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8bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller Classic/Black/Grey Edition $57.99 Delivered @ Heybattery via Kogan


I've been keeping an eye out on this controller and waiting for it to reach under $60 again and almost pulled the trigger on getting the one from EB Games on sale @$68 but noticed that Kogan/Dick Smith have it down to $58 delivered(Grey stock), all colours available which will be good to use up any Kogan gift cards you may have stored over the Shopback gift card deals in recent weeks.
If you have Kogan First as well, you can even get it for a dollar cheaper @ $57 delivered.

Kogan $57.99 from seller Heybattery

Grey - https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/heybattery-8bitdo-pro-2-bluetoo...
Black - https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/8bitdo-pro-2-bluetooth-controll...
Classic - https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/8bitdo-pro-2-bluetooth-controll...

Alternative listing on Dick Smith $57.99 from seller Heybattery

Grey - https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/heybattery-8bitdo-pro-2-...

Kogan [With First Membership] $57 delivered from seller VChain Global

Grey - https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/8bitdo-pro-2-bluetooth-controll...
Black - https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/8bitdo-pro-2-bluetooth-controll...
Classic - https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/8bitdo-pro-2-bluetooth-controll...

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  • +3

    I ordered one from here a while back and it took absolutely ages to arrive, like 2 months.

    • Could you please share your experience dbell? I am so tempted, but I only have a Switch a home. The price is very close to Switch Pro Controller when I combined various discounts

      • +1

        Mine came in a week.

        They're very good controllers. Only con is that they can't wake the Switch from sleep. Good build quality.

        I have the previous model and have got this one too.

      • Sure, the controller itself is excellent quality, right down to the packaging which I was surprised by. I was very impressed by it, the controls feel solid and high quality. I have had no issues with it. I mainly use it on emulators on the PC so I cannot make comment about using it for the switch. It does say on the box that it is compatible with Switch, Windows, Android, Steam & MacOS. It come with batteries, a usb cable and the controller itself.

      • My main gripe is the Rear trigger buttons as I feel the travel is too long.

        I know you can adjust the sensitivity in the software but I prefer a more mechanical instant click.

        • I've got a SN30 pro and its got clicky triggers. Only downside is it doesn't have the extended grips.

      • +3

        I'll just chime in as well. I bought it for my Switch, but found the rumble very overpowering, it was almost nauseating. It's very different to the rumble on the normal joycons. This was so even when I turned it down. In games like Lumines, where vibrations are made to accord with the music, the rumble on the 8bitDo seemed to always be on. I eventually got the switch pro controller and compared them side by side. If just for the Switch, I liked the pro controller much more. The off hand analogue placement was much more comfortable to me (as I am accustomed to the Xbox controller layout, and have never owned a PlayStation). If you are used to the PS layout, the 8bitdo may be more comfortable. Also, I didn't think it would annoy me, but not being able to wake the Switch from sleep is a nice feature to have if you like keeping the controller lying around on the couch or close to it and not having to get up to turn the Switch on. Finally, the triggers on the 8bitdo are proper analogue triggers. Although this is better for PC games and such, it is actually a drawback for Switch games that are designed with the Switch on/off triggers instead. For me, it made long jumps in Mario Odyssey for example annoying. It was much easier and more accurate for me to do them on the Switch pro controller that didn't have a lot of travel in the triggers and just 'click' on, like the joy cons. I, too, was only looking at the controller for my Switch, and comparing both just for that, the Switch pro controller won easily. If you need a controller for Switch as well as PC and maybe phone, then the 8bitDo is good.

      • +5

        There are a few differences to consider.
        - The SN doesn't wake the switch from sleep
        - The build quality is comparable between them
        - The triggers on the pro controller are clicky, the SN ones are analogue (longer pull).
        - The Sticks are offset on the pro, and parallel on the SN
        - Both are great controllers and feel great in hand.
        - If you're playing AAA first party switch games, I'd go with the Pro. If you're playing more indie titles or retro games, go with the SN.
        - Or buy both like me, and make posts about the differences for others :)

      • Thanks everyone for your comments

    • I ordered a game from Kogan and a controller, and they were both shipped seperately. and although it took just over a week to actually post, both parcels were stuck in Aus Post Hell for 3 weeks.

  • +1

    Can't speak for the Pro 2 but I have the SN30 Pro+ which I believe is the one below this, and it's been a fantastic controller.

    Can't go wrong at this price for the newer one!

