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No Fees on Your First Transfer (up to A$1000) with Transferwise


Updating previous deal from 2017 (for those unaware), over the 6-month dupe exception rule.

Invite 3 friends and earn 145 AUD
When you recommend TransferWise to friends…
… they get a free international transfer of up to A$1000…
…and if they all transfer over A$300…
…you get A$145. Everybody wins!

Terms & Conditions

Forgot to use your friend’s invite link?
Add it here. We’ll give you a fee-free transfer, and your friend will be a step closer to their referral bonus.

  • Clarification on Title: Your first transfer is fee-free, with a $1000 AUD cap on the transfer. Subsequent transfers incur normal fees.

Referral Links

Referral: random (867)

Referrer receives £50 for every 3 signups and/or £15 . Referee receives one free transfer.

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