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Google Nest Hub Max $129 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


Greetings everyone, the price just dropped insanely on this :)

Cheapest I've seen by a long mile.

catalogue page - full catalogue - ends Wednesday 6th May

eBay Links

Coupon Code: PIZZA5

Charcoal Colour Here - Out of Stock
Chalk Colour Here

Also available for $129 on their main website for those that might want to price match in the morning.

Charcoal Colour Here
Chalk Colour Here


  • Keep on top of your busy schedule with the help of this Google Nest Hub Max - Charcoal.
  • Make video calls with family(1) and friends using a simple voice command: "Hey Google, call Mum." Plus, the Nest Hub Max's auto framing feature means the camera can keep you in view as you move around the room.
  • Compatible with a range of other smart home products, you can coordinate your smart home from this central hub - dim the lights, lock the door, turn the TV on and change the thermostat simply by asking it to(2).
  • Keep an eye on things at home with the built-in Nest Cam(3). Check in from your phone and get motion and sound alerts. And with a Nest Aware subscription, youll also get continuous video recording and familiar face alerts.

As always, enjoy!

Original Coupon Deal

Mod Note: The Good Guys eBay Link has expired. Link updated to main site.
Mod Note 2: Chalk Colour Available again from eBay Store.

The retailer has confirmed that this was a price error. As some orders did get fulfilled (a small number of users reported picking up their items successfully), the deal will remain published but marked as expired.

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  • +5

    Omg unreal i love you, thank you so much 😍

    • +16

      Omg why did I look at OzBargain at 2am? Wife is going to kill me…

    • +1

      Wonder if officeworks will price match. They still have this listed at $299 with plenty of stock.

      • +2

        Yes they will. Just got one for $122.55.

        • Really? Would be helpful if you share with us your receipt so we can go to our stores and claim its legitimacy.

          • @ISO9002: At work now. Will do so later today if that helps ya fellas.

    • This^^^

      Thanks OP!! 1 more for me, 2 for my in laws.

    • Hopefully this gets honoured!

  • Most likely price error as normal is $129

    • +1

      No not price error, is a quick sale get on it 😁

    • +1

      I thought so too, but the price is there on their main website also. Threw in an order just to see what happens

    • +5

      Really hope it's not lol :)

      Showing as advertised in their catalogue so there's hope:


      • I agree, if this is on printed catalogue as well. It shouldnt be a price error.

        • +3

          Like the Nintendo switches on December? TGG are notorious for making printed pricing errors.

        • Would you happen to have a photo of it?

      • +2

        What makes me think it's a price error is that the Nest Hub is $129 and has the "As Advertised" badge on their site, but I can't find it in their catalogue.


        The Nest Hub Max also has the badge, but get the impression someone has messed up!

      • it is not in the catalogue anymore?

    • Their intention was $229 I believe, because in US Nest Hub is $129 and Nest Hub Max is $229. In AUS, Nest Hub is $129 and they were trying to make Nest Hub Max $229.

  • +1

    One person bought 6!

    • +1

      Probably to resell on ebay

  • Lucky we didn't snooze.

  • +4

    cant decide on colour so bought both

    • +1

      Same lol

    • +1

      Same ;)

    • +1

      same lmao

    • +1

      At least now when someone said "Bought 2", they actually meant it.

  • Possible price error. They meant to make non max Hub 129. Good Guys commercial shows Hub as 129 and Hub max as 299.

    Brilliant price those that can get in. Hopefully they'd honor.

    • +1

      Probably not if pricing error if too many people buy big batches of 6

  • +2

    Doesn't look like a price error. Same price on main site and eBay. Excellent find if this gets shipped! Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Lucky I didn't snooze…

    Thanks doweyy…

  • Wow!!!

  • Good find, I ordered one, hopefully they honour it and not pull a pricing error refund drama again

  • +4

    I saw this post and simply clicked on buy it now (c&c) without as much a review on what it does. Probably overkill for my bedroom but my lenovo smart clock has been frustrating me by muting my TV everytime it mistakenly thinks someone or something is saying hey google.

    • +9

      I saw this post and simply clicked on buy it now (c&c) without as much a review on what it does.

      We need a new OzBargain badge for that…

      • +1

        Surely it's bedtime for you jv?

        • +6

          Waiting for 3 more bargains…

    • +2

      lenovo smart clock has been frustrating me by muting my TV everytime it mistakenly thinks someone or something is saying hey google

      You can turn that off in Google Home, under the device settings. Won’t change the mic quality though.

    • +2

      Turn off "Lower volume when listening" within Google Home app. Had the same problem and was driving me nuts.

      Edit: Sorry didn't see someone already had posted this information.

    • Might need to rethink again if you want to put this in your bedroom, it has camera…

      • my 2 cents…sticky tape

      • +1

        Don’t forget the microphone as well.

  • +7

    Not to sure what I just bought but I'm in

  • +5

    Been looking at these for a while and eventually decided not to get one. Saw this and bought it.

  • Got one too!

  • +1

    Fingers crossed! Great Mother’s Day gift.

  • +1

    Bought it but don't know why

  • Second speaker purchase of the day no idea why. Good replacement for the home minis I got lying around I guess.

    • +1

      why do they need to be replaced?

