3 Months Free BINGE Standard (New Subscriptions Only) with Telstra Postpaid


The phone and Samsung apps are awful, but some reasonable content on there. Free subscription is for 2 screens, can upgrade to 4 screens for $4/month.

2 weeks free trial for everyone else.

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        https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:deal_posting_guidelin... – under "What Should Not Be Posted, Duplicates", there's an exception– "The original deal is active but older than 6 months."

        Or if you prefer: Deep in the OzBargain by-laws, forged in the fires of bargain hunting long ago, it was written that none shall be permitted to post a duplicate. But there were exceptions; and a young warrior by the name of Pineapples to exploit them. For it was written that long-running deals could be reposted after 6 months. And so, a brave young Pineapples sent out ravens that would return to him precisely as deals were about to reach their 6 month threshold, whence he could swoop in and post the deals again– gaining the coveted treasure of upvotes.

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          It's literally the 3rd post under binge… But yeah better add another one of the same incase people can't find it easily 🥴

          • @solidussnake: Yes, but that would require knowledge of that new fangled thing called a search function. It's wide ranging powers can only be harnessed by a skilled few.

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          @djthornton - Sounds like a good show - is it on Binge? :p
          I am looking to kill time while waiting for The Witcher season 2.

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          6 months to the day! Totally inadvertent - didn't realise it was a long running deal that had already been posted.

        • That makes laws/rules interesting to read instead of the usual dryness of laws/rules.

  • Is it just me, or does the Android app keep crashing while you scroll thru it?

  • if you are on boost can you get this for 3 months?

  • Says I already have the mobile connected to a stream motion account - anyway around this?

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