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Dick Smith Games Clearance Sale


As if Harvery Normans Game sale wasnt enough, this one could be bigger!

Dick Smith are apparently getting out of the games market so they are selling off all stock.
Starts Monday 2 April

See below for more info




Mod: Don't forget 20% cashback on xbox products.

Mod 2: Commenting on this deal is now closed. Please use this forum topic if you still wish to discuss DickSmith's game clearance of April 2012.

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  • If this is real the bargains are outstanding. A DSi for $20, PS3 for $199, XBox 360 for $100?!

    • you guys are forgetting april fools is just around the corner…

    • i believed it for almost 30mins, after i found all the responses of the online rep on FB and twitter are same…..

      • contacting of DSE offices denied

      = typical lazy april fools effort of online sites seen every year, had they spent more effort around however…better luck next year dicky, almost had me taking mon off too :P

    • I've been informed by some friends that work at Dick Smith that stock will be limited and alot of the 'best' bargains have been bought by staff. But we'll see on monday.

    • I know someone who works in DSE and they said there are no ps3's in SA So the stock is quite limited.

    • ^

      At least OzBargain made it front page of the news and slammed Dick SMith:D

    • I give it a positive+. I went to plenty valley yesterday with my list of games and hid all the ones that were on the shelf that were meant to be reduced. Also the nice manager put on hold the last toy story psp bundle away for me. Went there first thing this morning amongst the crowd and as all the other people went to the games I went to where I had stashed them walked up to the counter and was first served with all the games that were reduced, picked up the psp and was gone while all the seagulls were wasting there time fighting over games that weren't even on sale:)

  • This was supposedly posted on another website by an 'anonymous' user. I'll believe it when I see it.

  • Just marketing Hype….

  • +60 votes

    Cool, now delete this bargain before everyone knows about it :D

  • $199 for 320GB PS3 is dead cheap! however, all the PS3 games they offered are out of date….

    • $199 for a console which does Blu-Ray better than stand-alone Blu-ray players is not something you should pass up.

      Go to grab my games from Harvey Norman, then cross the road and run into DSE and see if I can convince someone to sell me some things early.

      • your information is about 3 years old. the PS3 was once of of the better blu-ray players around. It is now just a bonus that it plays bu-rays. any standalone player will blitz it.

        • Out of interest, what do other players do better than PS3? Just read times or what?

        • yeah, things standalone do better

          • the time taken to open the disk slot
          • read times for disk
          • faster rewind/forward etc
          • remote comes with player and depending on the brand of tv and bluray player, cross compatibility with other remotes
        • Yeah, the newer ones have:
          * faster disc spinaround
          * better centre-hole grasping
          * lighter disc drawers
          * handles to facilitate carry-around
          * sturdy construction to prevent fall-apart.

        • +1 vote

          On the downside every time Fox or whoever updates their copy protection to some new system breaking menace, in my experience (Samsung/Toshiba) it takes the stand alone player manufacturers twice as long to get firmware updates to fix things as they seem to come to the PS3.

      • Cinavia - it's infected

  • +4 votes

    Took over 30mins to make it here from ecogamer. Poor show.

  • Blasphemy!… HN sale is never enough.

  • "Harvey Norman to cease selling games, offloads for cheap" ??
    Do not believe it for a second. They'd be cutting a bugger load of products off their line at massive expense to themselves.
    If they're still selling DVDs, they'll still be selling games.

    • Well.. It's Dick Smith in the line you mentioned, and in that case it wouldn't be unreasonable. I've never seen DSE stock much in the way of games, it's usually just a small section.

      And it's not unusual for a retailer to just "dump" the product. Possible that the supplier they got them from doesn't want any of it back, and is offsetting the sale, with rebates, etc..

  • Im not voting til monday, noticed there are no Vita's on the list, they have those are in stock so i'm sceptical about them getting out of the games market.

  • Just called Dick Smith in Browns Plains QLD, he had noooo idea about any sale on games. XBox Console was $399 for a 250G

  • red dead redemption $5, yes please

  • uncharted twin pack for $10 ? ultimate bargain. I recently bought it for $40 from ozgameshop and thought that was cheap!

  • So will this be online or in-store only?

  • This sale begins April 2nd and the anonymous tip has been confirmed.

    Well damn…. This is about to get messy. Blood-in-the-water messy…..

  • Logitech G19 $40 fudge yeah!

  • On the phone to head office now, will let you know how it goes

  • Seems hard to believe. The item codes are legit it seems though… Would be a lot of effort to go to if it was fake…

    I have to think that unless there is something official from Dick Smiths themselves then this should be kept in the forums.

  • There's no way these prices can be legit.


    been wanting to get a gaming mouse, G9x for $20, I'd get my ass out of the house and go get it.

  • Xbox360 Live Subscription 12m for $15.00? no way… this seems too good to be true..

  • From http://www.ausgamers.com/news/read/3193491 (who are just referencing the original article);

    As we all know Dick Smith is going through a sell-off process right now. A business decisions has been made to pretty much do what Myer has done and just focus on Consoles, branded accessories and popular new releases. Thus all aged inventory and inventory that doesn't fit this description is been cleared.

    Pricing starts from Monday 2nd April, but won't be advertised in stores until the 11th of April (to give stores time to actually price everything properly).


      I hope the staff doesn't keep everything to themselves, that's what the myer/target staff did last time.

    • does that mean no logitech accessories and console sales. They are contradicting the actual pricelist.

  • Am pretty sceptical myself, I could understand them getting out of the games market but some of these prices are ridiculous. Looking at all the logitech peripheral's for example they have a fraction of the price you can find even on net - for them to be doing this would be at selling at a huge loss when they could have much higher prices and still sell it all off.

    If this turns out to be legit then it will get a big +1 from me.

  • +2 votes

    Yeah, seems too good to be true.

  • You can reserve stock online, and pay when you come in to collect it. Reckon this could work? A bit sneaky..but hey, whatever it takes to secure a bargain ahead of the rush :P

    • Apparently they only hold it for 48 hours.
      So it's pointless to reserve anything right now.

      • Well, the store called me to say that they didn't have one of the items. I said that it was fine, and if it was ok to come and pick it up on Monday. She didn't seem to have an issue with that, so either she doesn't know their policy very well, or they just don't enforce it. I'll give it a go regardless :)

  • These prices are ridiculous

  • +64 votes

    This is real! Our massive $7 million Gaming Clearance will commence April 2nd, and you don’t want to miss it.

    • So is that the complete list? Is there more?

    • Sheeeeeeeeeeeetttt…

      Question: Can we reserve stock at all?? Or just show up on Monday with a trolley and bad B.O.?

    • oh wow..


    • Will the website be updated to reflect these prices? Is online ordering also available for this deal. Thanks.

    • do we need to rock up in store at 9am on monday ? Any chance of securing stock early or online?

    • Online or instore? or both?

    • My question is what on earth are you moving things like a $170 keyboard that people are more than happy to throw money at competitors when they drop to $145 for $40? People would still queue for $100. I guess you'll get the volume of people in your stores to clear stock, but wow. Just doesn't make any sense. >.< Good luck to everyone getting stuff.

  • Some incredible deals.. if its true. Guess we'll have to wait till monday to find out for sure.
    But if they are really 'getting out of the games market' why would they still be doing pre-orders for upcoming games?

    • +4 votes

      Dick Smith will not be getting out of the gaming market. We will continue to sell gaming bigger & better than ever!

  • It is not 1st April yet.

  • well first thing is first. most of dicksmith staffs will purchase or put all the good stuff on hold and second of all this would be real because woolworths is closing over 100 dicksmith stores australia wide