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Vodafone 5G Home Broadband, Half Price for First 12 Months - $37.50/Month 100Mbps, $42.50/Month Max Speed @ Vodafone


Excellent deal if you are in Vodafone 5G Home internet coverage area.
Reading their 5G Home plan spiel, there are 3 offers that run at the same time:
1. First month free.
2. Existing Vodafone mobile customer gets another $2.50 off per month (50% of $5).
3. 50% off plan fees for the first 12 months.

5G Home Internet - Half price.
From $35/mth for the first 12 months when you have a phone plan with us. Hurry, offer ends 30/11.

50% off 5G Home Internet Offer
For personal use only. 50% off plan fees for new 5G Home Internet customers who sign up between 24 November 2021 and 30 November 2021 (unless extended) (‘Discount’). The Discount is on monthly plan fees only and applied as a recurring monthly credit on your bill. Discount is forfeited if you cancel early or change plan. Available in all channels Total Min. Cost is $75 or $85, depending on your chosen plan (or $70 or $80 respectively if you are an existing postpaid mobile phone plan customer) – this is one month of plan fees, provided you return the modem in Good Working Order within 30 days of cancellation. Modem fee may apply. Maximum modem cost is $612. After the first 12 months, the minimum monthly spend is $75 or $85, depending on your chosen plan (or $70 or $80 respectively if you are an existing postpaid mobile phone plan customer). Offer available in conjunction with first month free offer for 5G Home Internet and existing postpaid mobile phone plan customer discounts. Offer not transferable or redeemable for cash. Subject to change. Not for commercial or resale purposes.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Very good price…but… Unfortunately, 5G Home Internet isn’t available in your area.

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        4G plan apparently maxes out at 20mpbs? Not very attractive, even for half price.

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        Max speed 20mbps unlimited data. Will it be too slow for 4ppl?

        • +3

          If more than one of you are streaming and stuff the quality will take a serious hit

        • +1

          Just noticed it was posted on 24th Nov so maybe ask there.

        • Traffic management and she'll be right.

        • Depends what they're all doing. Just a few years ago I was on a 20GB/m 3G plan and I remember having 2-3 youtube videos playing at the same time. Not on the highest resolution but it's unnecessary 95+% of the time anyway - it's just people don't bother turning it down. Even now on 4G I play most videos at 240p, and when I do bump it to 480p I've had several playing simultaneously, and have downloaded large files at the same time. (So I'd be educating to adjust the behaviour of the people using it before paying more.)

          e.g. Get rid of netflix (etc) and teach them to use one of the various free methods of obtaining stuff. It's much like income… when a resource (seems to be - particularly to kids) unlimited, then there's no need for any kind of restraint. So people download stuff only to watch a few seconds of it then delete it. Or they leave resolution set to the highest quality even though they wouldn't remember the next day it had been a bit grainy on 240/360/480p.

          Conversely, when people know a resource is limited, they adjust their behaviour, or find ways around things like that reducing of resolution I mentioned, they download the whole thing while other people are in the shower rather than everyone streaming at the same time later, etc.

          To test it out if 4G would suffice you could always buy this for $4.90 https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-mobile-sim-prepaid-starte..., and if you don't want to wait for the blank SIM to arrive in the mail, go to a garage and buy one for $2 and activate it with the code they email to you shortly after buying.

          • @Faulty P xel: Nothing wrong with what you are saying dude, but I prefer to be married rather than single.😉

    • -1

      says vodaphone outdoor 5G is available in my area for my iphone 12 mini. but for some reason searching the same address doesnt mean i can get 5G home internet? why? cable hasnt been laid yet? what a joke. 5G no cables are needed what gives?!

      • From what ive gathered telcos dont offer 5g home to places that cant get fttp

        • That's some logic right there

        • Please explain, cause I don't see any logic behind that.

          • @JungliChilli: “Not all addresses shown as '5G' in Telstra's mobile coverage maps will be eligible for 5G Home Internet. We want to make sure our customers have a great experience which is why the serviceability quality checker may show that 5G home is not available to customers who otherwise gets 5G coverage on their mobiles.

            Now, since FTTN is the only available technology type at the premise, I'm afraid we will not be able to provision this 5G Home Internet plan. We have other options though such as the $85 per month Core Internet plan, and the $95 per month Unlimited Internet plan. Would you like explore these options instead?“

            Thats what telstra said to me

            • @Junnyjun: Was that an automated response from their online coverage checker or from a chat/email response from them?

              • @JungliChilli: Was from live chat.



                I cant explain. So i just ss’d the convo.
                Stupid telstra

                • @Junnyjun: Lol yeh fair. They have no idea what they are talking about or they just haven't phrased it correctly. What type of nbn technology available at your premise has nothing to do with if they can provide 5G home internet. There's a whole lot of other factors to consider, none of these considerations depend on your nbn connection type.

