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Free Visa Debit Card (Was $10.00) @ Wise (Formerly TransferWise)


No price appearing when ordering a Wise.com Visa Debit Borderless Card, free shipping.
Unsure if this is targetted and/or just a Black Friday promotion.
Requires a minimum A$30.00 deposit

Several other options (including free FX ones like ING, 28 degrees, Citibank) but this is a useful supplement.

This was A$10.00 with replacements A$6.00.
Card details appear after the application so you can start using it online. Virtual / Digital cards are free in the app.

Don't have an account yet?
Check out the other threads for sign up bonuses / refrerral credits etc

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Referrer receives £50 for every 3 signups and/or £15 . Referee receives one free transfer.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +7

    You pay
    30 AUD

    Total fees

    You get
    30 AUD

    • It is still your money on your Wise account.

      • +1

        Getting it out of your Wise account has some cost though IIRC

        • +2

          Yes, I think if you have Revolut, it may not be useful to open this. The main reason is this card turned to VISA too.

          • +8

            @Neoika: Wise gives you interbank rates like Revolut, however they don't have the 1% fee that Revolut has on weekends.
            Both Wise & Revolut are usually way better than the Visa set rates you get from ING, Citibank, 28 Deg etc.

            It makes no difference if it's Visa or Mastercard, because you're getting their own rates, not the Visa/Mastercard set rates.

            • @bonezAU: What about comparison in terms of conversion and deposit/withdrawal fees charged between Wise and Revolut?

            • +1

              @bonezAU: I have been using ING frequently for international purchases in USD and I get almost exact interbank rates that you see on Google.

              • @mynameisborat: same no complain with ING DB, But with Combank Low Gold fee mastercard got poor rate like an extra $3 AUD for like a $70 USD transaction (And combank puts another international transaction fee on top of this usually, But that was removed from my CC because It was a CC with No int. trans fee)

              • @mynameisborat: It's not the same. ING is giving you the Visa rates which are set once a day and stay the same for 24 hours, whereas Revolut & Wise give you much closer to the live real mid-market forex rates which fluctuate constantly whenever the forex markets are open.

                Comparing on a weekend is not ideal, wait until after lunch tomorrow and compare the two side by side, you will see the difference. Visa's rates also changes a couple of days later once the transaction settles whereas Revolut & Wise's rates are final (like Mastercard).

    • There’s a fee to get your $30 AUD back of about $0.57 lol

  • +2

    $30 minimum deposit to get the card, got one but just worth noting

    • Thanks! Updating the deal.
      I have some USD sitting in my account so it didn't prompt me.

  • +3

    Just found it rebranded to VISA. It was MasterCard!

    The picture on OZB still shows it should be a MasterCard.

    • +1

      I got that green card couple on months ago and it was already Visa then.

  • +1

    Isn’t Wise’s physical cards using Mastercard instead of Visa?

  • +1

    Does it give you disposable virtual credit card numbers ?

    • +1

      Yes. I just ordered it and found Virtual CC option. I can create more than one. It is a bit disappointing to realise it is rebranded from MasterCard to VISA now.

      • +1

        Can you screen shot option for virtual card

        • It took me a while to find it but if you swipe left on the icon for your physical card on the Account screen in the app (mine is a green icon), you can create digital cards.

      • Good to hear, can't seem to find anything about that on their website, do they call it a "Virtual Credit Card" or somtheing else?

        • Yes, it is a new feature and also has long expiry like the physical card.

      • +1

        Could be handy for mastercard deals(?) like ones that popped up recently?

      • I can confirm this gives access to Multiple Virtual Debit card (Virtual no disposable, aka they dont get disposed automatically like Revolute ones). But from my experience it will like stop issuing you virtual card after you hit a certain number of card e.g. may be 20 Cards max in a 2 month time or something like that

        • I tried it out and it seems simple enough. It's weird that they don't seem to have any information on this though, like the exact number of cards you can create in a time period.

  • +4

    why do ppl use this? what is the benefit ?

    • -3

      Yes, one bank one card is much simpler.

    • +2

      Intl withdrawal of funds that you can load in another currency (eg AUD) with much lower fees than banks

      • Just had a look at HSBC website. They charge $8 for transfers.
        WISE is free, isn't it?

      • Is this card any different from the citibank debit card with free international withdrawal of funds?

        • Yes, the rate is much better

    • I'd like to know to thanks!

    • +3

      one is you get “local” account number for oversea to deposit into your account.

