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Colorful iGame RTX 3060 Ultra White OC $866 or BiliBili $916 / RTX 3070 Neptune $1316 / RTX 3080 Neptune $1966 + Del @ Evatech


Prices below are AFTER $333 discount coupon code has been applied, before shipping (if needed, pick up also an option).

iGame RTX3060 Ultra OC White Edition $866
iGame RTX3060 e-Sports BiliBili Limited Edition $916
iGame RTX3070 Neptune OC $1316
iGame RTX3080 Neptune OC $1966 [SOLD OUT]

Enter code CYBERCFL at checkout to apply the discount, while stocks last or ends midnight tomorrow (Tuesday 30/11)

Multiple shipping options at checkout starting from $14.95 for Metro areas, prices variable based on location and service. Car park click and collect available to those in Melbourne (from our Keysborough 3173 location)

Anticipating questions in the comments
  • Yes, everything is LHR, no we don't have any non-LHR, no we don't have an ETA for non-LHR, we assume never.
  • No, we cannot offer any other discounts on any other brands / models even if you ask very nicely. Sorry.
  • Yes, launch MSRP was less. We hate the chip shortage and pandemic too. Sorry. HODL if you can but we wouldn't bet on the situation improving in the foreseeable future.
  • No back orders will be accepted. Offer strictly while stocks last.
  • 3 year warranty across all Colorful / iGame GPUs, via us as the retailer, no need to ship overseas. (might be obvious to most of you reading this but without fail someone always asks).
Important Notes
  • At the moment we're keeping on top of things and 99% of orders are being dispatched same or next business day but as you are probably very aware if you've purchased anything online recently, logistics delays are common place across the board. Please bare this in mind. Once in the hands of the courier, later than anticipated delivery will not be considered grounds for cancellation, return or refund. That being said, the majority of parcels are being delivered on time and all parcels are insured against loss or damage in transit. Should the worst happen, you'll be refunded in full but it does take time to lodge an insurance claim and jump through all the hoops to get it sorted out.
  • Please please please do not order a Neptune (or any other card for that matter, but especially the Neptune) if it won't fit in your case. The fact that it doesn't fit won't be accepted as a reason to return it. If you think it'll be a tight fit or you're forgetting about tubing length… maybe just play it safe and go with a non-AIO version.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +4

    I checked this particular 3070 yesterday and this morning and it was $1399. They increased it to $1649 just before they introduced the discount. Bit dodgy. Google webcached version of the page proves this. Same with the other models as well.

    • +1

      That was a discounted sale offer price. We simply changed the promotion to a new/different discount. One that requires a promo code instead of no code. Base price shouldn't have changed. Although we understand how it might appear, that was not our intention.

      Doesn't really change the 'deal' based on the product on offer for the price it's offered for, but that's up to you I guess.

      • +1

        Cool, thanks for that explanation. I've revoked the neg

    • I'm abit 2 sided on this. The prices are below the previous price however it's obvious price jacking. I think if OP wasn't a store rep then this would be fine but I'm down voting just because it's a store rep promoting dodgy behaviour.

      • Noted, guess next time we'll go a different approach so as to avoid confusion. Purpose was to offer the above pricing on the above options. One simple promo code for each seemed the like more streamlined easy approach. Next time we'll go no code, or 4 different codes with different discount amounts…

      • I don't think it was price jacking. The RRP has gone up, I don't see a problem with that.

        • It was $1399 '$220 off', implying an rrp of $1619

          Now the rrp is $1649.

          This is not honest advertising. They should either reference the rrp (which is less than both these figures), or reference their own previous price. They don't get to make up any rrp they feel like.

      • Its a further discount… this deal incorporates the previous sale. Its the equivalent of, for today items are further reduced…

  • A bit late to the party unfortunately, I would have bought the 3070 yesterday.

  • Hi EvaTech, are there any sales on 3060tis?

    • Sorry, not this time around.

  • +1

    Anyone have any feedback on iGame cards?
    Also $49 Delivery to Perth metro???

    • +2

      Jayz2cents and TechYesCity on YouTube have some reviews of a few current gen models.

      Edit : shipping prices to WA can be rough as we're based in Melbourne. Unfortunately they reflect the actual cost of the delivery service. Neptune cards in particular come in massive boxes so they don't fit in courier or auspost satchel.

      • +1

        Thanks, Ill give it a go. Order placed.

    • Very happy with my Colorful iGame 3080, just over a year old now!

  • Hi EvaTech,

    I see that you have a 3-year warranty on these cards. Will my warranty be voided if I apply a thermal paste upgrade? (and of course not mess up) I would like to apply my thermal grizzly paste unless there is something better already pasted in.


    • Cannot confirm or deny, sorry. That would be a question for Colorful. To err on the side of caution I would say that's a no-no but if colorful give you the greenlight we'd of course accept the RA for processing. That being said they perform very well with the factory thermal paste so there may not be all that much to be gained by repasting them anyway.

  • -1

    Colorful brand, cheap and nasty, heat and noise are bloody awful.

    • +2

      Strong disagree, especially on the Neptunes, which are among the quietest and coolest cards on the market.

    • +2

      From my exp, they are better than Gigabyte

    • +1

      The neptune cards are cool and quiet.

    • https://youtu.be/q_VC_00wcMU

      This guy went through 55 cards and analysed them all (very thoroughly mine you) and the Neptune OC 3080 came up third.

      I would have pulled the trigger but am hodl atm cause I have a 2080ti which is “enough” atm

    • Not in my experience, very happy with the unit.

      Super glad I went with it over the EVGA / Gigabyte.

      In terms of thermal it exceeded expectations in almost every case.

      In addition it performed exceptionally whilst OC'ing and UV'ing.

      I can barely hear it in comparison to other GPU's I've used.

      The MAJOR downside was how freaking large it was, but fortunately it fit in my case.

      Don't be misled, the English marketing / naming for this card is terrible but they're very good.

  • Hi OP,
    Could you provide any deal on 3060tis?

    • Sorry, would if we could.

  • +1

    Solid cyber monday deals evatech. Only be better if you let the discount ride on the Kudan too :)

    • +1

      It's currently on sale at $500 off. If we swapped it to this promo it would be a price increase!

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