                  I've just checked a location I know is served with fttn and also know there's a Telstra 5G tower within 300m, and can confirm that Telstra can provide 5G home internet.

      • +2

        Enter someone else's address. If it works then ship it to them, they mail it to you. ;-p

        • I dont know about vodafones home 5g but telstra and optus geolock their modems and you will get 1.5mb/s if its used outside of the address you signed up.

          • @Junnyjun: Ridiculous. These types of plans (where a locked sim must be used in only one locked modem which only they supply) have always been something I avoid. (I wish everyone would… it's the only way to force change.) Geolocking tying you to one location, thus forcing you to buy two plans when you only really need one (so you can leave the house occasionally - access internet on your phone), 300-460m range… lol - if these are the "advances" of 5G they can shove it.

  • +2

    wow crazy cheap price…

    not valid for my location otherwise i'd give it a go ..

    • It would be interesting to see if any location has access to a 5G tower to get the deal?

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    • 5G outdoor is available in next street but I can't get this deal :( they don't have online chat where I can chat and beg :/

      • As I posted above, ship it to someone else whose address does work - then they mail it on to you. Or ask Vodafone if you can activate a starter SIM from a garage/supermarket instead of waiting… if yes, hang up, go to Australia Post, fill out a mail redirection form redirecting mail to your name to an existing address in the other street (or one number higher than is actually in that street), tell Vodaphone you live there, but Australia Post redirects mail for only your name to that other/fake address to your real address. And there's probably more methods around it.

        • would it work if it's 2km far away? I'm not worry about the speed, I might would Vodafone allows us to use that service?

          • @superozbargain: Not sure. Maybe ask on Whirlpool. But I just checked and apparently 5G has a pitiful range of only 300-460 meters!

            You could try installing a smartphone app that shows which tower your phone is connecting to. ("Network Cell Info Lite & Wifi" is one. Install, then click on "Map".) Check in both areas whether you're connecting to the same tower (on 5G obviously). But that range doesn't look good.

    • +1

      Me too! One side of my apartment building is covered but my side isn’t

    • +12

      I wonder if you are ashamed with your use of ashamed

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    Good plan, but base on my experience with OPTUS, I am not sure if the Vodafone 5G will do better. The main reason is about the Nokia 5G modem provided is just a disaster. I am not sure if Vodafone will provide a different modem with OPTUS or not, but according to the website photo, they probably use the same one.

    The modem provided is so unstable and I have to reboot it multiple times per week. The only thing that the support team can provide is "please reboot the modem". Second, this firmware is locked by ISP so you cannot do some advanced settings, even DHCP. Third, you cannot connect a better BYO router after the 5G modem. Due to the double NAT, the connection will become even more unstable.

    Therefore, based on my experience, I would strongly recommend making sure with Vodafone if connecting a BYO router after the 5G modem is possible or not.

    • Vodafone does use the same Nokia Fast Mile Modem. However, Optus now use the Nokia Next Gen modem, don't know when Vodafone will follow suit.
      Anyway it's first month free so nothing ventured, nothing gained ;-)

      • Apart from the modem costs you'll pay out when cancelling?

        • "Cost is $75 or $85, depending on your chosen plan (or $70 or $80 respectively if you are an existing postpaid mobile phone plan customer) – this is one month of plan fees, provided you return the modem in Good Working Order within 30 days of cancellation"


    • +1

      Vodafone uses the same modem.

      I am using Optus 5G with the Nokia modem. Very stable.

      I did get a new modem though. MY first modem didn't work at all. Troubleshooted for month before they just decided to give me a new modem. Been great for the last 11 months.

      • My first Nokia Fastmile apparently "broke" after an automatic firmware update earlier this year, about 6 weeks after I started using the Optus 5G service.

        The modem wouldn't see a 5G or even 4G signal.

        After a day of troubleshooting and interruptions to work :-(, I got them to issue me a temporary 4G wifi device with enough credit to survive whilst waiting for my replacement Fastmile, so that I could continue to work albeit at a slower speed. One annoying thing was that I couldn't just go to the Optus store across the street to pick up a new modem on the day. Their RMA process required that they ship it to me, which took a few days. (How on EARTH did you put up with issues for a month? I'd have had serious problems with my job if that had happened to me.)

        Interestingly after a day of troubleshooting, the bloke on the phone admitted that the firmware update had basically bricked the cellular radios on a number of customers' Fastmile modems and that the fix they'd found so far was to swap the modem out. I got the replacement 7-8 months ago and it's been mostly fine ever since. (Knock on wood. I think I've had to reboot it 3x in that many months.)

