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[eBay Plus] Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen $59 (Expired), Xiaomi Mi Band 6 $40, Mi Air Purifier 3H $199 Delivered @ eBay


I mentioned earlier to wait for a better price on the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen. Here it is.

Also a few deals that weren't published in the media.

Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Any hints when today Mr Bot?

  • +1

    Nest still not active or is there a code I'm missing

    • same here

      • pavlov’s dog ….. you will salivate at the announcement of the bargain like the dog salivates at the food bell whether he gets food or not …. whether we get a bargain or not …..
        salivating for the nest whether i get it or not …..

  • Yeah, I've been checking since 10 and the price hasn't changed

    • Maybe 10AM QLD time?

      edit: NM, see it says "NSW" below the product.

  • Google nest hub showing $122 for me

  • Not showing the sale price

  • The deal of Nest Hub is gone or haven't started yet?

  • +2

    being updated - awaiting confirmation on time

    They're smoking you out bot, feeding you mis-information!

  • Waiting for miband 6. Price not reduced.

    • It's on 28th @ 10am

      U r 2 days early

  • +1

    What do people use the Nest Hub for? Can't see much of a use case except for glancing at the weather/time maybe, or setting it up in the kitchen to show recipes as you're cooking. What else?

    • +3

      Display for Nest Hello when someone rings it, a little speaker for Spotify, controlling the TV from the kitchen when I've lost my remote…

    • +2

      Have one as a bedside clock and another one in the lounge room that works as a digital photo frame but I also use it when cooking for timers etc. The screen is handy.

      • Does/can it display the timers/alarms you've set?

        • +2

          It displays countdown timers on the screen. Alarms show as an alarm icon on the screen which you can click on (or check with voice) as to when they are set for.

          • @Debaser: Its says you can watch Youtube and Netflix on it. Not bad.

          • +1

            @Debaser: Cheers, i was thinking of replacing our kitchen G.home.with max as it's mostly used for timers/alarms, music and adding stuff to the shopping list.

    • I'm looking into setting one up as a Home Assistant dashboard.

      • this was actually something I was wondering. Plz report back if you find out some good details

    • Yeah same.. Im trying to think wat use for it do I have and nothing. The google home mini is enough for me. I just use my smart TV for cooking recipes on YouTube.

    • In the kitchen. Voice controls for music, setting timers, casting stuff to tv. Standby mode displays the time and also recent family photos. Kids watch cartoons on it while eating breakfast most mornings. Step by step recipes. Kids receive video calls from grandparents (no webcam on this model though)… I'd really love to get the hub max if it wasn't such a big jump in price and then move this one to the bedside table

  • What happened to the Air Purifier?

    • It's currently 199 with afterpay. Not sure if it'll update with normal codes later

      • Thanks mate. Here's hoping.

  • can the Belkin router be used as an extender ?

    • +1

      Yes. I have a different model but same brand. Does just this.

  • will this be stackable with the 7% cashback via cashrewards? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/666742

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    Lol at the person who just flat out disagreed when given insider information

    • +1

      yes mate, sorry about that…never seen this device so low and it just came out… only risk is the limited amount…will sell out quickly

    • must be this one

      • +1

        I like how the title says:[Spare Part, Non-functional]
        But the description says: New - Brand New / Sealed | No Warranty |

        • So what's the deal with this? Purchase or no?

          Edit: Nevermind. Just saw that this is delayed.

  • +2

    Thanks @Dealbot. Now that Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen is delayed, how about removing it here and splitting it out into a separate deal and putting a start date on it please?

    • exactly. most of the deals here aren't live!

  • fantastic mate…should have listened to you

  • I have a Gen 1 Nest Hub in the kitchen that I use for timers and watching YouTube while washing up, cooking, etc :)

    Is it worth getting a Gen 2?

    • +2

      Unless you think you'll appreciate the improved audio quality, I don't believe that the Gen 2 will improve your experience of timers and YT videos. Feel free to pass. However you could always replace the kitchen one and move the older model to your bedroom or bathroom or something

      • Thanks

        The improved audio would be nice. I don't really need one in my bedroom or bathroom, I have Google Nest Minis in there.

        I'll pass :)

    • +2

      No, unless you are going to use it for the sleep tracking in your bedroom.

  • Thinking of getting the Xiaomi band 6. Hopefully it can record swim laps accurately. Dun need the step counter and time as phone already does that.

  • +1

    Contacted Google store, they won't price match or refund difference.. rep said I could reject the delivery which will result in a full refund..

