[VIC, SA] $100 Gift Card for Referrer and Referee When Signing up to an Electricity Plan (Was $50 Each) @ Lumo Energy


If the Electricity rates with Lumo are competitive enough for you to switch, sign up with your OzBargain friend's referral account number so you can also get a $100 gift card instead of the usual $50 gift card until 31 Jan 2022, and your OzBargain friend also gets the same reward. Choose from Myer, Coles, Hoyts or a Wish $100 Gift Card.

Please do your research to see if this actually benefits you before signing up.
VIC: https://compare.energy.vic.gov.au/
SA (or the rest of Australia): https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/

Copied from email:

Refer a Friend to Lumo by 31 January and we'll DOUBLE the rewards! You both could earn a $100 eGift Card.
For each friend you refer that signs up to a Lumo Energy residential electricity plan by 31 January 2022, we’ll give you both a $100 eGift Card.* It’s SUPER easy - Just get your friends to mention your account number when they sign up!

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Referral: random (49)

Until 31/1/2022, referrer and referee each get $100 eGift card after signing up (usually $50 each).

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • ReAmped still cheaper for me on Ausnet in eastern Melbourne.

  • Some times Lumo require the person's name as well as the referal code. When I signed up I couldn't use a random code generated from here without a name. If anyone else gets this issue, shoot me a PM.

    P.S. - Lumo are still offering a decent 16c solar feed in, with an equally decent 72c day rate.

    • Your rates seem to be pretty different from what the website says. Am I missing something?


      • Interesting, those rates are terrible compared to what I got. I always ring up and ask for better rates. They actually did a door knock here, so i called up and they gave me those rates. Mate did the same with Origin and got a 17c feed in, but pays a higher day rate, peak and controlled load rate.

        • Thanks for the info.

  • Got 17c per kWh and 96c supply charge, pretty good.

  • Can i get the cashrewards cashback signup of $70 and the $100 gift card as well?

    • I don't think so as you will need to apply the referral code

  • signed up in Victoria, rates are competitive to other suppliers. suggest getting referrer's full name for later follow up. can we change the referral system to private message rather than random codes?

  • Does anyone have a referral code?

    • You will need a lumo customers account number for the referral code.
      Send me a pm and I can send it to you

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