  • +4

    Simsluting for years (even now), and I find Vodafone still fails. Download speed for 5G/4G fluctuate throughout the day, never consistence. That is not the issue. The issue is its garbage upload speed (which I need for work). It fluctuating between 0.5Mbps to 10 Mbps. Super unstable, and the damn tower is just four blocks away.

    Optus always consistent 15Mbps. Telstra is always 20Mbps+

    The deal is: From $35/mth for the first 12 months when you have a phone plan with us. Hurry, offer ends 30/11.

    Note that it only for existing customers. I will stick to my sim slutting, thanks.
    $5 bucks a month goes a long way for me :)

    Next months is completely free due to amaysim price error :)

    • Yep I do agree with you. From my experience, Vodafone upload speed (10-15mbps) is not too good compare to Optus 5G (20-30mbps). If you just watch stuff and mostly download then it's fine. WFH is just do-able but not ideal if you do alot of video teleconf.

    • Greetings fellow sim slut comrade! I've been sim slutting since early 2016, you? :)

      • +1

        Fellow many-year SIM-slutter here. I SIM-slutted for most of the time since 2012. My ONE foray into fixed line access in 2016 lasted around 3 weeks before it broke, and then the telco and the ISP started fighting over who was going to pay to diagnose it and they finally decided I had to pay for that, so I cancelled the service and went back to SIM-slutting.

        Upgraded to Optus 5G, get download speeds between 400-700mbps, upload of 20-45mbps. Only issue is the 28ms ping time. Tower around 150m away. Have to move early next year (thank you NSW no-grounds evictions). Will be testing Optus 5G coverage quietly from a phone when I go inspect alternative units, because price-performance-wise, I'm quite happy with it.

        • what is the current plan with optus 5g?

  • How do these SIM data plans work? Do you put the SIM card in a device to create a Wifi hotspot and then connect your PC and other devices to the hotspot? Do they include the hotspot device or do I needs to buy something like this:
    So this way you don't need to have internet connection at your home, you just use the SIM data for your internet connection?

    • +2

      They provide a free rental Nokia 5G modem with the SIM in it (you get to keep it after 36 months). You can either use that modem's wifi or connect it to your own router. I believe it's locked to your location, so you can not take the SIM and use it elsewhere.

  • +1

    I keep getting… when I try to check my address. Is this the same error message others get when its not available ? If so, that seems an odd way of phasing it .

    Unfortunately, something didn't go as planned. Please try again later or call our team on

    • same

      • +1

        maybe they need a 'checker' to check the 'checker'!

  • +1

    Got one 2 days ago. Very happy with my purchase.Vodafone website says I can’t get this plan, however TPG can give 5G home internet. I went to Vodafone and get their 5G plan.now the download speed is around 200mbps and upload is 20-40mbps.First month is free of charge, and $37.5 for the rest of 11 months.

    • +1

      I went to Vodafone and get their 5G plan

      did you get it in store ?

      TPG also says;
      "This product is not available at your address.

      The good news is NBN™ is available at your address! "

      • +1

        I got it in store. I will try to put the SIM card in a 4G modem and run a speed test for it. If there is no speed limits I would recommend everyone to get it. As long as the speed can reach to 25mbps I would like to keep it, because some NBN plan may change you $60 for that speed.

        • so will they check coverage map or will just give us the connection ? next street has 5G according to the map but not mine, just like 50 m :D

          • +1

            @bazingaa: Tell them you want to try,they are salesman,they would like to sell it to everyone.

    • +1

      It’s a shame you didn’t post this 2 days ago

      • So sorry mate, need 2 days to test their speed.

    • Can I ask how far are you away from their 5g coverage?

      • +1

        I actually don’t know, I use Vodafone mobile service as well and I have 5G reception in my place, however Vodafone website says I am not eligible. After that I try TPG website, TPG allows to have their 5G home internet, I know they use same network, so I go to Vodafone shop ask them if I can try their service. the salesman was happy to help me.

        • Thanks for your reply, it seems that I need to have a cheep vodafone phone plan to get this deal?

          • +1

            @superozbargain: No need to be an existing phone customer. If you are, you pay $2.50 less/month.

  • Currently on $50 NBN plan (discounted pricing expiring in Jan, will need to cancel Exetel
    anyone know if exetel charges any early termination charges and how much, there T's & C's says that

    12.9. No Early Termination Charges shall be payable by the
    i. If the Agreement is not a Fixed-Term Agreement; or
    ii. If the Agreement is a Fixed-Term Agreement that is
    cancelled after the expiry of the minimum term.

    So does that mean no early termination charges from them if currently on a No contract with them?

    Paying $7.5 less to get 7x the current plan's speed is a no brainer.
    Will ofcourse need to return the 5G modem to vodafone in good condition at the end of 12 months

    • No charge if you didn't sign a contract.