    • What do you use it mostly for?

      PC and emulators?

      • +2

        I used to use it on my Switch and it was good, but lately been using it for xcloud with a phone clip.

        Very comfortable controller, buttons and sticks feel nice, and the analog triggers are very smooth and don't make much noise at all going down.

        I also tried it with Dolphin emulator on my phone, was able to play sonic heroes very smoothly, didn't feel any lag.

        • Thanks buddy. Really tempting but I have too many controllers already 😅

          • @Max999: Then what's one more? 😉

            But yeah I bought mine so I had another "pro" type controller for the Switch, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered.

            But it's great because it connects to phones/PC with absolute ease and has analog triggers, but if you have an Xbox controller then probably not worth it.

            • +1

              @mangobango: Currently have 2 ps4 controllers, 1 switch pro, and 1 xbox controller. Really have no excuses for more lol.

              • @Max999: Looks at my PS5 controller, 2 Xbox Elite Controllers, SN30pro, SN30 Pro 2, Switch Pro controller, 2 Xbox One controllers, 2 360 controllers, and the wired and wireless adaptors to go with them.

                Yeppp, not a problem here…. I should get more JoyCon's for my switch….

        • Hey thanks for the info @Mangobango

          I was wondering if you play using bluetooth or usb-c? Some people said that it reduces latency and makes streaming xcloud far smoother without input lag. Do you have any thoughts towards that? Also how quickly does xcloud chew through phone battery?

          I tend to play switch as a portable device besides local multi player so I'm interested in how it performs on pc or phone with emulators, steam console ports and xbox ultimate.

          I grabbed a dualsense when amazon dropped them to $65 to try out some of the steam game ports that support haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and whatever they call the tilt control (hopefully that trend continues with ps5 ports) + my p2 when I do eventually get a ps5.

          I thought it might be useful for emulation too but have since read many reports about wifi problems and drop outs. Using a cable shouldn't be a huge issue on PC but would pose a problem if I am outputting video to TV.

          This controller looks and sounds amazing. It reminds me of a ds4 with the extended triggers that have that slight curve/lip and that almost concave analogue stick design. the flat face is pure snes though with a proper dpad and almost snes coloured face buttons (both the pal and ntsc variants).

          The rear paddle will be new to me but seems useful and I'd love to play around with settings and see how tweaking deadzones for the sticks, changing actuation points for the triggers and buttons or using macro buttons changes the experience. Have you played with any of those kind of options?

          For PC would you prefer the 8bitdo pro 2 or and xbox series 2 controller?

          My switch pro controller seems to be a less ergonomic 360 controller not ideal for large hands.

          In my research on best pc controls, pretty much every site making lists had either xbox series or the elite series 2 in top place. it wasnt uncommon to see
          1.xbox series
          2 xbox elite series 2
          3 xbox 360 before other console controllers or pc specific peripherals made an appearance.

          Ive grown up with playstations and dont really care if the sticks are offset. bit I do have big hands so im curious how ergonomic this is.

          Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated but that was a bit of an open ended rant rather that easily answered questions. My bad.

          • @xentar: Hey! Happy to give a few pointers:

            1. I use it via Bluetooth on my phone, don't think I have a usb-c to usb-c cable so haven't tested out the wired mode, but I can honestly say that I don't feel the lag. When I first got xcloud I could feel it a bit, but lately it's actually gotten pretty darn responsive. I can't feel it at all in normal gameplay, and even when I purposely try to look for it I don't really feel it. YMMV with your internet, but works great on my 50/20 connection

            2. xCloud barely eats up my my phone's battery, no more than it would watching a movie on Netflix, though it does download quite a bit of data naturally. I have a Poco X3 NFC and I haven't really measured the percentage much, but I'd say in around a 1-2 hour session, it maybe used 15-20%? I'll pay more attention next time I play and let you know, but in my experience it seems very light on the battery.

            3. In terms of those fancy controller options, my SN30 Pro+ doesn't have the paddles, but I've never messed around with any other things. Works very well as is.

            4. For PC games I'd probably recommend an Xbox controller as the face buttons will all match up in the game, and I like the feel of the Xbox one a bit better. Not to say this one isn't comfortable, it's really great, but still prefer Xbox for modern PC games. Might feel a bit bulky for xcloud on your phone, but I've only used the SN30 pro+ for it and it feels like a perfect fit/size.

            Hope this helps with your decision a bit!

