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Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine (UDM) $441 Delivered @ Wireless 1 via Amazon AU


Whilst not the best deal, I saw this come up before Black Friday, then it was reverted back to $485 and now back to $441.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I got one of these, and never again, They are so so unstable, I even went to the beta channel, where's it better but not by much. Could not recommend at all. My old ASUS was rock solid

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      Very surprising. Ubiquiti is generally quite good. I've had their Edge and Unifi products and never had any issues. Maybe the UDM wasn't as lucky.

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        Yeah plenty of reports of the UDM being dogshit. Seems a pretty standard complaint.

      • I've had mine for yonks and it's solid.
        It has been unstable but I put that down to me asking too much of it in the wrong way (incorrect firewall configurations).
        If setup correctly these are great. Just don't expect them to be a dumbed down/ plug-it-in-and-go type of router.
        That said, it does only take about 5minutes to get it set up and working with basic Wan/internet, Lan and wireless functionality.

      • no issues here either. 12 months rock solid. even better than a netgear nighthawk it replaced, which replaced a POS tp-link

      • Ubiquiti is generally quite good

        Not anymore, management killed all engineering talent. Sell

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      Very strange. This router is rated as one of the top performers, perhaps you didn't configure it correctly as it is deemed as a router that requires advanced knowledge to use correctly.

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      Quite the opposite experience here. Have had this for about a year now and been solid. Did have one particular version of firmware where I had to restart the device every couple of weeks, but the current stable has been going on for about 40 days now.

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        Had the exact same problem. Needed to reboot it every 1-2 weeks on that firmware. Thankfully it’s fixed now and rarely needs a reboot but I still seem to have some issues where sometimes the wifi slows down abruptly for no reason or where their iPhone app refuses to connect to the UDM and have to quit the app and try again.

        It’s a good device with crap loads of features (hence the steep price) but it’s definitely not as stable as I had hoped. The entire dream machine routing product line isn’t that well liked by the pros that normally love UniFi (see Lawrence systems on YouTube)

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      Weird. I got one of these last month and I haven't had any issues on both official firmware (1.10.4) and latest beta firmware (1.11.0-20) which seems to work even better overall.

    • I wonder if you got the one assembled by the work experience kid at 4.55pm on the Friday before a long weekend? ;-) I'm no brand cheerleader and I'm guessing you just got a dud (unless you're running some oddball home network config that it sucks at

      For me, it's been almost 12 months since I set up our home Ubiquity network (Dream Machines, four switches, and three access points). We've enjoyed excellent network performance and stability. Right now, current uptime is at 8 months 23 days 16 hours and 13 minutes.

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      Been using one for better part of a year, great device with router, firewall and excellent AP built in. Running stable firmware. Even using UID to get VPN access back home with the UID app, super easy and neat setup.

    • Same like the others, have had mine for 6 months now. Been rock solid, best router ive ever owned.

    • I have six of the UDM units at different sites and they have all been rock solid.

    • I’m surprised by this. Totally different experience here, most reliable wifi I’ve ever used in my life.

    • On the contrary, I've owned one of these for roughly 18 months and it has been very reliable. I only just recently had to adjust some default (why Ubiquiti?) settings to reach the the speeds of my NBN plan, but that's about it.

  • I also had one of these. Nothing short of expensive rubbish.

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    You can get into Aruba for this kind of money.

    • Aruba manufactures an AIO router, switch and access point?

  • Appears as $485 via Amazon OP URL, and $485 via eBay (less 5% code SHO50FF). Deal gone?

  • This or Asus router with merlinwrt installed?

    • $180 chinese intel mini-pc with two lan ports + free OPNsense.org + external wifi access point

  • Edge line is pretty good feature and stability wise - were i do it again I'd go that way instead. That said only issue I have had was when a found out i had a faulty dac cable (aka cable that joined the router to the switch!).

    Would love to see a discount on the enterprise 24 pro (the one with the long length of 24 ports).

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