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Dyson V12 Detect Slim Total Vacuum $1059 Delivered @ MyDeal


Found this amazing deal at mydeal !!! Got some really good prices !

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    The sarcasm is strong in you my friend :-)

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    Overhyped pos. Why would I care what type of dust I’m sucking up?

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      I don't think many do.

      It's more to do with the engineering and innovation Dyson does as a brand.

      That particle measurement would be great data collection to further their research and development on other areas in future.

      They've improved many other features over the V11, just YouTube it.

      Just an FYI, I own a V12 and also have a mechanical engineering background.

      I respect them as a company and innovation they've done for the industry.

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        innovation in marketing

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    Are Dyson vacuums actually any good? They have always looked too plasticy for me, but maybe the tech is good?

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      I am not aware of any vacuums made of steel? I imagine they’d be heavy!!

      • not plastic doesn't have to be steel, could be glass or wood or diamond!

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      One thing i've liked about them is the warranty support. Give them a call and any issue is sorted no questions asked, e.g i'm pretty sure a family member vacuumed up some liquid and killed the main body of our V11, Dyson sent out a replacement within the week.

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        Ohh thats really helpful as the major part for any brand is after sales service and support.

      • I’ve hard enough parts to build about three vacuums, all free.

        Plastic breaks, but Dyson support is superb.

    • End of the day a good vacuum should have good suction, efficient heads, reasonable battery life and replaceable, more than one year warranty, great customer service, and a HEPA filter.

      There's alternatives to Dyson such as Xiaomi and Dreame.

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      Pulled quite a few apart. All absolute rubbish. Design and workmanship.

      If it was a hand dryer, it's a pretty good design. But once you add dust and hair into the design, it's basically pathetic (exposed cogs, PCB boards in front of main fans, restricted pipe flow etc etc).

      Also my favourite, a plastic cog driving a brush head was simply glued to a metal shaft. Rediculous, and naturally it broke off.

      What you will find is people are thinking their batteries are rubbish and replacing early. But the reality is the things are getting jammed and choked and the batteries ar working over time.

      The real brilliance is the use of plastic clips instead of metal screws etc (and I mean that. Im always impressed with that aspect pulling apart a Dyson). The cost of production would be about $20 a unit ..and sell them for $1k. The bloke absolutely deserves to be knighted. Hats off.

      • So the better stick vac to get would be ??

        • Xiaomi, Shark, LG, Samsung, Miele. A Kogan or Kmart Vac is comparable in terms of filter design and brush head, but for 1/4 the price (can't say I have experience with the batteries of these though and haven't pulled one apart).

  • I can't tell if the OP is being serious about this being a good deal or not. Those exclamation marks are throwing me off!!!

    • Hahahaha its just a simple deal i posted if those exclamation mark are throwing u off please ignore them :)

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    V12 can be had for $1,015.55 at Harvey Norman. Would be even lower if JB Hifi does price match and apply the TCN 15% Gift Cards.

    • Ahh really i thought these were best prices thanks for sharing. Appreciate it

    • I see full price at HN website?

      • Yesterday that V12 was $1069 at Binglee.com.au.

        You would have had that pricematched to Harvey Norman and then you get yourself 5% off HN GiftCards via RewardGateways (or probably Shopback or CashRewards may have it too at 5% off. Suncorp Benefits may have it too)

        However, I just checked that price went back to $1,199. I thought it ran for a few days but obviously only yesterday.

        How about using this MyDeal against HN?

        • You should've posted that as a deal here. They normally don't price match online retailers.

          • @tukanglistrik: And yet they did pricematch to Appliances Online when I bought a TV last Christmas.

            May worth a try.

  • I picked up the V15 for $1100 only a couple of months ago… I don't think this is a good deal on the V12

    • @ry34 Can you please tell me which store?

      • got it from thegoodguysaustralia on ebay with a discount code (on 10 Oct 2021) the exact price was $1188.30 (discounted from $1398)
        cheaper than I could find anywhere in store

  • Pretty sure the extra size variant is 999 at JB, well it was at Tuggeranong Canberra.. edit https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/dyson-outsize-total-clean...
    995.based on the power of the V11

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