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2 x Reolink E1 Wi-Fi Cameras (3MP, Pan / Tilt, Night Vision, Motion Detect) $70.39 Shipped @ Reolink


Great price for 2 X Reolink E1 Wi-Fi Cameras shipped with coupon BLACKFRIDAY


  • 3MP HD & Night Vision
  • 355° Pan & 50° Tilt Broader View
  • Plug & Play Installation
  • Live Feed & Two Way Audio
  • Smart Motion Alerts
  • Access anywhere with Reolink App/Client
  • Record to micro SD card
  • Record to Reolink NVR
  • 7-day free Cloud Storage
  • 2.4GHz WiFi Connection
  • Work with Google Assistant

To get price in title:

  • Add item to cart
  • Select 2 Cameras
  • Apply coupon BLACKFRIDAY

Also on sale for the cheapest price thus far Reolink E1 Pro 4MP Pan & Tilt IP Camera Black $53.19 Shipped @ Reolink Link with coupon BLACKFRIDAY

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Do these work with Tuya Smart app?
    I have cameras already but don't want multiple apps to control them

  • I picked up this deal last time. Very happy with the cameras so far. I just ordered the RLC-520 for $56 for outside as well. Hopefully will work well also.

    • I used the same code and bought it down to $53.19, thanks.

  • Do these send my data to China?

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      Which one doesn’t? And how can you be sure?

      • Monitor your traffic

  • Does any tech savvy dude know if there are open SDKs available for these cheap CCTV cameras?

    • Do you mean like a RTSP feed or RTMP feed?

      Most of the Reolink cameras do but not this one.

      • Perhaps a bit more integrated. For example being able to take few frames when motion is detected and send it somewhere.

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          Not that I can see, only email alerts.

          I can see the option for FTP upload on my rlc-410w

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          What are you trying to achieve? Out of the box the camera can send you alerts if motion is detected, if you're after something like object or person detection you can use any camera that supports RTSP (these need Neolink in between for RTSP support) in Blue Iris or Frigate to do object detection - generally works better with a Google Coral device to speed up the detection.

        • Thanks dudes!! I basically want to do send few pictures to the cloud when motion is detected so I can do things to the pictures on the cloud. I want a cheap camera that I can do that with.

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        You can use Neolink to get RTSP from these cameras, and some other Reolink cameras that don't support RTSP.

  • What's the largest SD that is supported?

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    This or tp link tapo c200?

    • I have the C200 and I've had the Xiaomi camera, some others, and by far the ease of the C200 and app to detect people, the feed is pretty quick and also the cloud premium subscription is $4.99/month compared to Google Nest which is $9/month. The Tapo / tp link app has room for 4 cameras on the app to view on the main street, honestly, cannot fault it!

      There is a dedicated button to download the video quickly, rather than it being hidden in the app, and I don't really want Google having my audio/video.

  • These are 3MP though

  • So it won’t work with home assistant?

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      • Damn, hat off to you..
        And it comes in docker.
        But are these cameras worth the hassle.. they do seem cheap for pan and tilt cameras

    • I got the Reolink E1 Zoom working with HA and I didn't use neolink. I can't imagine that this version would be much different.

      Use this integration:


      Or just use the url to connect to it:

      Or if you have the NVR, you can specify the ip of the NVR and the channel:

      Something like this:

      # Reolink Camera Channel 01
      - platform: generic
      name: Reolink Camera Chan01
      still_image_url: http://CAMERAIP/cgi-bin/api.cgi?cmd=Snap&channel=0&r...
      stream_source: rtsp://USERNAME:[email protected]/h264Preview_01_sub

      Edit: just reading the E1 might be different to the E1 Pro and E1 Zoom so might not work.

      • It is different. The E1 does not have rtsp.

    • Have a look att this link

    • don't think these work with HA as there's no rtsp/rmtp. onvif is a standard.

      the e1 pro works with HA(someone said the zoom works too). Definitely worth getting a camera with rtsp. If you go down that rabbit hole have a look at frigate for HA it's awesome. Easy to install the container through addons. It says you should get a coral tpu but you can run a couple of cameras using cpu if your hardware is reasonable

      someone replied below about neolink, no clue if theres an addon for HA, you might have some luck or if you aren't using hassos and can install packages unless you install it on another vm/container. Seems like too many layers to save a few bucks.

      • Ah.. yeah I’ve got several generic Chinese IP cameras on their own subnet.
        I’ve typically used motion eye but considering moving to Viseron or Frigate.
        Gonna have to wait till February to get a coral from the local distributors :/

        • take a snapshot of HA theninstall frigate addon and add a camera rtsp stream and check it out you, may not need a tpu. i had 5 camera streams runnning on esxi vm with a i7-4770 cpu. :)

          Should be ok unless you're running on rpi

          • @barg99: Nice.
            I currently have a 2700X for my NAS, but home assistant runs on a Pentium N4100 Brix (small physical footprint and TDP)
            MotionEYE with 7 cameras pushed the brix from about 20% load to 80% load which is a bit concerning, so for now I’m running the NVR on the NAS.
            Only downside is when I do maintenance on the ZFS drives the NVR goes down.

            I’ve wondered, the Coral helps with object detection… but it wouldn’t help with motion detection right?
            As far as I can tell what chews up cpu time on the threads is just pushing the video through, right?

            I’ve tried Viseron with VAAPI acceleration but it seems only little better then motionEYE… whatever is doing the motion detection only seems to be chewing CPU

            • @Z80: Not 100% sure but if you're running it on a vm/conatainer you can passthrough your GPU to take the load off of your CPU. intel website says your n4100 has processor graphics Intel® UHD Graphics 600. Frigate may be able to use that to do the encoding.

              supports from the config:

              - -hwaccel

              - vaapi

              - -hwaccel_device

              - /dev/dri/renderD128

              - -hwaccel_output_format

              - yuv420p

              check your install for /dev/dri/renderD128 if that's on your HA OS you should be good.

              give it a crack, only one way to find out ;)

              • @barg99: Thanks!
                will try with frigate… only tried Intel accel with Viseron and it didnt make much difference.

  • Im still not sure. If you were in Perth I'd say let's go halves and see :)
    EDIT: Spelling

  • How do you get that price? Under the Cyber Monday deals, there is a 2xE1 bundle, but then when you add that to the cart it ends up being $74.09, with a 5% coupon pre-applied which means you can't add the BLACKFRIDAY coupon.

    • Can enter coupon BLACKFRIDAY on the next page at checkout. See here

      • +1

        Many thanks!

  • +1

    Thanks ordered 1 x Reolink E1 for $42.74 shipped

  • why not the 4mp model instead? also, is there a metal backplate for this camera? would like to mount it at the side of the fridge

    • The link to 4MP model is in the description. The backing plate is plastic and gets mounted with the supplied screws. Could possibly ditch the screws and use 3M tape to stick the backing plate to the side of the fridge.

      I have the 4MP E1 Pro version and can definitely recommend it.

      • Thanks mate. What app do you recommend to control it, or should i just stick to the default Reolink app. Heard of mixed reviews on it.

        I currently have a Smart Life Tuya app. Can i use that?

        • +1

          I use the Reolink app, it's had a few updates in the past year or so but I reckon it's always been quite good.

          Not sure if you can use the Tuya app.

  • Does anyone know where I can buy spare wall mounts for these?

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    sadly the coupon expired :-(

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