            • @mangobango: @mangobango

              Wow thanks for the comprehensive answers. They help a lot!

              Good to know xcloud performs well and battery usage is better than I expected. I guess unlike graphically intense phone games, you really are just watching a video and uploading button inputs. My Note 10+ loses terrible to your battery though. luckily I grabbed a powerbank over the weekend.

              50/20 would have been a laugh a year or two ago. Optus mobile wireless was hitting 200 down when I first signed up. Now I fluctuate from about 12-60mbps depending on the time.

              The area I live was in the process of fttp rollout during the election that changed the nbn to a punchline. They stopped doing new fttp and only finished up the streets they had laid all the fiber on…and just kind of stopped on the main road resulting in about 15 buildings past the shops having fttp. The 16th is to the node. I missed out by one street and the copper is trash.

              I have great voda 5g reception and Im pretty sure there's been some heavy copper overhaul since I get 40+ in a house that couldnt do 10mbps a few year ago. Time change things up.

              If I didn't miss the deal I would have grabbed one of these grey imports. Now I think I'll grab whichever control I find at a good price first then pick up the other in no particular hurry (Unless I find myself getting hooked on xbox catalogue and need an xbox controller for comfot). Ive been meaning to play yakuza for years so might start with that.

              I really want to play with the rear paddles and other features. Try and get creative with macros in some snes and ps1/2 games.


              • @xentar: Just an FYI for battery, I played Doom Eternal last night for just under a couple of hours and yeah, around 20% battery got used on my Poco so it's about the same as Netflix or something.

                That's so annoying about the NBN though! I really don't know why they'd bother to just scrap it midway like that and then half-a$$ it later on. A lot of people got the worse end of the stick because of it. Glad the Voda 5G is going alright though, 40mbps should be fine for game pass, I was on 30mbps before and it worked pretty well, but would stutter sometimes if the missus was watching tiktok, but still manageable.

                FWIW the controller is $68 at EB Games https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/nintendo-switch/272502-8b... if you still want to pick it up and get an alright price for it.

          • @xentar: Can I just add as a PS controller user for god knows how many versions (from PS1)… the Pro 2 is almost exactly like the DS4 or feel like it. The one thing you'll probably notice more is the size of the sticks and they're flat but you can get extenders (i forgot what they're called). They're also pretty light with enough rumble 'kick'

            Not exactly sure what kind of games you play but if it requires lots of jumping + other inputs (i.e. shooters), the paddles will be a huge plus.

            • @westzod: @westzod right there with you. I'm pretty sure the playstation controller changed more mid ps1 than any of the iterations that came with new console launches (if the ps3 boomerang happened that would win).

              Thats great to hear. I'll pick one up net time I see one at a decent price and hunt the analogue extenders.

              I play games with good stories of pretty much any genre or sometimes mechanics and interesting systems can be the hook. jrpgs open world games with good power systems, puzzle games..rythm games and strategy. Plenty of jumping around in some open worlds and I'm not sure but does Catherine count? If it has a good story or really engaging experience (I'm thinking of journey) I'll play the game even if the core game play is hopscotch.

              As for shooters. perfect dark and golden eye get a pass but the rest mouse and keyboard please.

              ARPGs like diablo could probably make good use of those paddles. Or I could start ffxiv - you don't need other games when you play one that doesn't end.

  • How are the dpads on these 8bit controllers? As far as I'm concerned both the ps4 and xbone dpads are terrible (haven't used current gen)

    • +1

      imo the dpad feels like an SNES one. It's pretty good.

    • The Pro 2 dpad is excellent. Like the previous poster said, it's similar to the SNES dpad. Avoid the Pro+ because that dpad is pretty average.

  • Reckon it's a grey import?
    Would it affect warranty? I already got mine from EB for $68, but my gut tells me its maybe grey

    • The one linked is literally a grey edition… ;)

      Sorry couldn't help myself.

    • Sold and delivered by IDS (Hong Kong) Company Limited
      All products we sell are international and genuine model and comes with original retail box an Australian adapter.
      All items are in stock and will be dispatched from our Melbourne warehouse in 24 -72 hours of your payment being received. ( Excluding holidays and weekends)

      Yep, grey import.

  • Bought 2 of the SN30’s off eBay for $100. Hoping they’re good!

  • +1

    Using this to actually play Halo on PC… it's phenomenal! One thing I found though is that sometimes the rumbling gets stuck and controller will just vibrate until you disconnect it.

