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Tecware Phantom RGB Mechanical Keyboard Brown Switch $36.08 (Was $74.95) Delivered @ AZ AU


Just saw this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/668577
Tried it on a couple of items and this worked.
Seems like a pretty good deal with free delivery
Try a couple of items with this code you might get lucky

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    it is a good deal

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    Wonder what workmates will save with the click click of the keyboard lol

    • It's brown, not blue.

    • My browns were too much for them so I had to add rubber o rings. Probably going to add another lot as I think it's still too much.

      • A second set of O-rings? That might make it hard for the keys to actuate by reducing the travel length, wouldn't it? I guess if you have an optical switch that actuates quite high up then it might possibly work. I upgraded to a Roccat Vulcan Pro earlier this year and I've got a few leftover O-rings from the set I bought at the same time, I'll see if I can find them and give that a try on a few keys.

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          I tried and there's plenty of room for them.

      • It might be the reverb inside the case, with the desk or/and the noise from upstroke (o-rings only dampen noises from stem hitting the bottom, not hitting the top) as well. At least second part can be somewhat mitigated with a desk mat or a towel.

        • I have a cheap mechanical keyboard with knock off switches.

          • @Clear: Still same concept, since a lot of the modern mechanical keyboard switches borrows from Cherry MX design. I guess all of them would apply to other types of switches as well, but eh.

            Actually a cheaper mechanical keyboard might benefit more slight modding such as stuffing the case with sound dampening foam (I just use non-slip drawer liner) since they tend to be hollow.

            • @iridiumstem: Basically any sound is too much for my colleagues to handle. Or more accurately keys like the spacebar will obviously make more sound. The only thing I can fault about the keyboard is that some of the side RGB can't be turned off and they keys wobble too much.


              • @Clear: Spacebar sound problem probably is the stabiliser rattle + keycap being huge. The link tells me that it's sculpted after SA keycaps… hmmm, how tall is the keycap? If it is super tall compared to other mechanical keyboard, the keycap might be another cause of the noise amplification.

                You probably could put some foam inside the space bar cap as well (like this).

                Another thing you could do is just get an interdental brush and dielectric grease to lube the stabs without pulling the keyboard apart? Eh that's an option that can get messy.

            • @iridiumstem: That's a good idea. Since mine is a low-profile design there's no room for sound dampening inside, but what I did was buy a cheap XXL mousemat off eBay and put that underneath. Combined with the O-rings it's really helped with reducing noise. (Pro tip: if you go with the cheap mouse pad option, after receiving it leave it outside in the fresh air for a day or so and let the rubber smell dissipate. I didn't do that at first and it nearly overwhelmed me the first day I tried to use it!)

              • @Chazzozz: The foam goes inside the case underneath the PCB, so between PCB and the case, so it'd likely have room inside. Though, that'd likely be on the more intrusive side of modding (because you have to open the case up).

                I for example had to do that with Razer's Huntsman TE, which was extremely hollow inside. Opening it up was permanent (as in they have a sticker to indicate whether you have opened the device up or not). They've fixed the hollowness with later iteration V2 models.

                • @iridiumstem: Hmm…my original Vulcan 100 (my office KB) is 2yo now so well & truly out of warranty, I might crack it open and check how much space there is in there. Plus, depending on how enthusiastically I'm typing it can ping a bit, so any extra dampening would be a bonus. I looked on the back of the Vulcan Pro (my home KB) and it also has the label covering two of the screw holes, but since I've only had it less than 6 months I'll leave it alone for now. Having said that, I find the optical switches of the Pro are waaaayyy quieter than the mechanical switches of the 100, especially since I can type with a much lighter key press.

                  • @Chazzozz: Frankly speaking, it might not be worth the hassle. I'd kinda leave it as a last resort unless you are really bothered by it and want to try everything. I'd probably lube the switch (spring and the stem) and the stab if I am doing everthing, but again, can be a too much of a hassle.

                    As with the noise, I am guessing that you are not bottoming out as much because of the higher actuation point that gaming keyboard optical switches tend to have. You can technically type like that on a different mechanical keyboard as well and type "lighter". My wife tend to press the keys until she bottoms out, and she bottoms out hard for example, and her typing is much noisier than mine as a result.