      Be aware that you can't do any port forwarding on 5G.

      • -1

        Honestly speaking, I am not sure weather they call it month to month contract or no lock in contract

        Be aware that you can't do any port forwarding on 5G.

        HAHA mate no connection btw NBN and 5G. 5G is way way superior than FTTC and @ this pricing seems to be great

        • What do you mean no connection?

          This price is great.

          • +1

            @Twix: I meant comparison, (connection between their speeds)

      • +1

        No they said I will still need to pay them for 30 days (even if I give them immediate notice of cancellation, they said they resell and supplier charges them who requires them to pay 30 days notice which they pass onto me. Kinda sucks but yeah will still have to pay exetel $50 for the 1st month of getting 5G Home internet. AND Vodafone isn't willing to take preorder (like start service at a later date, but still keep the same promo discount)

    • Will ofcourse need to return the 5G modem to vodafone in good condition at the end of 12 months

      who pays for the return cost? does vodafone cover it?

      • The customer pays postage of course.

        • Where does it say that? modem delivery charge? and if there is one you should mention that on deal.

          When i talked to the vodafone team they told me there was no cost to return it, we just give it to vodafone authorised store. That's what they dont me

          • @USER DC: We are talking about returning not delivery charge. I am speaking from experience sending back to Spintel. Perhaps the Vodafone staff were thinking about termination cost. Postage to send back is usually the responsibility of the customer (unless it’s Amazon ;-) ). Vodafone has stores so I guess you can hand back to them in person.

  • +1

    Was thinking of setting this up but it says not even 4g is available in my area

    • Same with me for 4G, but I know I can receive it so was thinking of getting a family member to buy it & sent to their place.
      I wonder if that would be a breach of their stupid rules.

      • was thinking the same as I receive 4g aswell but think maybe Vodafone 4g home wifi internet maybe works differently or something lol

  • +3

    BTW thanks to this guy for mentioning this page's deal it earlier, some credit goes to him

    • +1

      Like they said the best deals are sometimes in the comments :-) I did not open that post though as 4G did not attract my interest. I happened to walk past a Vodafone shop today and saw this deal flashing on their shop front. Did a quick search on OB when I got home and saw no mention so here it is.

      • Nice work.

      • +1

        Not good enough, you need to supply a stat dec as well as your phone's location history to confirm you're really telling us the truth.

        • LOL, I should have scanned the store’s Covid QR code ;-)

  • 5G unavailable to me - might have to try the Starlink deal instead.

  • I live in Sydney CBD, how on earth it does not have 5g converge?

    • +1

      It would not be a coverage problem but more of the number of users they can take on in a high density, high demand area…

      • ahh dang. Does that mean metro areas will get coverage later than regional areas (less dense)?

        • +1

          I think it depends more so on council approvals for 5G micro towers. The patchiness you see represents slow and fast council amongst other install considerations I suspect

  • My address actually inside the map covered area.
    But won’t let me signup

    • Do you have mobile plan with Voda? You have to have one first before getting this special offer.

    • +1

      A dude above mentioned in comments he went in store. Try that

  • Vodafone 5G coverage is a complete joke, but hey if you're in range it's a good deal

    • How is it a joke? The placement is just in one area and if the radius has good 5G coverage, you are good to go right? Otherwise you could also get an extender.

      • Useless while mobile, you're right it does not matter for fixed location

  • Checked 5G broadband NOT available in either "5G indoor" and "5G outdoor" covered areas in two suburbs (Metro Vic).

    Have to suppose this is more a trap to re-direct customers to Vodafone/TPG NBN or its 4G plans, than a real promotion on its 5G broadband.

    When checked the Vodafone 4G home broadband, only 20Mbps download is available …

    Guess the federal government ban on Huawei 4G/5G equipments has destroyed the Vodafone/TPG business model and its business future.

    Stay with my Belong NBN broadband.

    • Try your address on TPG website to see if you can get TPG 5G home internet. If you can, get a plan in Vodafone store. They use same network.

  • good price

  • I wouldn't…I switched NBN from Telstra and had nothing but slow speeds! They said it was NBN…and a few months later I went back to Telstra and no issues!

  • Has to have mobile plan with Voda. How much is the cheapest plan?

    • +1

      Mobile plan isn't needed. Just if you have one then it's $35/mo instead of $37.50

      • -1

        But your existing plan has to be a postpaid :(

  • Is this true unlimited or does it slow down once you pass a set data limit?

  • Wow this is really cheap might switch from NBN to the 5G. Optus network in my area gives me 200 megabytes per second I just hope that Vodafone does the same.

    "When you have a phone plan with us" I'm not with Vodafone so could I just grab a $2 prepaid SIM card?

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