Curious letterbox scam - anyone else received?

So got this extremely dodgy looking letterbox drop the other day. Is this even legal? It’s quite odd. Two random email addresses? Very low prices? Two seemingly unconnected products? What’s their endgame…

Just wanted to see if anyone had any insights haha.

image here


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    I emailed Elizabeth John for a quote of 10 iPhones and 17 bikes and their preferred payment method.

    I'll keep you updated.

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      Good lad I look forward to it.

      • Its perfectly legal to do a letterbox drop.
        Its not perfectly legal to run a scam

        Its the old saying
        If its too good to be true then it probably isn't

        Add the fact they only give untraceable email addresses….hohum

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      Can you also ask him why he has a girl's name?

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        Maybe Elizabeth is a woman. That would be my guess.

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          Can't tell these days….😕

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        What's the point of you?

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          What's with your clown hat?

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            @jv: his a wizard, but couldnt afford a wizard hat so had to get something else pointy to wear…

      • depends how they identify …

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          Driver's licence perhaps?

      • Look at you not understanding how surnames work.

        • That depends on their nationality.

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      Better buying 15 or 20 bikes to maximise your freebies If you buy 17 you get 3 extras same number as if you buy 15.

      Boy some people need to give in their ozbargain members card 😀

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        I'm scamming the scammer so if I play logic they may catch on. 👍

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          🤦🏻 of course - silly me, to question your strategic skills. 😁

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    I'm amazed that they somehow got hold of Micromax and Plum branded smartphones for sale. Micromax is primarily sold in India and Plum is a budget brand for feature phones sold primarily in the Americas.

    and HTC … now that's a name I've not heard of in a long time.

    It seems they also pushed out the same ad over in USA as well. I guess they're from overseas.

  • Use google search and you may find the company behind the letter drop…..And if you don't then you have your answer as to if it's legit.

    It's legal to put "stuff" in your letter box if it does not have a "No junk mail" sticker on it. You can lookup what the rules are if you put a "No junk mail" sticker on your letterbox, but it may only be applicable if the company is legit.

    I personally would not trust it as there is no web address and no phone number and a generic gmail account. Good luck with support, which is probably worse than the Russian connection that newbies post on Oz Bargain as being bad.

    • Oh 100% - I wasn’t suggesting I was interested in pursuing! Just such an odd spam. Receiving it as an email is one thing, but who is falling for this?

  • Is this even legal?

    If you have a letterbox facing public access then yes.

    It’s quite odd. Two random email addresses?

    Scammers/spammers tend not to have 1800 numbers.

    Very low prices? Two seemingly unconnected products? What’s their endgame…

    Obtain your money

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      Yups, and they list their Skype address there (orderproduct) and if you Google search that, then..

      That's an article confirming it was a scam back in 2016, so it's presumably still going strong.

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        Oof good find. So should I report this to someone then…?

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          Yeah, you might as well. Maybe email the newspaper with the evidence (cross out my name, I'm wanted on crow related things that are unconnected with the matter) and let the cop shop know as well.

          Those local publications love those "EXCLUSIVE SCOOP: COMMUNITY IN DANGER: DON'T ATTACH YOURSELF TO AN EMAIL GRAMPS ITS A SCAM" style stories.

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            @CrowReally: Lmao poor gramps forwarding himself to the abyss. Yeah I’ll let the cop shop know if nothing else.

            • @jrowls: cops wont do squat

              • @WT: I meant “the relevant agency concerned with these matters” by cops, not the local police - they have bigger fish to fry.

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          Report to Scamwatch

          If you use social media post it to the local groups.

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            @Twix: I took it to scamwatch! Good shout.

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    They know, there are always ones born everyday…

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      To use an Italian proverb: la madre dei cretini é sempre incinta (the mother of idiots is always pregnant).

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        Also why it is impossible to make anything Idiot-proof. Someone keeps making "better" idiots.

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    They have dine this in the us too.

    Google search also shows they put up advert on a local magazine lol

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    Probably similar to people that think they have a job posting ads on Facebook marketplace

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    That email address looks like they once did an iphone 8 thing in 2017.

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      Thought the same thing - lazy scammers these days!

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    More interesing would be the email that was sent out to someone saying,

    Deliver pamphlets to letterboxes in your area, $200 worth of BitConZ per 1000………. 🤦🏻

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    It's a scam. They're hoping you'll email the gmail address and the email is to give it a look of legitimacy - emailing it would bounce, as the domain is for sale by seemingly-reputable company - / - unlikely to be owned by scammers.

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      Good knowledge! Yeah I mean it's obviously a scam. Just a bit of a weird one!

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    If your a member of a local community FB group you could post a warning there.
    Would be interesting who did the letter box drop, do you have CCTV or a neighbour?
    Its a shame a local lowlife is supporting an overseas scam, but in reality who is surprised.

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      It's probably just a junk mail distributor who takes care of printing and distribution. There probably isn't a local, it could easily have been organised from overseas.

    • Commercial distributors have an obligation to not accept jobs from obvious scams. They have the opportunity to filter prior to printing and distribution. If they do they potentially put at risk being pursued by authorities. Ignorance around an obvious scam would not not an excuse.

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    Two emails?…which is it? 🤔

  • Who would have thought a bike would be more expensive than an iPhone!

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    Also I know of Alcatel. They have sourced some Alcetels…. Smh

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    Just bought 5 x $8300 bikes…. So stoked to get a free bike.

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    We got the same flyer, I snapped a copy & warned my friends, asked them to share… but it's more likely targeting elderly/vulnerable in the community. Were in the shire, Sydney.

    • Yeah likewise mate - figured the same thing. There are a fair few fuddy duddies around here who could be fooled by it I guess, especially leading up to xmas.

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