    • I always have brown keys at work. They're best for my RSI and nerve damage.

      Workmates can shove their click click comments where the sun don't shine!

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        If you are interested in mechanical keyboards, there are quieter switches as well. I think Gazzew U4 would be compatiable with these boards because the switch is made by Outemu (as an "enthusiast switch", so they are on the expensive side with tighter tolerance etc etc).

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    Good deal. Thanks OP, bought one.

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    wish it worked on the TKL. got one anyway. Thanks OP. awesome deal! I'm finally in the game

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    Nsver heard of this website before.. time to do a quick.check

    The trust score of azau.com.au is fair.

    Positive highlights
    We found a valid SSL certificate (source: Xolphin SSL Check)
    Online shopping features were detected (use our shopping scam checklist)
    This website offers payment methods which offer a "money back services"
    This website is trusted by Trend Micro

    Negative highlights
    We did not find a lot of websites linking to this site
    The website is located in a high risk country.
    The shop seems to be selling well-known brands from a high-risk country

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      Australian business, paying with PayPal so safer to buy I guess?

      • +1

        I have to agree….

        If it's dodgy.. then PayPal it and get your money back…

    • +2

      Should have checked on OzBargain as that'll tell you more useful information. AZAU is PC Byte.

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    Thanks Op. Paid with paypal.

  • I so wanted to like this board but a different switch would start ghosting every week. Returned it and bought a Keychron instead.

    • How bad was it?

      • A, S and D all got replaced with the spares, D twice. Then M and U crapped out seemingly simultaneously.

        By crapped out I mean that it wouldn't register a keystroke 10% of the time.

        • Interesting, I've owned a Tecware Phantom 10 Keyless with browns for over 2 years with no issues.

          • @Nereosis: The issue would have to be on Outemu's end if a switch replacement would fix it, which is why I wouldn't want to buy it again since so many separate parts failed.

            I bought mine in August this year.

    • Same here, can confirm I've had multiple keys failing to register after only a month. Haven't had time to sort out the return/warranty process but will need to do it asap.

      Was a nightmare writing up a thesis these past few weeks…

      • I emailed Tecware first and they told me to contact the original shop which for me was AZ eShop which was through Amazon. I contacted Amazon support via live chat and the guy on the other end got me an extension on the return and a postage label.

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    Niceeee! Got 1 thanks OP!

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    Thanks Op

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    I'll personally skip but looks like a good deal. Didn't realise there were hotswappable full sized keyboards.

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    Looking for a gaming keyboard. Is this a good one? Thanks

    • +2

      Yes, it's the same as the Kogan one.
      Been using it for COD for 2 years. Works well.
      Survived many Warzone hacker rage quits.

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    Seems better than kogan mechanical keyboard. Let’s see if they come through

  • +1

    Bought one. Thanks OP.

  • A silly question. Is his a gaming keyboard?

    • +1

      Brown Switches are very good for gaming, yes.

  • Damn..got my keychron yesterday but this is too good to pass at this price….

  • OOS

  • +1

    Really thought this was Amazon haha

  • Looks like it's back to $65 ish

  • Anyone got it shipped yet?

  • Still nothing about shipment…

  • +1

    Received mine today.

    • Nice. Mine just got shipped

      • Nice… Just got SMS saying my one has been collected. Hopefully gets here next week if I've been a good boy and Santa is feeling generous.

  • +1

    Received yesterday. Really amazed to see how the build quality is! So solid/heavy. Well, it's my first gaming keyboard though.

    For less than $40 including shipping, it's a steal!

  • Got mine yesterday, just had a chance to use it. It works REALLY well.Feels nice when i type

  • Spent 20 minutes to search Chrome history trying to get back to this thread. Happy to see some got their. I still got no communication from the store. Hopefully it will come before Christmas.

  • Same .. came back to thread to check if anyone got .. No update for me .. no email .. no sms :(

  • anyone in WA received?

  • Got mine in Melb.
    Love it!
    Kudos to OP!

  • almost a month now still haven't received. never buy from them anymore

  • Like most people in WA it seems, I am still waiting. It's the same with packages from Amazon though. I have one that's been sitting in a Perth warehouse for two weeks now.

    • It arrived today. It only took a month and a half.

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