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15%-30% Off Smart Bidets (IB 3200 Comfort Bidet Seat with Remote Control $524.30) + Del @ Izen Bidet


15%-30% Off all models of Korean Smart Toilet Seat until 24th December. $524 for one of popular model down from $749

The bidet that are on sale is branded Izen and is from South Korean company which has been manufacturing bidet for almost two decades and does OEM manufacturing for other brands as well. They have invented and patented the swirling Enema spray and was one of the first to have this feature on their bidet.

Izen Bidets carry 2 years warranty depending on models but the one we use at work has been going strong for the past 5 years without missing a beat and we had customers who had theirs for 7 years and decided to buy another one because they like the look of the newer model.

All models has Australian power connection and English control panel and manuals.

1. While stocks last.
2. Installation is not included and the buyer's responsibility. There are plenty of instruction videos on Youtube on this product.
3. Warranty will be provided by HD Trading International Pty. Ltd. (Seller)

Luxury Range
- IB 450 $1,014.30 (was $1,449.00)
- IB 450R
- Prestige Range
- IB-8500
- IB-8500R $839.30 (was $1,199)
- Comfort Range
- IB-7400
- IB-3200R $524.30 (was $749)
- Premium Range
- IB-3000 $524.30 (was $749)

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    Are these different to the other products on the market (evakare- bunnings, xiamoi whalespout) in that they actually fit Australian shaped bowls?

    • Would like to know this too. Have a whale spout but it really doesn't fit well. Need another one so looking around for one that actually fits.

    • The whalespout have AU versions listed and were another option I was looking at. Do they not fit the Australian shaped bowls correctly?

      • +1

        Nup. Tried about 6 different toilets from bunnings and ken's with my whalespout.
        Got the Evakare instead. Only fits a little better.

        If you want my whalespout for cheap lemme know. Used for 6m on a toilet from the 90s.

  • +1

    You don't have that many models - it would be great to list each model with the final sale price. This would make it clear which discount applies to which model.

    • Also a comparison between the models would be great.

    • Thanks, for the moment the code automatically recognises which is eligible for discounts (30% across the board basically except IB3000)

  • I have a mounted toilet bowl and was looking at purchasing a bidet - would this be suitable (more specifically the 3200 series)?

    There is no information on installation on the website so it is hard to determine.

  • I added some direct links along with their discounted price. You might want to do this in your future deal posts, OP.

    Deal title guidelines https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:title_guidelines

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  • +1

    I got one during one of the lockdowns and installed it myself. It was the only bidet that could fit my toilet and I have enjoyed using it in winter!

    • Which model did you get - I'm concerned about it fitting mine too. Why was this the only one that could fit your toilet?

  • +1

    Anyone know how to / point me to any guides on installing one of these on a toilet with a rear inlet cistern?

    • +1

      Yes! Want to know this too.

  • do you have any with privacy music/sound?

    • Not these models unfortunately no.

  • I upvoted purely because of the code name. Don't need a bidet but I wish all those that purchase one to have a happy tush.

    • That's the intention! :-) Cheers!

  • I've bought one of these a while ago, not sure on the model but life has never been the same since <3

    • Indeed!

  • Ordered! Been looking for a while now….. all through this pandemic with toilet paper hoarders clearing the shelves, but I held off buying all those supposed deals… looking forward to getting it! =)

    • Hope you can deliver to Parcel Collect post offices? If not, I'll need to change my shipping address.

      • Prefer home / office address if possible. Cheers.

  • OP, do you have any info on what toilets these will fit?

    • If it helps, they have this which is what I looked at:


      • Thanks. Although you think they'd come back and answer questions if they want us to buy a $500 toilet seat.

    • Most standard shaped Caromas.
      Basically https://izenbidet.com.au/pages/toilet-types-sizes

      Also it comes with adjustable mounting plate so there is a degree of adjustment 5-8 cm back and forth.

      Mainly people pay attention on the shape of the seat. Round-ish or more elongated.

      The goal is to ensure the tip of the toilet seat sits as flush as possible (cosmetic preference).

      • Yes, the current one I have does not sit flush at the front at all and don't want to buy another if it's going to have the same problem.

  • Not sure if you have been asked this before but wondering what would be the arrangement for houses where the cistern only has recycled water connection? Want to get this for my ageing parents and they have only recycled water going to toilets.

    • For health reasons I personally would not use recycled water unless you are certain it has the same quality as your main tap.

      I imagine if you have algae / below standard recycled water quality then it may not be as healthy as tap water?

  • No more 740 as per previous deals?
    Not sure what I'd gain with a remote.
    Basically mount it as close as possible anyway…

    Anyone know how this compares to similar spec Quoss?

  • Anyone actually bought one and can share how it is and how well it fits your toilet?

    • i ordered one, will post fit once i get it. Its been a week now and paid but unfulfilled/not shipped, so not a good start and worrying in terms of warranty etc.
      "We will endeavor to process and dispatch all orders that are placed before the cut-off time in the next 1-2 business days."

      • Thanks

  • +1

    As promised.

    The good - device itself was easy to install and as you can see, fits great. That is one of the Aldi toilets btw.
    Worked great as far as all features advertised.

    The Bad - it has stopped functioning 3 days in. During the self clean process it suddenly stopped, and then i noticed the power led on the seat was no longer illuminated. Can't seem to bring it back to life and theres no troubleshooting for this issue or any reset buttons on the seat itself. Extremely disappointing for a premium product.
    Have emailed the Op store…heres hoping for a smooth process.

    • That fit on the bowl is great. Thanks so much for the review.

      Hope they come through quickly on support for you.

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