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Nintendo Switch OLED Model White $539 ($464 with 15% off TCN Gift Cards) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB seems to have restocked on the new Switches, which isn't necessarily a bargain, but if combined with 15% off 5 x $100 gift cards you can save a neat $75 (can of course save even more if you pick up another). Deal is of course contingent on getting hold of the right cards, which might be a bit dicey, but there's still a couple days before the Coles promotion ends, and even if JB runs out of stock in the meantime you can probably just wait for the next restock.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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    It is basically a deal for the 15% off gift cards which is sold out in most place.

    • It's worth checking in the storage parts behind the gift cards. I checked one which only really had a few $30 cards left but someone opened up the storage part and it had heaps of $100 ones in there. I stocked up. Wait for the right time to use it for a PS5

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    Those gift cards are like unicorns this days.

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    Do they have a limit on how many you can use?
    thinking about iphone

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      You can only purchase 5 gift cards at a time, but from WookieMonster's comment on the original deal page, there seems to be no limit for how many you can use at JB

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      Someone reported redeeming about $5,000 in TCN gift cards at JB Hi-Fi today, so if you can find TCN gift cards in stock at Coles, you can basically redeem as many as you need to pay for that new iPhone.

      Keep in mind that JB Hi-Fi can move the goal posts at any time and enforce a per-transaction limit (which is what they did when they enforced a $500 per-transaction limit at the start of last year's 15% off TCN gift card deal), so you have been warned!

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        It would be interesting to see any legal grounding for any future limit. It is generally accepted that gift cards should be treated like cash.

        • Agree. They might b breaking consumer law etc.

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      I spent 400 at JB using 50 cards and the guy said no limit on the cards, he didnt care and the lady at the counter just said she is used to it..

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    the staff is very helpfull to put through my 18x$30

  • Is it only the screen that’s changed or has the whole unit been upgraded so the price increase is warranted ?

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      Screen, kickstand improved from the useless crap and network plug added to the dock

      Pretty stingy update.. but I'd pay the extra if I was buying a new one

      • Sounds better, the dock is better (has rubber on the edges to stop scratching). Battery is bigger. More memory.

    • 99% is the larger OLED screen upgrade

      • And 0.5% nicer kickstand
        0.5% built-in ethernet port

    • New OLED screen

      Replaced the thin kickstand into a half body kick stand

      Replaced 1 USB port for an ethernet port so you have 1 in the back and 2 in front instead of 2 USB at the back and 2 in front.

      • 2 in the front and 1 in the back. Heard that somewhere before…

  • I got the money but in my personal opinion I don't think its worth the upgrade the console is almost 5 years old and the biggest benefit is a nicer screen but for half a grand. Nintendo can shove it

    Sticking to my OG Switch until the Inevitable Wii U 3 comes out.

    • This guy doesn't know Nintendo. They will not upgrade significantly on this if they don't have to.

  • eBay had em for $500 briefly yesterday

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    This is not how you use your gift card. Never use your gift card on RRP item.

    • Don't see the logic in this. If you've already decided to buy something with its RRP price, why not pay with discounted gift cards?

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        Because his a old school oZbargainer believe it or not back when this website just started most people actually liked a true bargain which means below RRP, for him and many others 15% off with just gift cards just ain't enough to call it a true old school Ozbargain.

        Don't hate on me I'm just the messenger explain it.

        • 'old school ozbargain'

          you guys aint a cult

  • I got a white one on Amazon today. It said it was the last one in stock tho.

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