    • +3

      Banks actually transfer funds between them, when you do it internationally and add all the admin and ‘we charge you because we are your only option and we can’ charges, transferring money is quite costly.

      Transferwise has local accounts. You move money from one account to another local account Transferwise controls, and they give you the same amount minus their cut in the country you want to transfer in. So no money has to leave the country.

      At least it was like that. They evolved a lot.

      Useful because basically once you have money on your account, you basically have that money everywhere around the world they operate with usually less cost than any other bank.

      Also you can receive money as local in another country and transfer to your account outside of the place of deposit. Helps avoid taxes, fees etc. depending on your situation and what you are getting paid for.

      Pretty handy if you travel a lot or do tiny business around the world I think.

      • +2

        I use this to pay my netflix turkey account. Also use it to transfer to another currency.

    • I guess you can exchange at the best rate instead be under the bank withdraw moment, consider 1aud its been 0.72€

  • The card I have from them is a Mastercard and is a physical one and no sign that I have to change that. I can use it in Google Pay as well. But there is also now an option to get digital Visa cards too.

    • Yes, it is a recent change. All card pictures on Wise have MasterCard trademark icon removed and VISA trademark icon was not even added yet.

    • there's no difference bwteen the visa and mastercard?

      it's the same account it withdraws money from

      • +1

        Sometimes you get deals with MC or Visa like this:


        • +1

          Or free Amazon prime for deliveries

      • In Australia, there is no difference, excluding some deals.
        But in other developing countries, they are different.
        Some accept Visa, some accept Mastercard.

  • Has anyone used them to transfer money from EU? I can’t find many reviews…

    • +1

      I use them to receive USD wire transfers from eTrade in the US. Much lower fees than the HSBC borderless account I used prior.

      • Does it require a lot of identity checks?

        • Yes, to open the USD account it needed the usual 2 pcs of ID

    • +1

      it give me usa account number where people in US can just deposit locally $7.50 flat fee, it also have British Pound and Euro which i think work same way

      • +1

        Yes I have a UK account number that I've used to get money transferred between here and there.

      • Only USA charge a fee. UK & Euro don’t charge for local transactions, unless specific bank wants a cut

    • +1

      I’ve had my account for 3 years now. Have transferred to & from Euro, GBP & USD. Very smooth & inexpensive operation once the money is in the “Wise sphere”.
      I recommend opening local Wise accounts in all countries where you are going to transact and avoid using local banks in those countries where possible

      • So are you saying register for multiple accounts (username and password), then order a card for each account?
        Sorry, I am a newbie to this sphere, what's the purpose of doing that?

        Now I create one account, saying my country is Australia, deposit 30 AUD to get a card, then I can convert the 30AUD to any currency, right?

        Waiting for your response, thanks

        • No, you just open one "transferwise account" and then select all the currencies you want and it will open separate "accounts" for them all in your homepage (and give you separate account numbers, sort codes, BSB for each currency you wanted)

          • @Webber000: Thanks for your reply, I just created one "Transferwise account". Will receive a card soon.

            I found I can add balance in many currencies as I want. But to open accounts, there are only limited options, there is no account available for Japan and China, which means I can't have an account in these two countries, right? Then how can I receive money in JPY or RMB? What's the point of converting my AUD balance to them?

            Feel it's a nice tool for FX, thanks for sharing and patient explaining.

            • +1

              @paulatsydney: @paulatsydney

              Theyre actually quite a confusing company the way they do and name things (and keep changing the names) but basically you can get currency in almost any country and the main benefit is you can lock in and buy and store your currency at a rate when you think its good and then spend it later or transfer if you need to pay someone person or a foreign bill.

              The fact that you can only get an account for about 20 countries is basically like getting a bank account. It gives you a sort code / BSB etc so that other people can pay you (into your transferwise account like it's a bank you could get paid your wages etc in these 20 counties/currencies and you can do direct debit and standing orders and other things like a bank account. Depends what you need.
              If you're just going on holiday to Brazil for example you wouldn't open a bank account as you don't need it so just loading the currency is enough for most people.

    • +2

      Yes, I have transferred money from EU to AU and vice versa. mostly goes through in seconds. Couple times has taken hours or a day.

    • +1

      I did , both way payId it’s the best way

  • Do you have to maintain 30$ balance?

  • Thanks OP. ordered one.

  • +1

    Tried to make an account but apparently I already have one. Reset my password, logged in and requested a Visa. $0 in my account, didn't ask for any payment nor deposit.

    • +1

      $30 deposit is required to open a new account, not for existing account to order this card.

