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Up to 45% off (e.g. 2x Shelly One €12.90/~A$24) + Delivery from Shelly Official


By far the best prices on these awesome Shelly Home Automation devices! Delivery isn’t too bad either.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • These are wifi-enabled, and not zigbee devices, right? been thinking to automate my LED lights at home and connect it with hubitat…

    • Yep, wifi. Just put in 2 dimmer modules and they're the best for home automation. Lots of customisation and they integrate with everything.

      • The dimmers aren't on sale though.
        Do you need a separate dimmer module for each light switch?

        • Yep, dimmer per switch. I believe one of the relay modules can do 2 switches on the 1 module.

    • @BigLeviathan There's ZigBee versions of these on AliExpress, but I'm waiting to see some more reviews before ordering some to try.

      • Link?

        • Just search 'ZigBee switch'

          A couple of random results as there seems to be a few brands and I'm not sure whether some have benefits over others.


          • @CacheHunter: The Shelly's have been certified for use in Aus ( more accurately, some devices are). I'd stick to certified devices when hard wiring, insurance etc.

            If you prefer ZigBee, there are Nue branded ones that are certified.

            • @Shon: @Shon, I was only aware of the Nue switches and didn't realise that they also make relays that can sit between the existing switch and the light to make the dumb switch smart. Do you have a link?

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    $13 each if you get 10 with free shipping

    $13 each but $10 postage

    Your deal works out to be about AU$30 for 2 delivered… so it depends on how many you need..

  • It's a pack of two for €12.90, so roughly $10 each (and you don't have to buy 10 to get that unit price). Delivery is approximately $10.

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    Don't forget to add VAT into the pricing…. This should be mentioned in the subject

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      VAT is removed when you select Aus as the destination.

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