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Google Nest Hub Max (Chalk) $224.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


One of the lowest prices I've seen for this. Seems only Chalk available for online purchase using code. Charcoal wouldn't let me add to cart.

Don't forget cashback or discounted gift cards to make it even better.
Should be able to also get an extra $15 off if you use latitude pay or $20 if you have concierge credit. I don't have either so can't confirm.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    $15 off with LatitudePay too

    • or $20 if you have concierge

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  • Can't find Latitude Pay as my option. Weird.

    Edit: nvm, just realized that if you use giftcard in the payment, Latitude pay is not available.

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    For anyone on the fence, these are GREAT to have in the kitchen.

    • how does it go with recipes? (already pulled the trigger but might as well ask)

      • Fantastic. Get youtube prime (Argentina vpn) and you will love it. Great for use as a voice activated cooking timer and measurement/temperature converter.

        • what do you put down for an AR billing address?

        • is this device designed to be mounted/attached to a cabinet door?

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            @Averell: No. It is heavy and wide.

          • @Averell: There are some 3d models to mount these on Thingiverse. You can print them out at Jaycar etc if you don't have a 3d printer.

      • My wife, who is a good cook anyway, loves her Kitchen Display for Jamie Oliver's recipes. She loves the display and Jamie.

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    Picked up one from Officeworks yesterday at 236 but will refund it since unopened. Good deal! Thanks OP.

    • Man I grabbed 2x… at 237 - how hard is returns??

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    Google Store is now reduced the price to $ 249. If you have Amex and havent used the deal, the price down to $219 delivered. Just ordered one

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      Nice. Could probably have gotten the charcoal that way too. Ah well…
      I think I'm slightly better off here with cashback.

    • Hmm I think my deal expired :(

      Great call though

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    Looks like… these gonna be discontinued soon… gen2 hub max making it’s way !! 🤔

    • any news about this?

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        No…just speculating based on price trend !

  • Cheers OP. I've been waiting for a decent price drop on the Hub Max, checked out using Latitude pay, bringing price down to $209.10.

  • Best deal in ~2 years, finally a good price.

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      Yeah, I've been waiting on a decent drop. Have the nest hub, but looking for a bigger screen for my home assistant dashboard.

      • Nice one, you're gonna love it.

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    Where ever I see google max deals reminds me this

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      From what I can see majority had it cancelled. I remember being annoyed I missed this!

      • Yeah mine got cancelled at good guys, but office works honoured it

    • I'd ordered two and had both of mine cancelled too :(

    • can't bring myself to pay for this at higher price even if I'm fully aware that it's a price error…

    • I got one of those but this is a great price I'll grab another with no word on gen 2

  • With the aforementioned code, 5% discounted gift cards and (potentially) 3.5% cashback from ShopBack the final price looks like $205 for me

    • Seems like the code: TODAY is not supported by Shopback, so your order may not track. However, Cashrewards should track

      • Mine tracked at $8.72, so will see, worth a try. Brings my price down to $200.38.

        • How did get it as low as $200.38?

  • Good price. Cannot beat the price of AUD 129 early last year! (Price error in catalogue).

  • Thanks OP, cheapest I've seen!

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    Bugger couldn't stack the concierge $20 credit with Latitude Pay discount, and my Ultimate gift cards are in store use only :( Resorted to Suncorp Benefits GCs.

    That being said, $193.90 (net of Concierge credit) isn't bad. If I'm lucky, CR will track too.

  • Thanks, bought one

  • Is there going to be a Gen 2 drop this year?

  • Price on their eBay store also dropped to match the $249 listed price- Good if you have any credits/Gift cards to use up instead of using this coupon code:

    Chalk - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143596555733

    Black - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124176227237

  • Damn I forgot to check Shopback and Cashrewards. However looking at their conditions, it tell me that cashback is ineligible with codes not listed on Shopback or Cashrewards.

    • Code is listed on Cashrewards, so should be eligible. Though no tracking for me so far…

      • Mine is visible in the CR pending transactions ($8.72). Didn't get the email though.

        • Oh yeah, same. Odd there's no email…

    • I forgot too! Darn it!

      But I did get Charcoal.

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    Great units, I am running two of them from the previous deal, mainly as photo frames

  • I guess latitude pay can be used only for once on the retailer. So, I missed the deal.

    • I never used LatitudePay before. I try to link my CC card but it tells me "Please check the details. We are unable to recognize the entered details."

  • Got the smaller nest hub for 50 bucks, is the bigger screen worth that much?

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      It’s really for the massive improvement in sound quality IMO. And maybe the camera and gestures if you care for it.

  • Thanks! Good price with the cashback. Got one and loving it.

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    Mmm, if only I had more rooms in the mansion

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