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Weber Original 18” Kettle Charcoal Grill $160 + Delivery (Free with First) @ Kogan


Good price on the smaller 47cm Weber original kettle. $269 at bcf

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  • Would BCF price match?

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      They will but they include delivery in the price match

  • $23 fee to SA

  • Anyone done the research to see if we can use the First trial to have it shipped for free, and then cancel First without penalty?

  • Just be mindful that these are grey imports, so the well regarded warranty that Weber are known for won't be honored.

    I ended up buying the premium 57 inch version from the last deal from Kogan and am planning to just look after it properly.

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      Wow. You can fit a small child in that. Didn't know Weber sold 57 inches.

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        Haha woops my bad, 57cm!

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        wondering what do you do for seasoning a child? Salt and Pepper? Asking for a friend

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        Small child?

        • Actually, I think they prefer the term vertically challenged.

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      I've had a grey import warrantied in the past, but if your kettle is fine upon arrival, it will last 20 years, so the 12 month Kogan warranty is all you need to ensure no defects.

      • Good to know!

  • For $160 you can't go wrong

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    Thanks, got one. What are the recommended must have accessories for this? Asking as a first time charcoal grill owner.

    • Get some charcoal baskets IMO

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      Chimney to start the coal

    • Some kind of blower / hair dryer to get your coals firing faster

      • Shouldn't be needed if you have a proper charcoal chimney to start with. Adjusting the airflow and adding more charcoal should be all you need to increase temp normally.

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      Gloves, smoking wood, thermometer, starter, fire starter, vortex

      • Charcoal or smoking wood?

        • Both. Charcoal for heat, wood for smoke flavor

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      Must haves for anyone doing barbecue
      1) chimney to start the coals
      2) temperature probe, preferably dual probe (one for the grill temperature, one for the meat you're cooking)

      Big recommendation for learning the basics, is to go to amazingribs.com and browse the guides there.

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    Only if it had a temperature sensor. Really helps take away the guesswork when cooking closed.

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      Ink bird wireless thermometer would solve that

      • Nice suggestion. Will look into that. A similar one I saw only checked the meat temperature and not the "oven"

        • Inkbird 4 probe from Bunnings has an ambient probe that sits on top of the grill to get a more accurate reading of cooking temp then a lid thermometer would.

  • how is it different from the $65 one sold in bunnings, but with the similar dimension?


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      I haven't used Weber, but have heard great review about it, espl around build quality and temperature being retained.

      Bunnings one is what I have. Flimsy, thin sheet metal, doesn't maintain temperature.

      However, if you are going to use the BBQ once in a blue moon, then go for Bunnings one.

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      Jumbuck will be a rusted heap in a few years. Weber will last decades. Talking from experience.

      Plus the heavier construction, better airflow management etc of the weber. Massive quality difference between the two.

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        thanks for your experience!

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      My old man has the same Weber for about 25-30 years. Only ever changed the wooden handles on it from getting weathered. Not sure a Jumbuck would have the same longevity.

    • If you are only occasionally BBQing, Bunnings Jumbuck is a very good choice. At 10 bucks, even if it rusts and go away, you can buy another shiny one. I have been having one for almost 3 years now.

      It is rusty now, but does the job. Unless you are concerned about brand and looks, it should do.

  • Jeez now I wish I held out and waited. Paid an extra $100 from Kogan last month

  • Been in the market for a new BBQ… my issue is every hard rubbish theres a weber style kettle or a cheap shit bunnings BBQ on every second nature strip

    What is a good quality lasting BBQ these days..?

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      Honestly, a Weber.
      Keep it covered when it's not in use and it'll last forever.

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      Weber ‘style’ kettle - I bet none of them are actually webers though. Seriously buy a weber, buy once.

    • Get a rain cover. Even weber will rust if left to the elements and not cleaned, or cleaned to a point of scraping it. Nature will get to anything.

    • Buy a weber kettle from marketplace, normally about $50.

      Weber Q gets good reviews, though not cheap for the size of them. (I personally have a cheap jumbuck 2 burner hotplate for bacon and eggs, otherwise I dont use gas).

      If you want a traditional hooded gas bbq, just spend an hour cleaning a roadside one up. I would never pay for a gas hooded bbq again.

      • Curious about your comment on gas BBQ, why wouldn't you get one again?

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          I just don't like traditional hooded gas BBQ's. They get full of grease, not a fan of 1/2 flat top 1/2 grill, flare ups etc etc. I always cook on my weber or smoker now.

          If I was to get one again, the reason I would never pay for one, is because people literally give them away. I see anything from a 2 burner Bunnings cheapy to a 6 burner hooded stainless steel with side work burner for free every day on marketplace. Spend an hour or 2 cleaning it up and you've got a $600 BBQ for nothing.

  • Does it come with a cover?

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      Not normally.

      From listing:

      In the box

      1 x Weber Original Kettle Charcoal BBQ Barbeque Smoker Grill Griller

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      Bunnings cover about 15$ from memory

  • Is this suitable for Say Korean bbq?

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        Mate this is ozbargain why would we spend the same again on a grate as a whole bbq..? Honestly I love the concept but can't justify the $$ for extruded metal, anyone have an eBay or similar suggestion in the $50-60 range?

      • Yikes $129 but looks impressive

    • possibly, but postage there would be very expensive

  • It is good, but just be sure to know it's likely to be a grey import (and you won't have access to Weber's great after-market service) and also make sure Kogan has them in-stock (and not on pre-order).

    I was stung previously.

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      comment above said weber assisted with grey import warranty.

  • I paid $169 for this direct from weber without the stand. The 47cm grill fits right into the dishwasher :)

    Just be sure the small cooking area is enough if you want to cook indirect

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      For "without the stand" are you referring to the "Jumbo Joe"?

      • Yes

    • The only right way to clean a BBQ grill is with fire.

      • Why not both?

  • Wouldn't this be a better investment - https://www.bunnings.com.au/matador-radiant-kettle-bbq_p0038...

    Thermostat, proper ash chamber.

    Does anyone have any comments?

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      Yes looks good. But it's $279, what temperature can it achieve? Key to these is retaining heat and reliability.

      • Not sure, my experience with the matador products has been really good.

  • I bought this from previous Logan deal for abt $135 delivered. Been using it quite often and very happy with the build quality

    After every bbq, I just clean it with steel brush, then spray oil on grate and let charcoal to bake / season it for few mins… Durability? Time will tell.. mine just about 6-7mths old

  • Anyone have any guides on how to use these? I've never used one of these types of barbeques before. I've been interested in buying one for a while now, but never got a round to it. Are they easy to use and maintain?

    What extras do you need to buy and also is it easy to clean if it's used often?

    • youtube is your friend, it does take some skill as a lot of time you will be using indirect heat, unlike gas cookers you will need to learn how to control temperatures . They are ideally suited to smoking so you might need temp probes, chimney, smoking wood, its a lot of fun if you get it right or your worst nightmare if you bork it.

  • Absolutely chatoic for the delivery system in Sydney if you are not buying things from Amazon it seems (I am being sarcastic here).

    Ordered on 7th, paid extra for Express Delivery however only sent out at 9th
    Auspost estimated to be delivered on 13th however have no update since 9th

    "If it hasn't arrived by Tuesday 21 December, please contact us so we can investigate."

    too much for being an Express Post.

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