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Jabra Speak 710 UC Speaker, Black for $193.80 + $11.34 Shipping @ Amazon UK via AU


RRP $423.50. Typically available for $250-300
Very good for WFH Zoom and MS Teams calls

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Great price for a great device!

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    Not clear why you wouldn't just get the
    Jabra Speak 510. Cheaper, lighter, and according to the comparison on Jabra, the only thing notably different is the 710 comes with a Bluetooth adaptor.


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      Not sure why anyone bother with this for home use really…

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        Have had one for years (non Teams version but works fine with Teams) and the freedom it gives you if you work from home a lot is great. Much less fatiguing than putting headphones on and off all day long, it's a good looking device that doesn't take up much desk space, sounds great both ways, doesn't ruin your hair 🤣. In short, you won't know what you're missing until you try it, but after you have you won't look back.

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    Just beware that the mic on these type of device will pick up sound from any angle. Good for conference room but not ideal if you work in a slightly noisy environments (ie next to a road/typing/next to someone). You need to turn up noise reduction to the Max which makes you sound like robot.

    You can get rode NT-USB mini ($122) + Creative pebbles V3 ($49) or TWS earbuds and you will get much better mic for home use and better more versatile speaker that you can use to listen to music. Heck, even boya m1($25) sounded much better than this.

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      I have one of these devices and yes, it'll pick up everything, however, Teams now has inbuilt adjustable background noise filtering and it works brilliantly (even filtering out loud rain on the roof, cats etc.) so I wouldn't worry about that now IMHO.

      • noise filtering and it works brilliantly

        I find a lot of people mistake clarity with quality.
        Background noise filtering is not magic. Even with very powerful hardware ( ie RTX Noise ) it still takes out a big chunk of sound resolution.

        • If you were in a sound studio I'd agree with you, but when you're doing 40 video meetings a week, the quality of this combined with the background noise cancelling is far above the average quality and easily good enough for the stated use case.

          • @BoundedRationality: If you were at a conference room with more than 1 people I'd agree with you, but when you do web conference by yourself in a room that is not sound-treated then its advantage becomes its drawback. The background noise cancelling have to work harder which result in poorer voice quality.

            Just to be clear - I don't have an issue with the quality of this device, in fact, we put forward a proposal to replace $2000 cisco Webex speaker with 750 series for the smaller meeting rooms.

            If you want similar function ( but cheaper and sounds better ) - I suggest Anker Soundcore2. It sound almost like the bose soundlink with decent mic. You can take it to shower if that's your thing.

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    If you have a higher budget, should consider getting 750 instead.
    Since 710 is NOT full duplex (when you speak, you won't be able to hear the person on the other side. I am sure most of you that working from home know what I mean)

  • It looks like the price is $249 now. Expired?

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