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Aputure MC RGB Light $132 (Was $169) Delivered @ Emgreat via Amazon AU


About this item
🏆【Any Color】: The MC is Aputure's first light to include full color , Saturation & Intensity (HSI) color control. With 360° of color and 100 levels of saturation adjustment, you have the power to conveniently reproduce any color, all in the palm of your hand.
🏆【Stellar Color Quality】: As with all Aputure lights, the MC prides itself in its color rendition, with CRI and TLCI scores of 96+, and SSI scores of 84 in tungsten and 74 in daylight. RGBWW: By adding two additional white LEDs — one balanced at tungsten and a second at daylight, the Aputure MC reproduces color better and more accurately than ever before.
🏆【HSI/CCT/FX Lighting Modes】: The Aputure MC allows you to be more flexible in your filmmaking, providing multiple lighting modes to suit your needs. In addition to HSI Color Mode, the MC allows you to adjust your white light with CCT Mode, or use built-in lighting effects presets with FX Mode. In the MC's FX mode to help you out in a pinch. Lighting effects include: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Faulty bulb, Lightning, TV, Pulsing, Fire, Party, Cop Car.
🏆【Sidus Link Control】: The Sidus Mesh technology built into the MC allows you to control up to 100 lights in a stable network simultaneously via the Sidus Link mobile app. Sidus Link allows for finer control of the light's HSI, CCT, and FX functions by enabling additional control methods and parameters; and the Color Picker supports you to simply point your phone's camera at a color, capture it, and your light will reproduce it instantly.
🏆【Wireless Charging】: The MC is compatible with the Qi wireless charging protocol, enabling it to be used with the majority of the wireless chargers on the market. Simply place it on a wireless charging pad and the MC will be ready when you need it. Also, The USB Type-C charging interface, support the PD (Power Delivery) quick charging protocol. With 18W USB-C PD charging, the MC can reach a full charge in a little over 90 minutes.

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  • Any one used this before?

  • +1

    I purchased this recently (still haven’t got it in hand). Is someone able to shed some light on any differences that justify the price gap between these products? Just curious.

  • How does this compare with Smallrig M160 RGBLED Light https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/667913

  • I have two of these. They're great portable lights. I use them when away from my home office and I need to look good for calls. I had something similar to the smallrig lights mentioned above. Being able to change the temperature is nice, but I wanted to be able to change the colour too. I like to have a hint of colour in the background.

    The diffuser on these lights is a lot nicer than the smallrig ones. The lights I had used a similar diffuser and it was tiring on my eyes. It also wasn't as good at spreading the light. I don't know if this is an issue with the smallrig version, but my lights would always overheat when trying to run them and charge them at the same time. This was really annoying when I needed to use them for more than an hour or so. I haven't had this issue with the Aputures.

    The app control is pretty handy. It allows faster adjustment than using the controls on the lights themselves. If you want to get two lights exactly the same colour it is super quick compared to doing it on the lights themselves.

    Being able to charge them with Qi is a bonus. I will often leave one on my Qi charger while the other hangs off my laptop charger.

    If I had to choose between these and the smallrig lights, I'd go for these.

    • The app controls seems to be the best features of these imo.. but for 1/3 of the price.. unless you really need the features that comes with the app, smallrigs seems like the no brainer choice.

    • your dp checks out!

  • Quick comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzZ8EKFFSn8


    • Aputure: smaller, Qi charge, app controlled, easier to use
    • Smallrig: Bigger, More battery, can be used as a battery to charge camera/phone, more temperature range
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