new number. Make sure you have the new SIM on you, as they will send a PIN by SMS to that SIM.
            • Once you're all sorted with JB, contact Telstra (I suggest live chat) and ask to swap the service numbers on your two services.
            • Once you can confirm the change is active (e.g. try calling yourself, check the Telstra app etc), cancel the old plan. As I understand it, you can now do this self service online.
              (Some suggest doing the last two steps in one go.)

            (Can confirm this worked this time last year. I am contemplating giving it another go, as my plan is now out of contract.)

            • @Ronniieeee: Update: I know it's a bit late since the deal ends today, but just in case anyone is rushing in now, or has done this and is curious, or is searching this up in the future, I can confirm this method worked as at Nov 2021, with a minor variation - rather than asking Telstra to swap the numbers around, just tell them that you'd like to put the existing number on the new plan and cancel the old plan. You will lose the number you ported in.
              Took me two agents and an anxious 50 minutes (I was worried they'd cancel the wrong number and I'd be locked out of my bank and all the websites using SMS verification), but went through without a hitch.

  • Does the plan include 5g? Couldn't see it mentioned anywhere

  • -2

    I'd spend $936 more than my current Aldi plan to get this phone over the contracted period. "Free".

    • +1

      Does your Aldi plan come with 80 GB data and 5g?

  • Anyone know the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to port out and port back in?

    I'm already out of contract on this plan and need a new phone. Happy to pay $69/mth for essentially a free phone (work pays my contract price).


  • +2

    was hoping for a deal for 6 pro :/

    • Me too. Maybe the in-store sale staff can come up with a deal?

  • +2

    Just a word of warning for anyone with a prepaid amayasim to port over, I just tried this 3 times with the sale staff at JB and all 3 attempts returned a provisioning error even though my D.O.B all matches. I initially thought the deal was for port only, but it turns out it also applies to new services. If I read it more clearly and had known I would have saved myself the trouble. But because I've already started the process, if i was to go with a new service there is a chance that I'll end up with 2 services the port and new service. So at this point I have to wait 48hrs for Telstra's provisioning department to validate with amaysim before processing.

    • I went in on Friday with an amaysim port, and it also returned a provisioning error.
      The JB Hi-Fi sales staff said I need to chase it up with amaysim, and amaysim are saying they will investigate with Optus, but really, Telstra should be the ones getting in touch with them - ahhh getting the good old run around. I'm not holding my breath as to what Optus will say.

      I am planning to go back on Monday with a Vodafone SIM and ask them if I can resubmit the port with that instead.
      Also, I think the deal is for port in only? That's what it says in the catalogue, and that's what their sales staff were saying?

      Just out of curiosity, do you know if your requests were submitted during porting hours (M-F 8a-8p, Sa 10a-6p)?
      I don't think it should make a difference, but just curious.

      • +1

        I went in yesterday (Sunday) morning to beat the crowd so around 9am when they opened. The lady (who was super nice and helpful) made 3 attempts to port the number, I even left and came back about an hour later but kept getting provision error.

        In terms of the deal being port only, the lady showed me the catalogue and it stated New/Port.

        I've been on live chat with Telstra since, no one is able to give me an explanation of what the next steps are, basically if I didn't ask I would still be in limbo land and after a grace period of 2 days still in provision error status the request would be automatically cancelled.

        I did ask about cancelling the request and just go into JB and get the deal under a new service, but Telstra said that the cancellation would take 2-3 business days. If I decided to cancel and get a new service number, there is still that chance that Telstra would process the port before receiving the cancellation request and I'll end up with 2 services on a 24mth contract. Really disappointed at this whole process, thought it would be a smooth process but turned out to be so much drama.

        UPDATE: I sent a request to Amaysim to update the account name to align with Telstra's account name, again process can take upto 2-3 business days….

        • I went back to JB Hi-Fi this morning, and I asked if they can put the port request through again anyway.
          The staff member was skeptical, but it went through in under a minute and I managed to walk out with my new phone in hand.

          If you've opened a lot of enquiries, I don't know if it'll make a mess if you do more things, but it could be worthwhile asking JB to try again, especially if the error is the same as mine - it was something like "058 - Account ref / date of birth not on record", which they thought is weird, because a postpaid account would have a number, and I don't think you can get a prepaid SIM these days without passing KYC including the provider recording your DOB.

          If it's a legit name mismatch, might be a different story though.

          I'm a bit worried though, because JB made me sign a second contract. Hopefully, the first contract is cancelled, and I haven't just signed up to a second contract…

          • +1

            @Ronniieeee: My request was escalated after my chat session, Telstra provisioning team ended up calling me back, long story short there was nothing they could do other than to dispute the provision error and provide other details i.e. DoB, address, email etc. But by 5pm Amaysim had already updated my account name, so i called Telstra's provisioning team back and they managed to port the number across while i was on the phone with them. Since I still have to head down to JB to finalise the process and pickup my phone, i didn't want to do the number switch in fear that it might cause issues i.e. Can't find it on their system etc, but once I get home I'll switch the numbers and update here how i went.

            In terms of the signing of multiple contracts, you shouldn't have to worry, i signed 3 myself, they explained that you can only port 1 number, so out of the 3 i signed, so long as 1 gets activated the other 2 would become invalid.

  • thanks for the heads up

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