    • rumbling gets stuck and controller will just vibrate until you disconnect it.

      And yet you consider it “phenomenal”?

      • I changed my rumbling to super light plus I like the rumbling XD. It does everything else very very well imo.

      • Some might say the fact it doesn't stop vibrating is a feature.

  • +1

    this was their(heybattery) launch price, glad to see they are back to where they start.

  • Damnit, I bought the EB deal the other week… I might get this one too, so I've got a nice neat 4 controllers for couch-coop games on my Steam Link…

  • Can this be used on Xbox Series X?

    • Wireless with the X S/X console - no
      Wired with the X S/X console - not sure, could work
      Bluetooth with phone playing cloud gaming - yes

    • 8bitdo have updated the firmware to support new consoles before, so its not out of the question in the future

  • just check youtube people are raving crazy about this controller.

  • +1

    Bought one from the EB Games deal, really solid controller. I like you can remap the A/B and X/Y buttons and save it to a profile.
    The default is Xbox layout when connected to PC (A/B and X/Y not matching the controller) but having the profile you can switch to by just pressing the button between the analog sticks is amazing

  • $5 off with this?

  • Hi all,

    Just bought a Switch in the Black Friday sales as a family Xmas present (gonna be hard to resist cracking it open myself before then haha). Contemplating getting a controller for myself for when I play more "serious" games. I'm a PlayStation guy so like the look of the aligned analogue sticks of the 8bitdo's. Would you recommend this for Switch though? Or am I better off just going with the Switch Pro if that's all I'm using it for?


    • +1

      I'm more of an XBox person, so take this with a grain of salt, but I'd be looking at the Switch Pro personally. The Pro 2 is great, but is really more of a retro design. The Switch Pro controller to me is more of a modern gamers controller, with slightly better ergo and my preference for offset sticks.

      If you think you'll use the DPad quite a bit then I'd say the Pro 2 is pretty damn good for it, but otherwise I'd be leaning towards the switch pro controller (although I'd recommend getting hands on with it as if you have big hands it can feel a bit small, but you'd have the same issue with the Pro 2)

      • Awesome thank you, really appreciate the advice!!

  • My main controller for all my PC and Switch games. The Pro 2 fixed everything wrong with the Pro 1. The dpad is basically perfection (Pro 1 dpad was loose and got stuck on the edges) and it has profile/mode button switches now (Pro 1 you had to use awkward button combinations or the software). Feels great to hold, perfect layout (symmetrical analogs and dpad/face buttons), rigid design that doesn't warp or creak, 30 hour battery life, USB-C charging, programmable deadzones and layouts via software. You can even take the battery out and use AAs, and the battery even works in other controllers that take AAs like the Xbox One/Series controller. Also, you can grab the smart phone clip for $10 that turns it into a handheld device. I literally can't fault it as a controller.

  • +4

    Look it's a great controller and price, not sure about the seller - I have personally purchased from this exact seller which ended up in a refund here's my experience in short, doesn't mean you don't buy it or it's not a good deal, but be informed. *This was when the product was new as well.

    April 13 - I enquired if it was in stock with support, didn't receive a response in 2 days (start of 13 end of 14)
    April 14 - Hey Battery - Thank you for your interest in our product! We just replenished the stock, please refresh your page later.
    April 19 - Purchased, Expected dispatch April 26 2021
    April 26 - "Hi it's been 9 days, says it'll dispatch in 3-7 business days, expecting it to arrive on the 29th, where is the item please?"
    HeyBattery - "The team is trying to handle your order currently, once it has left the warehouse we will update with tracking"
    April 27 - "Hi but where is it? It was in stock when I ordered it"
    April 28 - "We apologise for delay in filling order, we checked and we have 3 in stock, it will take [A further] 3-4 work days, otherwise if you're in a hurry cancel this order and we'll refund you"
    Me: You should list* your items as in stock or back-order if they aren't in stock
    HeyBattery "We'll refund you in the next 3 days"
    Me: Ordered a controller on eBay instead
    April 29 - Me: Cancel the order please, I didn't order something on back-order, I ordered something in stock and it's past due
    May 4 - eBay order arrived (BigW)
    Kogan: Here's a refund, sorry for the experience/delay, we'll follow up with the seller

  • I got one for Xmas for my retropie setup. Was not quite as plug and play as my Logitech pad, but got there in the end. Still getting mixed opinions on if should use android or windows mode for raspberry pi. Windows seems to slow the telos times for Roms significantly

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