    Not sure I'm bothered, might turn into a headache, but sharing in case anyone wants to give it a crack

  • +2

    For the sake of saving $11, I'm happy to have snatched up mine through the MyDeal deal. Definitely a good price though!

    • Same!

  • No more $179 for the air purifier?

  • Purifier discount still not active? The code is not working…

  • Thanks! Bought a purifier for $150 via a few GCs and afterpay promo.

  • +3

    The Mi Air Purifier 3H was $129 @ Kogan 7 months ago.

    $199 is no bargain!

    • And the Mi Band 6 <$35.

      • From China and god knows how long shipping.

        • +3

          Meanwhile at AliExpress 13 of my 21 packages from the 11th have arrived this week.

          • +1

            @Clear: Yeah it's almost quicker from China, then from Melb or Syd these days

    • -1

      haha i was looking for my old deal to see if i could do a price protection claim

  • -1

    @dealbot, possible to get a good deal on robo vacuum eg. S5 max or s7+?

  • Does someone know if I can load the eBay gift cards I bought on shopback instead of redeeming at checkout?

    • +1

      If you mean like we can with Amazon wallet, then sadly, no you can't…

      Been waiting years for this on ebay.

      Partially used gc balance on ebay will remain (& are then locked to the account).

  • So, what time is the google nest hub going live tomorrow?

    • OP says 10am

    • If you haven't used after pay at jbhifi already you might as well buy it from there and get the $20 instant discount which brings it close to this price, plus you can pick it up today.

  • Is the Xiaomi mi band 6 Chinese or global model?

  • I don't have Plus, and I can't see the cheaper price on the Pixel 3. Is it definitely still active? Should I start a Plus trial to take advantage of this?

    • $313 - $84. Still active.
      Try this

      • Thanks - I can already see $313 on my non-plus account though, and the deal says $229. Is it worth it at $313 when it's dropped to $229 a few times already?

        • Why would you pay $313 when you can have it for $229?
          Then for $229 you get:
          - no choice of colour
          - no updates anymore
          - 64gb storage
          No sure it's good price. I bought my not pink/128gb for $84 on eBay. Granted I got lucky and there is a slight defect on the screen but battery health is 100%. YMMV

  • +2

    Got the Google Nest Hub. Thanks, dealbot!

  • Got one of the Google Nest Hub for $59, thanks OP

    • +1

      Hmm interesting, 1st it $59 not $59 but $3 diff is ok. 2nd it didn't allow me to buy after multiple attempts @10:06am saying "something went wrong… Low stock by supplier". But after seeing this comment with a successful purchase tried again (8 min later) and it went through.

  • Thanks for the updated post, google hub is updated and available!

  • ordered 1!

  • and the Nest Hubs are gone…

    • I had one Nest Hub in my cart, then started fumbling around with new credit card number etc. and then they were gone. Silly me, I thought once I had it in the cart it would be reserved for me. Newbie mistake, obviously not the way these things work.

  • +1

    It's live - coupon PLUSGOOGLE

  • Absolutely no change in price for me, then they sold out?!

  • Took me ages to checkout with afterpay, hopefully went through…
    Price was $59 not $56

  • Managed to snag one before it ran out. How many did they stock for this deal?. 10 units?

  • got 1 for $59

  • white unit oos as soon as the deal went live, so I end up with the black one unfortunately.

    • I much prefer the black one!

    • I managed to get the grey max 1 minute after it went live, must've been lucky :)

  • I managed to get one in my cart but the price never changed so I can't complete the purchase. What is going on?

    • There was a promo code listed on the item page that you had to apply to get the discount, sorry you missed out but the deals are usually run this way, so a good lesson for the next time-senstive deal :)

    • need to add the coupon PLUSGOOGLE

  • Nest Hub still available. Just got one

  • More stock added for the hub

  • Guys, Whats going on!!!.. on check out i have applied "PLUSGOOGLE" but does not work?!

    • sold out - that was quick !

      • Just got one 2 min ago

  • Got one for $59 at 10am on the dot, thanks dealbot!

  • Works for me at 10:15

  • jumped on at 9:30am in Brisbane thinking I was early but forgot to account for daylight savings

    • Me too I even set a phone reminder at 9:30 to get on at 10 to get the Nest and only just logged in before but did manage to snag one!

  • -1

    Where was the coupon code in the OP? Weird not to mention it when it’s critical to get the deal price.

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