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Ulanzi Vijim R70 RGB Light Panel US$48.97 (~A$68.86) Delivered @ Ulanzi


Decided to share this deal, first time posting. Bit late to posting as this is the last day.


  • store prices are in USD
  • free shipping on orders over $59 USD
  • only one coupon code can be used at a time i.e. cannot mix and match 20% and 30% off items in the one order
  • don't know what time the deal ends exactly, only that it ends 29th
  • store located in china, don't know how long shipping will take


This is a portable RGB light panel about the size of a smartphone. If you need something like that for video/photo work then it could be a good buy. I'll be using it for products and accent/highlighting purposes. It's not very big so it won't be that soft - depends on what you're shooting.

I've looked at all the reviews and videos I could find and it seems decent. On amazon, it has a 4.4 rating with 52 reviews. One negative review said it didn't last as long as it claimed, I cannot confirm or deny as I have not tested. Can't find any testing online either - pretty much all videos are people who were sent units.

Specs, features and controls are nothing special. Most units from other brands are about the same.

Features that I like:

  • built in articulating arm
  • magnetic
  • 5000mAh battery or 2+ hours run time at max brightness (according to specs)
  • aluminium case design

Dislike: no attachments. They sell another model called the VL196 which has no articulating arm but come with a diffusing panel and honeycomb grid. Very useful but decided to go with the articulating arm instead.


Single unit is $69.95 USD which is about $98 AUD.

With 30% off it becomes about $69 AUD (add a bit for currency conversion/fees with your bank or card).

Buying 3 units nabs you an extra $10 off bringing each unit to just over $65 AUD each.

This is very cheap in the category of portable phone sized RGB lights. Locally sold models from other brands are well over $100.

I also wanted to pick up some MT-14 mini tripods to use with the lights, worked out cheaper getting it from aliexpress instead of using the 20% code. So check prices of items against other sellers (should be doing this for everything you buy anyway).

The aforementioned VL196 is only about $54 AUD with the 30% discount (below the free shipping threshold).

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Good effort post. Lots of useful information. Thanks!

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