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Google Nest Hub Max $219.99 @ Costco (In-store) (Membership Required)


Was looking to pick one up this Black Friday Weekend but saw it at this price at the Costco at Moorabbin. Not sure if it's country wide but good enough price for me to pick it up.

Edit: Spotted at this price at multiple Costco's around Australia. So assumed it will be this price at all Costco's.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Bought one today at Costco Boolaroo NSW

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      That's my local, I'll go take a look.

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    I need one. Anyone spotted in Sydney Costco?

    • Yes got one today. At Costco Auburn.

  • Any reason why this isn’t on the Costco web?

  • Seen today at Costco Perth

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      same price?

      • Can confirm same price at Costco Perth

  • picked 1 from Costco docklands, they confirmed me that 12 more in stock.

  • Does officeworks price match Costco?

    • No, because they view Costco as a paid membership based wholesaler. Not eligible under their price matching policy. You can always try your luck though.

  • Nothing special.
    Paid $200.38 after cashback.
    Bought with latitude pay (minus $15)
    And $8.72 cashback.

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    So what can this do that a regular laptop can't? I am just curious.

    • Me curious too, I mean a laptop takes time to boot up ok but apart from that, it’s just accessing it on a smaller screen via apps for weather and other stuff?

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      If you ask that it's prob not for you.
      I personally have a few google minis (small speakers) a couple of google max's (bigger speakers) that have google assistant. I also have a couple of these units, which are a reasonble speaker with a good size screen. I play music throughout the house on all these devices ( at the same time if I want) and the ones like these with a screen display the album art/song info which is handy/nice.
      When not in use playing music they display all my photos like a digital phitoframe and I can also control any other smart devices like lights with them aswell as stream videos to them or use in the kitchen displaying recipes etc.

    • They make good home security cameras too

      • is home security camera free or need to pay annual fee?

  • Is not on special at JB for $249 for those that don't have Costco membership. Yeah, I know, not as cheap, but it is something at least.

  • Still available at Moorabbin Costco!

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