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Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Router 3 Pack (Router + 2 Points) $314.10 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


I think this may be the cheapest ever? Slightly lower than the recent Costco deal.

Dispatched within 1 business day or Click and Collect stock available.

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The Good Guys

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    I’m a total noob on mesh … so forgive my ignorance.
    Are there any privacy concerns about a Google made mesh network?

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      On one hand, it auto updates often and seamlessly to protect from 0 days or known vulnerabilities.

      On the other it's google so data collection. If you use google for everything and already have Google IoT devices then it might not matter.

      It is also aimed at general population and easy user experience which lacks lots of features, however if you literally just want something to connect to the internet, change passwords, control and see who is on your network then this will do it perfectly.

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      They contain a built in microphone, that Google promises is deactivated by-default until you enable Google Assistant features.
      Can't recall them promising it will always stay de-activated though.

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        The router doesn’t have a microphone or speaker, the points do. If you want to turn off the microphone, there is a physical switch on the back.

        • Yes the Mic does, but you do realise that the speaker itself can be used as a Mic and doesn't have a Physical Switch.
          Pretty much every Speaker Built can function as a Mic it's all down to the wiring, as the speaker connects to a powerful processor, no guarantees.
          Hey I use google assistants, so not anti-google just calling out the facts.

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    Wow, great deal. I'm after one point to extend my old network, hopefully something good comes up

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      By this and sell the router and one other point….

    • I'm in same boat. Could do jv's suggestion but I'm too lazy to deal with marketplace/gumtree

  • Good price, but not WiFi 6, so while a good product it's still a lot of money for out-dated tech.
    That is unless you require google assistant, makes the value prop better.

    • +1

      out-dated tech

      out-dated… lol…

      Most people do not need wifi 6…

      • +3

        Most won't ever NEED WiFi 6, just calling it out, as it's a decent step-up.

    • -2

      The Pixel 6 doesn't even have WiFi 6

      • Pixel 6 is Wi-Fi 6E.

        Wi-Fi 6E routers are still pending approval.

  • +1

    This is a great system - I have an enormous house (4 levels) and this covers wifi perfectly, getting several hundred mbit/s even at the furthest point away from one of the points. Streams 50-100gb 4k bluray rips on Plex with zero stutters.

    • Hey, how many points do you have?

      • 3

        • How many toilets do you have

  • is there a new version coming out with wifi 6?

    • possibly, but has not been announced… could be years away…

  • Had this for about 2 week. Wifi coverage and moving around the place is great however the only issue i've faced so far is that the points go offline until I manually restart it. happened twice already.

    • i've had mine for about a year, going through solid brick internal walls… never had issues…

      how far apart are they?

      • going through a few internal walls

        • what distance though?

          I have my router in the middle of the house and the furthest node is about 6-8 metres away going through 2 solid brick walls.

  • I have some devices ethernet wired to my router, would i need a switch with this also?

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      Yeah, iirc you get 2 Ethernet ports on the router, 1 wan and 1 lan.

      • okay thanks - guess I would need a switch for more than one device attached then.

    • -1


    • +1

      The old models had ethernet on each mesh point which was great. I have a switch connected to each of mine (one in the office, one in the lounge).

    • I don't believe this is a modem, so you will still require your current modem\router but set to bridge mode. You can still use the LAN ports on your current modem\router.

  • Thanks Op! Ordered

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Purchased.

    Posted the costco deal @ $319 recently - but, i've gone full ozbargain mode and arranged a return for the costco purchase. Had some gift cards to use as well!

    • You returned it to save $5?

      • I would if I had gift cards to use, sometime they can be harder to use than you realise.

  • I just want a point device instead of the set. Any deal? :)

  • +1

    Anyone using this with IINet NBN50 HFC?

    • +1

      You can't plug in Nest Wi-Fi into the nbn NTD with iiNet due to iiNet using VLAN IDs. Nest Wi-Fi doesn't support VLAN ID.

      • Oh crap I have to cancel my order

        • You have 2 choices.

          1. To plug in Nest Wi-Fi into the nbn NTD you can change to an IPoE ISP - Superloop, Launtel, Aussie BB to name a few.
          2. Swap to a router that supports VLAN IDs
          • @Twix: That's going to be tough with 2 of us working from home, can't really have interrupted internet.

            Hmmm might have to cancel.. damn put it through afterpay too!

            • @beebul: I moved from Telstra HFC to superloop HFC, had an outage of 15 minutes

          • +1

            @Twix: AussieBB (and co) pull through again. That would suck

            • +1

              @peblos: IPoE is great with no account username and pw.

