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Seagate One Touch 1TB Portable Hard Drive (Blue, Black, Red, Gray) $9, EMTEC 1TB Portable SSD (Black) $36.64 @ Officeworks


Looks like a clearance from Officeworks. Hope you empty your wallet!

$9 Seagate 1TB One Touch Portable HD:

$36.64 EMTEC 1TB X200 G1 Portable SSD:

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • no stock anywhere in Sydney

  • OOS now :(



  • +2

    Thanks OP ordered 1 SSD, 3 HDDs for free delivery :) VIC

  • Thanks OP got one each for click and collect in Vic. I don’t trust delivery these days :/

  • Looks like they caught it and marked it all OOS in WA

    • Sure does 😟

  • OOS for Vic

  • Thanks, managed to get an SSD at Chatswood

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Ordered the HD for pickup in North Brisbane.

  • OOS Melbourne

  • +2

    For anyone getting OOS, try the different colors. I had to add all 4 colors to see which ones were in stock at my local. I ended up having to get the grey variant as it was the only color available.

  • +17

    I swear I check ozb every hour of the day. It's the one part where I don't check it that the best deals come out… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • +12

      Well stop checking ozb so we can get better deals

    • Check every 15 minutes

      • Every 15 seconds perhaps to be safe?

        • Will still miss the best deals, just have it on live.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered the HD for pickup in Glen VIC

  • Ah damn. The portable SSD went out of stock at my local while I was checking out.

  • Thanks for a grey one click and collect

  • Limited stock Chatswood.

    • Can we get In-store?

  • Thank you, managed to get the red one

  • +4

    had it in my cart, ok who bought them all…? :D

  • Dang, would be nice to get a couple of Seagate. They're quite good.

    Too bad it's OOS now.

  • OOS everywhere

  • i wonder what nand oem it is

  • OOS Tasmania

  • OW seems to never have these sales in Wollongong >.> Except those uber cheap USBs once or twice a year.
    Thanks anyways

  • Omg. missed this deal :(

  • +1

    500GB T7 for $31.84 if available in your area.

  • Interesting enough the same EMTEC SSD can be purchased under the Kodak brand. The OEM is licensed to use the Kodak name and provides the same to EMTEC.

    • But the price is $170 from what it says on Aliexpress

      • And?

        • $170 is not worthy of OzBargain?

          • @DoctorCalculon: I didn't say it was a deal? I simply stated an interesting fact that the EMTEC SSD is sold under the Kodak brand.

  • Anyone know if you can shuck the Emtec SSD's?

  • Wasn't lucky enough to get one, priced as a chips

  • Looks like I'm late to the party

  • Far out I missed out on this one.

    Anyone know the write speed on the SSD? Can it be shucked?

  • Thx. I collected one from Liverpool area NSW. Got the last one- red

  • I bet most of them gone to saledroids in officweworks

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