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Sigma 35mm f1.2 DG DN Sony E-Mount $1184 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not for the faint of heart, this heavy as bazooka is on sale again and I think it's an all time low, compared to the previous deal here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/652580

Currently retailing around the $1,900 -$2,000 mark at retailers. On ebay, you can get it discounted now to about $1,600, but Amazon has an all-time low right now.

Watch some reviews, if you need that f1.2, this is the only 35mm f1.2 available for the Sony E-Mount.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • So tempting, but I love my 35/1.4 FEZ

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    I bought this full price on release but have never used it because it's so big and heavy lol.

    • Sony 35mm F1.8 makes for a great take-everywhere lens, compact, light and super sharp

      • I’m kind of in between… using the 35mm F1.4 Distagon, but I’m a sucker for a fast aperture.

        I ordered it in case the pricing was an error so I can think about it and cancel the order if needs be.

        That being said, I’ve never noticed issues with a lack of sharpness in my 35mm distagon that people describe, and at 600 or so grams, and a shorter barrel it’s fairly compact, that I can never NOT take it.
        This might change all that….

        I should tell myself if I need to satisfy my fast bokeh urges, just take out my speedmaster/0.95 for a play.

        • yeah I get the "sucker for a fast aperture" - its part of the reason I've never bought a zoom and shoot exclusively primes

          but I will say, going with F1.8 lenses has been great in my experience. Huge cost savings, and even if its not a massive difference in weight or size, its still enough of a difference to make carrying lenses and lens changes less of a hassle

          F0.95 must be fun :P

          • @super-user: I agree.. the Batis 85 is the mate of my 35mm in my twin carry kit

            • @Z80: nice! I personally have the Sony 85mm F1.8

    • How is the image quality and do you like the photos you take with it?

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    god damnit i already bought 2 lens last night………must resist

  • Is this full frame lens or crop lens?

    • Full frame!

      • errr… think E Mount is crop.

        Pretty sure full frame coverage E mount is referred as FE Mount

        • “ Newly developed high-performance lens Series for full-frame Mirrorless cameras”

          • @Z80: Thanks for clarification. They mark it as E mount as that's the physical size of mount and mechanism. but lens does indeed cover full frame 'FE' cameras.

            • @hippo2s: The term FE isn’t reliably marketed outside of Sonys own offerings… I find

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    Honestly the reviews I've seen (Gerald Undone) do not compare this lens favourably to Sigma's other 35 1.4 Art primes, the light transmission (t stop) is no better than the 1.4 Art and the extra weight and price doesn't come with increased image quality.

    Personally I would go the G master for the weight and IQ increase. Or the 35 1.8 for size and minimal focus breathing. The 85mm 1.4 Art dg dn on the other hand, now that is a fantastic Art lens and beats the 85 g master in most categories (sharpness, CA, weight etc).

    • +1

      I saw the Gerald Undone video and then watched a bunch of others including Jared Polin, Dustin Abbott, Tom Carlton (a whole bunch of 35mm comparisons) and others. No one else mentioned the light transmission, but they all said how much better the image quality is although no one tested it in super low light conditions - I found it curious that Gerald spoke about the light transmission but didn't provide practical examples in terms of images.

      I actually have the older Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 but I often shoot in low light situations so I wanted to see if this f1.2 will practically make a difference. I won't look forward to the extra size and weight but I'm excited to see how it performs. I have the 85mm DG DN and can attest that that is an absolute pleasure to use. So I'm curious to see what the 35mm f1.2 is like.

      • have amazon honored the order yet? mine just shows Arriving date without a tracking number?
        i still doubt they will honor it as the price is back to 1819$.

        if not i need to find a way to get the sigma new 35/1.4 in a good deal.

        • Mine has not shipped yet. Just an arriving date without tracking number. I suspect it will take a bit longer before they ship. Will have to wait and see. Judging from the previous Amazon deal, it doesn't look like anyone complained that they did not receive theirs.

          • @ichigogogo: fingers crossed yep same here.

            • @Hornpub: I got an email saying it is shipped and on its way :)

              • +1

                @ichigogogo: same got tracking number as well, ships from VIC. hell yeah bro ! cant believe this is real. thanks again for posting the deal !

                back to the lens. after watching pretty much all the video related to this lens. now i am more lean towards the sony GM, or the 1.4DGDN, but still super happy and thrilled of owning this one xD

                • @Hornpub: Mine arrived! Can't wait to try it out. :D I hope you get yours soon too.

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                    @ichigogogo: sweet, just got mine today (WA). the focus noise is kinda loud tbh, and focus throw is huge. other than that, it is awesome

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