      • +2

        This product is a ROUTER ONLY and NOT a Modem. IINET HFC typically use TP-Link VX420-G2H, TP-Link VR1600v, TG-789 or Huawei HG659 for HFC customers you can connect any device to these. vLAN is NOT required. iiNET use vLAN on the MODEM, they don't use it for the client devices, unless you enable bridge mode on your MODEM.
        you work around this by connecting Nest as a client device to a standard LAN port, ofcourse can only have DHCP enabled on One device, and disable WiFi on the modem (also not required but reduces interference, and allows you to re-use your SSID's and passwords.
        Set the Nest into Bridge Mode (note: this is the reverse for other ISP's) not required but avoids a double nat which can sometimes cause issues.
        If this is too much then it's not for you.

        • +1

          The reason is Nest Wi-Fi has a gimped Wi-Fi access point config that only works with one Nest Wi-Fi router and doesn't work with the Nest Wi-Fi router + two Nest Wi-Fi points. With other routers with a proper Wi-Fi access point config you would be right.

          iiNet does use VLAN IDs on the router when you plug in your own router into the nbn NTD.

          • @Twix: Okay will take your word, but I was calling out in this case not to connect your router into the NBN NTD but connect as a client device and put the nest into bridge mode not the isp router. This is the normal workaround for isp's with vlan tagging. But good to know the vlan workaround doesn't work here.

            • @SpamMeNotInOz: Yep it is specific to Nest Wi-Fi. I haven't come across the problem with other brands.

  • I was going to get one - but realised there's no ethernet port on the satellite units.

  • Bit the bullet and ordered - hope it will rid me of wi-fi woes in a double brick house!

  • Can you use these with TPG NBN FTTN Internet and Home Phone Bundles or are they too a VLAN service, sorry I am not a Techo ! Help please guys ! Much appreciated.

    • -1

      TPG FTTN uses a VLAN ID. To keep TPG's phone service working purchase a TP-Link Deco M5 or Deco M9.

      Plug the Deco into the TPG modem LAN port.
      Turn off the TPG modem Wi-Fi.
      Go into the Deco advanced menu and configure the Deco as the Wi-Fi access point.

      • What about if you don't use the phone service anyway?

        • Is this with TPG or a different ISP? FTTN?

      • I post a solution to keep TPG VoIP working and get negged. Good one genius.

    • +1

      I know that these devices didn't have support for the terrible/weird PPPoE/VLAN id 2 setup that TPG had, but had working VLAN for DHCP connections.

      Not sure if they rectified that in the time since I last checked…

      So, you probably wouldn't be able to use it directly because of the above. That and you have a phone bundle with TPG, who don't give out the username/password for your voip, and force you to use their bundled router in order to access voice services. (Yes, some people have extracted the credentials from their hardware, but that's outside the realms of fun)

      • VLAN for DHCP requires a switch.

  • +1

    Just a warning, I have the originals. If these are the same you cannot use them unless you have internet.

    Meaning 2 devices on your network cannot talk unless the internet is up.

    • I have these ones and local wifi still works fine if the internet is dead

  • Anyone know how to cancel an order when done through afterpay!

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the 7% cashback at shopback will work with BIG10?

    • I just bought a fridge freezer through cashback and used BIG10. Worked fine.

  • Anyone have an opinion on whether its worth changing from my 3 pack Tenda Mesh WIFI MW6 to this ? Besides the built in speakers.. ?

    • +2

      Depends if you're happy with your current mesh wifi or not. I personally wouldn't upgrade to this as it's not the latest in specs making it less of a substantial upgrade.

      That being said, I recently upgraded to the Asus XT8 from the original Google Wifi and was shocked at how much of a difference it made in terms of range and speed. Even on wired before, I'd often have glitches trying to do videocalls/stream media on both my wife and my PC at the same time when working from home… and there was also a dead spot in my bathroom in our 2 bedroom apartment even with the 3 pucks. With the XT8, I'm finding no dead spots in those areas which I previously couldn't reach, and it consistently gets much higher speeds on both wired and wireless. Granted, whilst the app has a lot more features, it's also much less user friendly relative to Google's interface.

      • +1

        Jeez I mean, you went from pretty solid wifi 5 dual band mesh, to holy moly wifi 6 tri band (top tier).

        That's a huge upgrade :)

        • +2

          I guess you don't know what you're missing until you upgrade. I remember thinking my Google Wifi was the bees knees when I first got it (vs the free wireless router modem combo from Telstra) and never thought it was holding me back (or the cause of my WFH google meets/zoom/WebEx issues). I guess over time though we have a LOT more devices connected to the wifi such that the non dedicated backhaul and it's already not great strength to penetrate the concrete walls in our apartment meant that we were often switching over to 4G when we had something important on or knew it'd likely drop out in the bedroom.

          … and I even found the old deal I bought it from for $388 at harvey norman with an AMEX deal.

          • @jace88: Wifi 6 backhaul sounds awesome. Your deal looks like the old gen google wifi nest, so maybe the latest is even better!

  • Are these good enough to get 500Mbps+ speeds on wireless with a 4x4 Wifi client like a Macbook pro ?

    • The highest I have seen with Nest Wi-Fi is around 600-650Mbps on the download. YMMV.

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