  • +2

    tthe fact you can instant pay INTO it and then move it to another currency that someone else can pull out if they have the physica or virtual is very handy

    • Could you please clarify this? If I deposit AUD and move to Euro, how can someone pull this money out? Will I have to give them virtual card details? And then will they have transfer this money to their other bank account?

  • +1

    Random question, seems to be a few banks moving debit cards and the like from Mastercard to visa, wonder why that is?

    • -1

      Visa is partnering with more crypto providers like Binance and Crypto.com
      Having a partnership with visa gives access to a broader customer base who use crypto

      • +2

        I think it is a lot less to do with crypto (what's the relevance - you don't strictly need visa to visa transfers, it is visa to merchant regardless of that merchant's virtual card provider) but moreso a general friendliness towards virtual card products from visa.

        What leads me to believe this is the case is the sheer number of vcc products using visa - crypto.com, zip, AfterPay, wise, revolut etc

        Then again, there are some aligned with MC such as humm and Bundll (same parent co)

        Likely just comes down to fees and support for vcc functionality.

    • I'm actually seeing opposite, most of my Visa cards were replaced by MC.

  • -1

    Any credit checks?

    • No, it is Rechargeable Debit Card

  • I can understand benefit if you need to pay or receive money in other currencies but for a traveller like me, wouldn't it be same to use ING card for free ATM withdrawals and payment in local currency? Does this offer any more benefit for the traveller like better exchange rate than ING?

    • +1

      No, this attract a very small fees, when moving currency, and only $300 free ATM withdraw per month (and i think still get stung with “vendor” fees). if you maintain the ING card its definitely better

      • Thanks huu. Reading above someone suggested this is better over ING.
        If there is $300 withdrawal limit, then that's no good.

      • Note that these changes all the time. Looks like ATM withdrawal limit is AU$350 now and still no fees/limit for spending on transactions.

    • Free ATM withdrawals is one part of the equation. The other is the rate + commission charged for FX. You'd need to do that analysis.

  • Not sure what advantage this would have over Revolut.

    Also, what's the go Visa vs Mastercard? Why one cares?

    • VISA vs Mastercard.. Its all political now that Jeff Bezos got involved 😁

    • Revolut is a competitor. Which is better comes down to features and fees. I transfer USD to AUD several times a year and for my use case wise comes out ahead. Ymmv

    • Sometimes you get deals with MC or Visa like this:


  • +6

    Wise is great. Regularly use to convert to and from JPY.

    Copped a card, thanks OP.

    FYI for anyone wanting to take the $30 deposit straight back out, you'll lose a total of $0.57 sending it back to your Australian bank account.

    • Can you use the same $30 for transferring money to someone in another country?

      • Yes you can use the money for any service offered by Wise including transferring/exchanging

    • In the Account option on Wise.com, you don't have a choice to open a Japan account, then how do you receive money from Japan?

      • I just added a JPY account. I'm using the app, and it took like 5 seconds.

        As I said I send and receive (from a bank account in Japan).

        • Thanks for sharing. I hope I can send a screenshot.
          In the app, click the second tab at the bottom - Account, click Account details, inside that it lists 10 Available account details, from Australian Dollar to Turkish Lira. At the bottom, there is a link "Looking for a different currency?", I clicked it, inside that, I click Japanese Yen, it told me "Got it, when we have news on that, we will send you mail" which means so far it's unavailable.

          Did I do something wrong?

          • @paulatsydney: Sorry I believe I'm actually talking about a JPY "Balance", not "Account". Sorry to mislead, I don't exchange for my own use- I just send and receive AUD/JPY pair

            • @Jayblesz: No worries, appreciate your clarification.

              Then may I ask how you received JPY? E.g. you need to receive Japanese Yen after selling products/services in Japan, how to receive it into your Wise account? Did you just give the purchaser your name and card number of this Wise card so that they can transfer to?

    • Add another tenner and withdraw from ATM for free.

    • -1

      If you withdraw it from the ATM you should get $30 correct?

      • Do ATMs near you do $10 notes?

        • No idea. havent used cash for many years.

    • Can't you withdraw it from atm or make transfer using your card via Revolut (I thought its 300 AUD/month fee free cashwithdrawl at least when i used to have it

  • Can this be topped up with a regular debit card to take advantage of spend requirements for bonus interest (e.g. Westpac Life, ING Savings Maximiser)?

    • Yes but you pay fee for adding money from debit cards.

      • Damn, that's a shame.

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