  • +1

    Keen to see what I bought in the morning. Thanks OP.

  • -2

    I have no idea if I even need one of these, or how I can utilise it effectively, or really…what it does….but I bought one. Oh no…

  • +5

    Insane i can go from researching to make sure im making good purchase of something completely different to spending $250 on two of these 10 seconds after clicking on ozbargain.

    • +1

      Same here. The human psyche reacts to bargains in wonderful ways.

  • +1

    Pretty sure someone stuffed up pricing between Nest Hub and Hub Max… This can't be true, insane price!

    Anyway I just ordered one hope it gets honored. Will save next time for the apocalypse. Thanks doweyyyyy!

  • +1

    Great price! Another ripper deal from OP.
    Proud of myself for restraining though. I don't need one. I've got a Google Home (the screenless one) that does what I need it to just fine.

  • +1

    The most expensive bedside alarm clock in my case.

  • +2

    No idea what the hell this does or even works with my iPhone, but hey I’m in.

  • +1

    Anyone getting "This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired"
    Trying to use gift card and pick-up from local store :(

    • I did used my gift card, like 5 mins before.

    • Had that too but the store I pick was just sold out. Try it another store if you can

      • Showing in stock at both the website and eBay - frustating. Ah well, maybe I'll end up with 100% saving, haha :D

        • It did show in stock for me at the time of me adding the item but when I got the error, went back and refresh, my 1st choice store was sold out haha I was too slow myself haha

    • Try delivery

  • Superb!

  • Weird, I can C and C on TGG website, but not on Ebay.

  • -2

    Damn you OP, bought 3.

  • Smart speaker with integrated touch display. Phone won't matter, just an internet connection. Video calls are great, my brother has one and the video tracking works well. Sound is full. Screen res is a little low, but otherwise it's a great unit. At this price it's a steal.

  • I assume this can be used as a baby monitor?

    Also, it doesn't have Netflix AFAIK, but you can cast Plex?

    • Too small a screen tho?

  • Damn, I hate 1-click ordering! :)

  • Ordered through their site and used $50 store credit and paid $79 for pick up instore. Not bad for staying up late I guess :) Thanks OP.

    …and add $2.93 cashback on top. If TGG honours the deal, the total damage is further reduced to $76.07.

  • Hit ‘Buy it now’ and then check ‘guacamole’ is the Ozbargain way. Major key word is ‘Price error, May be’

  • Too tempting…
    Thanks doweyy!

  • I have been eyeing on this item as I want a photo frame in the living room and and I do not have any sound system or TV in the living room (my google home max is in my home office). Before at $349 or $299 I cannot justify it, because it is not like a tablet where you can type etc… and there are some limitations. But at $132.50 (delivery+discount) I think its a great buy indeed.

    Just got an e mail from the good guys saying the order is processed… I am just really hoping they are not going to send the wrong item (i.e. the smaller google nest hub) this is my first time buying from the good guys…

    • I've had a Google Mini that I received for free from Spotify (thanks OzB) and to be honest didn't use it that much.

      I recently got the Nest Hub via Telstra with Plus Points and I've got to say I use it much more than the Mini and it is quite useful. We often play music for the kids and with the screen you get the spotify interface and can easily skip between songs. I don't really like voice commands that much.

      The main use is a constant photo frame where I've got a dedicated Google Photo's album that I shove random photos in to and it just rotates through them all. Very easy to update the album from anywhere and have some fresh photos on display.

  • +1

    Don’t forget ShopBack or use Suncorp to get 5% off good guys gift cards. I forgot to use both :(

    • Shopback 3% , but Cashreward 5%

      • Cashrewards shows as 2.1% and Shopback as 2.5% for me.

        • I got sh!t :( My bad
          It says "Up to 5%", I should have used Shopback. f!ck me!

          • +2

            @taron: does shopback still work if you're using a discount code i.e.PIZZA5? I think the last few times i've ordered from ebay and attempted to use shopback stacked with 15%/10% ebay codes it always returns 0.

  • I bought - thanks OP. But I suspect this is a price error, similar to previous Nintendo Switch Lite price error where it was in the GG catalogue two weeks in a row at the wrong price.

    • What happened with that price error? They didn't honour it?

  • ordered one.

    now waiting for cancellation email.

    • If that happens very likely we get $20 vouchers :)

      • +1

        Never got one for the UE boom price error. Took me weeks to get my money back for that.

  • Getting error when trying to buy Charcoal - "This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired."?

    • Probably down to the store you picked possibly? I just got one of each 60 seconds ago.

      • +2

        Thanks guys. Couldn't get around the error no matter what store I chose, so just got it delivered.

    • Try another store

      • Try delivery

  • -1

    I gave in and ordered two

  • -1

    Bought. As usual there is no need for one but what the hell lol. Let’s see what happens on the morning.

  • I don't see it being honoured, but I ordered one anyway!

  • -1

    Bought one, don't know what for yet. Thanks anyway!

    • Kitchen timer

    • +1

      video calls are cool! it will follow you around the kitchen while you talk and cook. also if you get video doorbell that is compatible it will show up whos at the door. it can do heaps of stuff if you go down the rabbit hole

  • I bought nest hub for 129 and now bought hub max for 129 just crazy

  • Thanks OP, just ordered the charcoal one :)

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